Entrepreneur and investor-Chris Burch

Nihi Resort reopened after being renovated for three years with the renovation coating about $30million. Christopher Chris, the man behind the renovation and he, is also the owner of the resort that is located on the Indonesian Sumba Island. The Nihi Resort was launched under one creative marketer James McBride. The Island Resort experienced a tremendous expansion just a year after it was launched. The resort was honored among the top 100 prestigious hotels in the world. In 2016 and 2017 the Publication’s readers voted Nihi Resort as number one hotel in the world. The publication award is not the only recognition that the resort has received since it was launched instead it has also been honored severally including; the Telegraph, as well as the Conde Nast Travelers.  Read this article on businessinsider.com about the voted best hotel on 2017.

Chris Burch is a prominent investor, and he is the power behind the successful fashion business that is owned by his wife. Mr. Burch is the founder of C. Wonder which deals with home décor as well as other garbs by selling them directly to the consumers through QVC. Burch is a successful entrepreneur who takes every opportunity that is presented to him. Through Burch Creative Capital he has been able to market little duck organics as well as other technology. To add to his investment list in the hospitality and the real estate sector, Chris invested in Faena Hotel and Universe. More to read on architecturaldigest.com.

Chris Burch is a successful American entrepreneur who was born on March 28, 1953. He is a founder of several businesses and organizations including Burch Creative Capital. The investment company has their Headquarters based in New York and has a responsibility of developing brands as well as the management of venture. Chris Burch was listed as a billionaire by Forbes in 2012. Chris was born from a humble family of 10 children in Wayne, Pennsylvania. After his High School graduation, Chris joined Ithaca College. Later Chris and his brother would establish a business; Eagle’s eye apparel where they bought sweaters at $10 and sold them at $15.  Refer to bjtonline.com for related reading.

Chris Burch has over 40 years of knowledge in the investment sector and has taken part in the creation and the rise of more than 50 companies. Mr. Chris has a passion for the real estate industry, and he has mostly invested in the sector.   Additional article on forbes.com.  He has also well-endowed in the hotel and hospitality industry. Burch is a family man married to Susan, and together they are blessed with three children.  To read his shared insights and views on things around his area of interest, hit this.

For an overview of his diverse investment, visit https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/burch-creative-capital#/entity

Trabuco’s Historical Relevance In War

Trabuco is a siege weapon from the middle ages with the earliest recorded use from around 600 AD, these weapons did not loose their desirability in battle until the use of gun powder became more accessible and streamline around 1779.

A Trabuco is like a catapult, designed to transfer gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy to cause damage to an opponent from an extreme distance. In simpler terms, Trabucos used the weight and position of (A) object to transfer momentum into (B) object so as to ‘throw’ (B) object to a location at a specific distance. Trabuco has a rectangular base with multiple triangular support systems on the sides that support a middle lever that is long on one end and short on the other, to accommodate and offset the weight of the projectile situated on the long end of the lever according to redetrabuco.com.br. The short end of the lever is weighted to build momentum for the projectile when the lever is released. This is how the Trabuco can throw it’s projectile such distances. However the weight of the short end must be proportionate to the weight of the projectile in order for it to function properly.

The use of Trabuco weapons were primarily designed to be larger, sometimes taking up to twelve days to be built, with the use of 15-45 men to operate the strings which controlled the lever that would throw the objects. With the invention of the traction bolt they were able to design a smaller and more portable Trabuco which in turn required less men to operate and less supplies to build. According to dicionarioinformal.com.br, the potential distance and weight of projectiles varied depending on the size of the Trabuco. Able to throw projectiles at high speeds, Trabuco were able to hit their targets anywhere from 300-800 meters away with relative accuracy and were predominantly designed to crush masonry walls. On occasion Trabuco were also used for biological warfare, like in the siege of Karlštejn in 1422, by throwing diseased bodies or manure into enemy territory with the hope of severely weakening an enemies numbers with disease and infection.

Find more about Trabuco: https://priberam.pt/dlpo/trabuco

Livio Bisterzo Expects Revenues from Hippeas to Skyrocket as He Partners with More Investors

When Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Brands two years ago, he had no idea that Leonard DiCaprio, an iconic actor, would develop an interest in his company. Apart from Leonardo DiCaprio, Green Park has attracted other investors including Seth Rodsky of Strand Equity Partners among other investors. Green Park’s flagship product Hippeas, a natural chickpea snack, is taking the American snacks market by storm. Although Bisterzo decided to remain mum regarding the amount that his latest partners brought to the table, he was comfortable to disclose that so far, Green Park Brands has received $2.4 million including the most recent investments.

