Creating A Business And Managing Equality: A Wikipedia Story

How does one create a more socially diverse platform for the wonderment of Wikipedia, the most popular encyclopedia on the internet that has been synonymous with having every form of online information at your fingertips? Whether it’s searching for all things pop culture-related, or everyday information pertaining to history and knowledge, there’s always something published on Wikipedia by some unknown individual in some little crevice of the world who serves as a cyber processor to this content-mill. And there is the technical side of Wikipedia business page creation that can serve as a vital tool for ones business if they had one; a simple form of marketing that could be the leading component in your journey to making sure your reputation as a business flourishes. A Wiki writing service such as Get Your Wiki is the go-to solution for hands-on Wiki editors for hire who can guide your business to its utmost potential.  Hiring Wiki experts ensures the proprietor that their page is properly edited, and that it’s safely overseen from those callous trolls who take it upon themselves to freely change information and update a Wiki page with said inaccurate information that could potentially do major harm to your reputation. 
While the business aspect of Wikipedia does have its benefits, the overall crux of its demographic is somewhat controversial and is a living reminder that even in instances like this, we as a society still continue to decline. She inspired many with her “WikiProject Women scientists” page she created to combat the gender inequality women face on sites like Wikipedia as well as the hatred and misogyny she endured from those in the Wiki community for being a female writer and editor. It was her own form of therapy to fight back against the intolerance women face in this kind of environment, and to also generate a voice for those forgotten females who’ve contributed to Science and who still continue to inspire the women of today to pursue their dreams. Every time she is the victim of malicious behavior and abuse, she will create a Wiki page about a female scientist or leader to combat the abuse with good deeds. Maybe doing away with this kind of sexism and actually bringing about gender balance to sites like this would be an exercise in continuing to build a society of unity instead of perpetuating division.

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The Amazing Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is a health care provider that specializes in the art of in physical therapy and sports medicine. Alongside working in these fields, he also excels at chiropractic arts. Torchin helps treat people with sports-related injuries, headaches, and injuries from auto accidents.

Brian Torchin also helps patients with neck, shoulder, and back pain. Brian Torchin is known to be very proud of his work. He had studied at the University of Delaware and is originally from Plainview, New York. His goal in both health care and as a business owner is to provide total quality work, which greatly reflects his character.

Brian Torchin currently resides and conducts his practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been practicing in the field of healthcare for over 30 years. Torchin is currently a successful CEO and president of a company called Health Care Recuitment Counselors LLC (abbreviated to HCRC). This company recruits medical Doctors-all specialties, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists and assistants, dentists, and representatives of office management, billing, and receptionists.

If you were to visit Torchin in his chiropractic office, he would begin by asking you questions such as whether you’ve had previous injuries. For example, a construction worker may have joint pains over time but will not notice immediately. Next, he will ask you about your lifestyle and health. Alot of the time, the pressures from everyday stresses could put a physical strain on your muscle.  Brian has also written about modern medicine through Topix.

The Kyle Bass Story By The Numbers

Kyle Bass created Hayman Advisers in 2006,which is a hedge fund located in Dallas, Texas. He achieved recognition after his wagers contra the below normal market values,as a result he attained wealth and made international front page news by forecasting the 2008 subprime mortgage catastrophe.

He is compared to M. Night Shayamalan in 2001,surfacing out of oblivion designated for his script and directorial debut in The Sixth Sense.Observers immediately assumed that Kyle Bass was a mastermind who was infallible.
He has made a succession of bad judgment calls and erroneous decisions,just as Shayamalan has done films that ultimately became total flops.

And as the record shows that Kyle Bass has accomplished these tasks openly and vividly in front of the market spectators,and he never declines an opportunity to go on live television to sermonize propounding his so called reasoning that serves his own interests.

The plurality in the realm of hedge funds claim and agree that he is economically ignorant.
Argentinian tyrant Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner,is the worst nightmare that has occurred in her country’s economy and Kyle Bass can not stop applauding her and singing her accolades of praises.
He also agreed and supported her country’s defaulting on its national deficit and he justified it.
To make a profit on his investment in General Motors he attempted to transfer the condemnation of deaths attributed to non deploying airbags and defective power steering in GM vehicles on the passengers who were perhaps inebriated or did not utilize the use of seat belts.

About a year ago he constructed a scheme so despicable and incomprehensible that both houses of Congress are frantically working on a bilateral platform to undue the damage that was caused by Kyle Bass in collusion with Erich Spangenberg who is branded as the “world’s most infamous patent troll “who seeks out pharmaceutical firms and sells their stock,then engages in a contest one or more of their patents through a company called Coalition for Affordable Drugs that he personally constructed for this conniving reason.

The eventual outcome is that stocks decline and Kyle Bass collects a few quick millions and pharmaceutical prices skyrocket while their intention to fund medical research declines which result in apparent disservice to mullions of individuals who rely on these medications to alleviate their agony and ease their symptoms,even extend their lives.