Hippeas is a snack made from chickpeas. Many reasons could have led to its success in the American snacks market, but many argue that Hippeas appeal to many Americans who are now health and socially conscious. Hippeas is made from a natural product; a sachet full of Hippeas has 130 calories, 3 grams fiber, and 4 grams proteins. In comparison to its competitors, Hippeas is a superior snack. Bisterzo, through “Farm Africa” is spearheading efforts to strengthen chickpeas farmers in developing nations such as Ethiopia.

Bisterzo estimates that since Hippeas was launched last year, the product has generated revenues to the tune of $2.4 million. He remains optimistic that this year, Hippeas will generate more revenues in excess of $11 million. Bisterzo is proud to announce that although Hippeas are available in select stores such as Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks, Green Park is negotiating to have Hippeas available in more stores such as Kroger Co. and Target stores. Green Park is ahead of the pack as it is already marketing Hippeas in Europe through its office located in the UK.

Research indicates that the U.S market is ready for snacks made with alternative ingredients such as Chickpeas. Norman Deschamps, a market analyst who is based in Canada, affirms that snacks made from chickpeas experienced a 153% growth for the year ending 31 December 2016; that coupled with Bisterzo’s business acumen, Hippeas revenues are likely to go through the roof soon. Bisterzo is set to achieve great success in the U.S as he is already making accomplishments just two after he settled in Los Angeles.

Please see http://runninglip.com/celebrity/livio-bisterzo-and-his-earth-friendly-snack-gain-support-from-leonardo-dicaprio/.

Understanding The Work Of Sujit Choudhry

To understand where the world is, we look at the current work in transition.

Transition is an international term used to acknowledge how nations enter a democratic space. Because of this democratic theme, the work in transition seems to cover a very broad range of social, financial and political areas.

Just ask Sujit Choudhry, and you’ll see how effective transition is in protecting rights, developing checks and balances to governments; or in creating the real sense of equality yet to be achieved. These obstacles and challenges are where we begin our work. Additional article on works.bepress.com

The solutions that our social problems need are still being sought for.  Though the work is difficult and tiresome, here is the moment people like Sujit also become relevant.

Putting The Work In Sujit’s Hands

There’s comfort in knowing that the world’s greatest needs in transition are those also in the hands of Sujit Choudhry. When developing nations sought for an integration into a modern world, Sujit Choudhry was called on to make the process seamless. For added reference, click on papers.ssrn.com.

Those convicted because of sexuality, those from different places and even the impaired have seen the effects of transition in Sujit’s legacy. When the work of transition falls into the hands of Sujit Choudhry, a very special process goes in order.   Read his written blogs and know his timeline activities, visit linkedin.com.

The conviction of knowledge and accurate information is a part of the process.

Leaving It With Comparative Law And Sujit Choudhry

If you love data collection and building a greater argument but with facts, then you’ll enjoy the process of comparative study. The important branch of comparative analysis, which we need, is comparative constitutional law.   Check on this for related article.

Sujit approaches each assignment he’s given and by first understanding what he’s up against. The work of Mr. Choudhry is one where he must evaluate the existence of other societies and not only his.

When more comparisons are necessary, Sujit leverages his study in law and to bring together what’s been his greatest asset in the process of transition. The simple fact is, Sujit Choudhry is a man of results who brings nothing but solutions to humanity.

For extensive details visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sujit_Choudhry

Gregory Aziz: A Business Success Story

In today’s world, it has become harder to achieve high levels of success. With fluctuating economic conditions and competition that is more intense than ever, business executives must look to new and innovative ways of doing business. While there have certainly been numerous success stories over the years, perhaps none have achieved more than Greg Aziz. As the CEO of National Steel Car, Greg has taken his experience in various businesses and transformed his current company into one of the world’s leaders in freight car engineering and manufacturing.


Always interested in discovering business methods that would keep his company far ahead of the competition, Gregory James Aziz has used a variety of techniques to take his company to the top. Whether it was investing in the best engineering talent available or using team-building concepts specifically designed for the manufacturing process, Gregory J. Aziz has overseen one of the most incredible transformations in modern business industry. For example, using many of the techniques implemented by Greg, the company grew its freight car production from 3,500 per year to more than 12,000 per year, resulting in an astounding increase in profits. Along with this, employment with the company increased from only 600 to more than 3,000, demonstrating Greg’s commitment to success. Read This Article


Thanks to his leadership, Greg’s company has received numerous awards for its engineering and manufacturing techniques. Winning one award after another for quality, technology, and more, there is no doubt National Steel Car would not be where it is today if not for the determination of Gregory J Aziz. And along with winning a variety of business awards, National Steel Car is a company that is also dedicated to its community. Whether sponsoring well-known charities such as United Way and Salvation Army or focusing on community arts programs such as the Hamilton Opera or Theatre Aquarius, Greg Aziz and his employees realize the importance of giving back. And to ensure everyone in the company as well as others in the community have a wonderful holiday season, National Steel Car sponsors an annual Christmas Party and participates in local food drives.


Determine to achieve high levels of success, Greg knows it will take a continuing commitment to excellence to stay on top. However, as he has demonstrated time and time again, Greg is a man who loves a good challenge. By believing in himself and others, it’s clear Greg’s efforts are producing excellent results.

Great Entrepreneurial Success of Gregory Aziz

Passion and dedication are the ingredients of entrepreneurial success. This is exactly what has seen Gregory J Aziz become a very successful businessman in the railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering. He is the CEO, President as well as the Chairman of the National Steel Car, a company that is leading in manufacturing of railroad freight cars. His great leadership skills have seen this company soar into greater heights, earning itself great respect in the industry.

Born in the city of London, Ontario on 30th April 1949, Gregory J Aziz had a normal upbringing, which saw him pursue his education accordingly. He enrolled at Ridley College where he enriched his educational background. He later on attended the University of Western Ontario, where he majored in Economics. This was without a doubt instrumental to his entrepreneurial success in his later years.

His input in his family business was immense as he saw its steady growth over a period of 16 years. His family business, Affiliated Foods, dealt with the importation of fresh foods from South America, Europe, and Central America. Whereas they would then distribute these food products to other wholesale markets in Eastern Canada as well as various corners of the USA.

Greg Aziz would later on work with various investment banking projects in the end of 1980s as well as the start of 1990s. Through this experience, he was able to coordinate the purchase of National Steel Car. This company was bought from Dofasco in the year 1994, with a vision of ensuring that it transforms into North America’s top railroad freight car manufacturer. Whereas this is exactly what Greg has achieved to date. Visit This Link for related info.


Through the great leadership skills of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has grown to greater heights. Notably, through great team building efforts, the manufacturing capability of the company rose from producing 3,500 cars every year as the company was bought, to producing 12,000 cars in the year 1999. This growth also impacted the employment capacity of the company, which increased from roughly 600 to about 3,000 over the same period.

Greg is not only great at his businesses, but has also engaged in philanthropic acts through National Steel Cars contribution to the Hamilton community.

View Source: https://www.steelcar.com/Greg-Aziz-welcome


How to be Socially Conscious in Investment with Netpicks

Americans are now more investigative about the product they buy. They are ensuring that companies are non-exploitative and trustworthy. Also, people are scrutinizing the manufacturer ethical practices, where and how the products are produced.

The scrutiny has assisted in ensuring that companies adhere to working ethics. Therefore, workers are less exploited, their working conditions are humane, and corporations no longer condone slave labor.

For investors, it becomes difficult to identify companies that are adhering to the laid working ethics. Also, an investor needs to ensure that they support non-exploitive companies. With the help of Netpicks investors can identify such enterprises.

About Netpicks

Founded in 1996, Netpicks guides investors to be socially responsible with their investment capital. Based in Irving, Texas, Netpicks assist an investor with systems in forex, stocks, options, Exchange-Trade Fund (ETF) and futures. It helps ordinary and professional investors to attain success in trading. Visit them on their facebook.com page.

Headed by Mark Soberman and a team of professionals, Netpicks is passionate about helping the individual with their investment. The Netpicks training team have a long trading experience in the market during the highs as well as low trading.

How does it Work?

Netpicks experts, who are traders, provide resources, coaching as well as expert training. They offer investors practical advice on daily trading and investment. For socially responsible trading, Netpicks advices on the following steps;

First, an individual requires understanding that a socially conscious investment starts with him. Therefore, the investor ought to be extra careful with where his/her is going. Also, one should be aware of brokers, and the commission paid.

Secondly, the investors need to pay more attention to companies trading in ETF. Though the ETF comprises stock from different companies, one needs to be aware of those firms.

Additionally, for the investor to be socially responsible, he/she ought not to be greedy with the investment. One needs to diversify and strategically do the investment. Also, not try to invest all the finances at once

Lastly, Netpicks do advice investors to utilize microloans when assisting businesses in foreign countries. However, microloans may appear little, but they go a long way to help other business. Therefore, it may not be utilized to exploit others.  More trading tips available here.  Get connected now, click on netpicks.mykajabi.com.

Read this important review of Netpicks, check this.

Gregory Aziz Continues On With Success

Known for his fantastic leadership skills, Gregory J. Aziz is the CEO and President of National Steel Car. This company is the leader in the railcar industry, and is known for its exemplary work. They have given their customers and suppliers their utmost respect, and they continue to produce the excellent work that they are known for.