In his perplexed and obscure universe it is all about the Almighty dollar and nothing else matters.

In Stunning Interview, Thor Halvorssen May Have Announced New Target Of Human Rights Foundation: Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has all sorts of baggage. Much of the baggage revolves around security concerns and large campaign contributions which may create conflicts of interest if she were to become president. Her Democratic opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, often rails on about her Wall Street campaign contributions. The concern is that she will do little to regulate Wall Street because the campaign contributions effectively serve as a “get out of jail free card” for mischievous Wall Street executives. But the founder of the Human Rights Foundation may have divulged an all new set of concerns for the presumptive Democratic nominee in a recent interview with Fox News.

Thor Halvorssen is a man who has spent his entire life fighting against the crimes of authoritarian dictators. He has also served as a voice for the downtrodden and fights exhaustively for justice throughout the world. In a recent three-minute interview with Fox News, it is clear that the conservative news network was trying to use Thor Halvorssen to bash Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialism.

On national television, the human rights activist addressed his support of Bernie Sanders and condemned Hillary Clinton. The Human Rights Foundation has discovered that the Clinton campaign has taken large campaign contributions from human rights violators and dictators all over the planet.

Film maker Thor Halvorssen is known for his inexhaustible pursuit of taking down dictators and exposing their corruption. It does not matter which side of the political spectrum you are on or how famous you are, when Thor Halvorssen gets you in his sights, he will do everything he can to take you down. He recently burst onto the scene with an open letter about Nikki Minaj and her private concert for the criminal dictator of Angola. It seems that Thor Halvorssen has announced his new target. I wouldn’t be surprised to see information about Hillary Clinton and her campaign contributions being leaked by the Human Rights Foundation.

FreedomPop Growth Set To Continue

Communications is one area of the technology industry that has exploded onto the scene. Mobile Internet connected devices are fueling a strong demand for users seeking an alternative data plan to the traditional major carriers. A recent report from RCRwireless mentions that upstart company FreedomPop has secured millions of dollars in funding from venture capitalist in order to boost expansion plans. FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, that offers free connectivity and voice service for users across the globe.

The company has been so successful that rumors were flying about one of the major carriers, like Verizon or AT&T, offering to acquire it; however, FreedomPop went an entirely different direction by securing funding to drive growth plans and remain an independent MVNO operator. By offering a set amount of data and minutes to every user for free, FreedomPop is able to generate revenue by charging users low monthly fees for services they demand. In short, smartphone users are able to select which products they want or need and avoid purchasing services they do not.

The business model of FreedomPop is attracting customers. The free service and low monthly costs are driving growth across the entire company. By opting to remain an independent entity, FreedomPop is building customer awareness and strengthening the brand. While being acquired by a larger company is something that the firm might explore someday, for now FreedomPop is focused on building bigger and faster networks and increasing it user base. The expansion driven model allows which allows the MVNO to run off of Sprint service has proven to be extremely lucrative. For more information the entire press release appears on RCRwireless.

Melissa Click Is Saving Reputation

There are countless people who are out there who are trying to find new options to save their online reputation. Trying to save your reputation isn’t always that easy to do. It can take time in order to grow as a business or individual with a good reputation. Being aware of who you are and what can make a big difference to your life. For somebody like Melissa Click, it’s become even more difficult to get a job or build a name for yourself when everybody sees you negatively. Click struggled with losing her job via suspension because she took the time to get angry at a set of journalists that joined in on a rally at The University of Missouri.

The University of Missouri took the time to suspend her from the job mainly because of the popularity that developed after she was caught mainly on video and ruined her life. There are countless people who have discovered that this girl isn’t exactly as bad as she may have come off in the video, and that it was merely just an accident.

It’s easy to look at this situation and think of it as all that she is, but there’s more to her than just this mistake. This is why the people at Status Labs have come together to create a successful campaign that delivers real results.

The truth about the world of reputations and business is the fact that a single mistake can definitely alter your life in a really bad way and ruin your reputation.  Darius Fisher is the man behind this company who can help build the company from top to bottom and guide it to grow effectively for the future. If you are wise with your choices, you can work with Status Labs reputation and save your brand no matter how badly you are dealing with a bad name.

California’s Premier Living Facility Offers More Than Just Assisted Living

Within California’s central coast in beautiful downtown San Luis Obispo resides a vibrant residential community made solely for seniors. The Manse on Marsh has become a well known retirement community that offers independent and assisted living for their residents. Owner Chris Skiff, a respected leader in his field, has owned and operated The Manse on Marsh for over a decade and has been involved in twenty other senior care facilities in his career. really seems to show what makes The Manse on Marsh stand out from its competition is the style of living. While most care facilities offer apartment style housing Manse on Marsh offers homes in a wonderful gated community with up to three bedrooms. They also offer apartments to those who need a smaller space, but for residents who want more privacy they have detached single room cottages as well. All of their housing is available to residents in either program, independent or assisted, but they also have smaller attached apartments for those who need more assistance regularly.