The company is known for giving to charities like the Salvation Army and United Way in the area of Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory James Aziz and Irene, his wife also are involved and encourage the events that happen at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Since this is a great time for a lot of people, Greg encourages his staff, their family and their friends to attend the fair and garner all that they can from it.


James Aziz is a successful leader that was born in London. His educational background consists of a major in the economics field from the University of Western Ontario. His education and background enabled him to land different investment banking positions. This is how he was able to gain the ability to purchase National Steel Car.


With all that this man has to offer a company, he has made it the best of its kind. They have been known all over North America for what they can do for the last 18 years. It is amazing what they are able to do, and the respect that is given is forthright for their accomplishments.  See This Page for related information.


Greg is leading a team of dedicated and empowered workers. They are educated and experienced in their field, and experts at what they do. Since they have the dedication that is required to uphold the lead in the industry, they have a future that looks to be extremely positive. More and more customers will be attracted to what they can do, and with the technology and advancements, there is no end to what this company will be able to accomplish. Since they are able to do what others cannot, their accomplishments will continue to climb, and they will push forward to an even higher standing than ever before.

A Review Of National Steel Car’s Success Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer, president, and chairman of National Steel Car. The firm ranks as one of the leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. It is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has been in operation for a century. Over the years, it has earned reputation as North America’s premier manufacturer of railroad freight and tank cars. Presently, National Steel Car is more dynamic, innovative, diverse, and values-driven thanks to their transformative leaders and a huge client base.

Gregory J Aziz was born in March 1949 in London, Ontario. He went to Ridley College before attending the University of Western Ontario where he studied Economics. Greg Aziz began working in his family’s wholesale food business in 1971. The company expanded and started importing fresh foods from across the world, including Central and South America and Europe. It also distributed its products to all the key fresh food wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and across the United States.

In 1994, Greg Aziz organized the acquisition of National Steel Car from Dofasco. His objective was to transform the firm into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. In the 1980s and 1990s, Greg rendered his services to different investment banking companies. By focusing on its strong engineering capabilities, adequate human and capital investment, National Steel Car has been able to expand its manufacturing capability. Between 1994 and 1999, the corporation grew from 3,500 cars to 12,000 per annum. Within the same period, employment grew from 600 to 3,000. Go Here for more information.

Presently, National Steel Car leads in the field of new car innovation owing to its continual pursuit of engineering and manufacturing excellence. National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car, engineering, and manufacturing company in North America that is ISO 900I:2008. The corporation has maintained this status for the past 18 years courtesy of many rounds of recertification. Moreover, National Steel Car has been recognized with the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996.

James Aziz’s company contributes to various initiatives in Hamilton community. Over the years, the National Steel Car has supported the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and many other local organizations. In partnership with his wife, Greg sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most outstanding agricultural fair in Canada. In addition, both past and present employees and their families attend the National Steel Car Christmas Party each year. During the event, they participate in the firm’s food drive for the local food banks.


See Also: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/gregaziz


Advice On How To Succeed In The Workplace From Sawyer Howitt

Anyone with the desire can become an entrepreneur. It is hard to convince some people of that. Younger individuals are not often given credit for their vision. Therefore they are often ignored as potential leaders in business. Sawyer Howitt is a millennial generation business person who has been subjected to these stereo types. It is difficult to make the older generation aware of contributions that are possible from young innovators.

Millennials are often in their twenties when they launch a start-up business. Twenty is a very young age to those who were not able to achieve success until there were nearly forty. However, Millennials are proving that starting businesses at an early age leads to a lifetime of bigger profits.

The Millennials are creating and discovering new markets while many older employees are fighting to stay relevant within their current industries. This dynamic creates contentious age discrimination between younger and older people in the workforce. It is up to millennial generation leaders to stand up to this type of ageism and prove that they have value in the corporate world.

People look at a person’s age and equate that with what they may or may not have accomplished in their lifetime. Work is the only way to prove that you have a relevant voice within a particular industry. It is important for young entrepreneurs to be forthright about what they have achieved. So there is no need to jockey for position once your contemporaries understand that you belong on the playing field.

Young entrepreneurs must market themselves. People responded differently to those that they know are doing well in their particular field. This is especially helpful in a large organization where it is easy for someone to go overlooked by all of the activity that is going on. Sometimes great work is passed over. It is up to the individual to make sure that they are receiving the proper shine among their bosses and peers.

Sawyer Howitt became a project manager at Meriwether Group as a senior in high school. He believed his energy and fearlessness is what helped him get to that position at such a young age. He had an innovative mindset and kept his hand on the pulse of society.

Read more at http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/09/business-owner-vs-entrepreneur-sawyer-howitt-explains-the-different-mindsets/.