Each resident is given a pendant to wear around their neck that they can use to call for assistance any time day or night, and they have a consistent RN on call 24/7. Their expertly trained care team has a response time of less than a minute, and transportation to and from doctors appointments are covered in the general fee. Discretion during daily check-ins and assisted care is a high priority taught to all their staff as the owners know maintaining as much independence as possible is a key factor in keeping their residents happy.

All senior care facilities offer a general group of amenities such as three meals a day, laundry service, and turn down service but Manse on Marsh takes it one step further. Their atrium is a beautifully decorated hall with two salons, a home theater, library with computer access, activity rooms, and a bistro style restaurant for daily meals. Natural light filters in from the skylights allowing residents to dine under the warm California sun without dealing with the heat. Between meals bottled water, hot beverages, and fresh fruit or available to all residents.

The Manse Twitter outlines Daily activities like exercise and dance classes are offered daily in the atrium as well as daily bible study. Residents often go on neighborhood walks and weekly shopping trips downtown. Living in an assisted care facility can often seem like a terrible way to spend the rest of your life, but Manse on Marsh offers a luxurious yet affordable lifestyle to all seniors.

Coriant Establishing Deep Roots in the Telecomm Industry

Coriant is an innovative company that offers global technological and telecommunication solutions to the market. It serves a market that is cloud enabled and fast-changing. The company’s portfolio boasts of SDN enabled technologies and transport solutions (edge to core). It enables market network operators to improve their utilization of incredible multi-layer networking resources as well as creating optimized revenue generating services ready to meet evolving market demands.

Coriant serves many leading network operators situated in about 100 countries. Its clients include content providers, fixed line and mobile service providers, cable MSOs, government agencies, utility companies, financial institutions, data center operators and large enterprises. This shows that Coriant serves a big range of clientele that demands top notch products.

Formation and History

Coriant was formed in the year 2013. The main technology of the company came from Siemens Optical Networks. Coriant’s parent company is Merlin Equity Partners. The investment group acquired the ownership of Nokia Siemens and established Coriant. Soon after, the company was merged with another Merlin Equity Partners’ acquisition (Sycamore) based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Sycamore formed the new face of Coriant in North America.

Later in December 2013, Marlin equity announced the merger of Coriant with yet another one of its acquisition – Tellabs. The new merger made Naperville, Illinois the North American headquarters for Coriant. However, the company still retains Munich, Germany as its European headquarters.

Products and Services

The company has teamed up with excellent sales partners to create an efficient and highly optimized networks for marketing its products and increasing sales.

Coriant sells hardware and software that offer optical transmission of data, voice and mobile networks. Its products offer intelligent network management, packet optical transport, fast Ethernet and cross-connectivity solutions as well as software defined networking.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in 1960 in London, United Kingdom. However, the 55 year old technology and business executive currently holds American citizenship. He is highly educated with a Ph.D. in the field of electrical engineering from Cornell University. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant and serves as its Board Chairman.

Shaygan started his career at GTE Laboratories back in 1987. Since then, he has worked at other top companies in various executive and management positions. He worked for Verizon for over 10 years, Barclays, Juniper Networks and sat on the board of Marlin Equity Partners before Joining Coriant.

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Helane Morrison Flying High in The Corporate World

The worst crisis since the 1930s great depression exposed the very unethical activities that were going on in the entire financial sector. There was fraud, falsified audit claims and documents as a testament to the enormous amount of corruption that for a very long time had gone unchecked. Ms. Morrison was therefore tasked with protecting corporations and individuals against the rampant fraud. She was to ensure full disclosure of information and make sure high standards of fair transactions.

Helane Morrison took the opportunity to change and clean the trading and securities sector of the rampant corruption with the help of her skills in law and journalism. By representing her clients in legal, financial and also the business communities, she made sure that all transactions were fair and above board. Morison collaborated with the media and government agencies to achieve this.
After her job with SEC, Ms Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners LLC as the Managing Director, General Counsel, Principal, Chief compliance officer and as a Member of the Executive Committee. She is a member of the Regional Parks Foundation. Morrison is also a regular speaker on compliance and legal issues that affect investment advisers and the private funds.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Compliance Officer Helane Morrison studied for a B.S in Journalism at the Northwestern University, she also earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of California in 1984. Here, she practiced journalism by being the editor in chief of California law review. In 1987, Morrison got admitted to the state bar of California.
Helane’s career started out as a law clerk for the Richard Posner in 1984 and Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme courts in 1985. She later joined the law firm of Rice, Howard, Canady, and Falk & Rabkin, which is based in Francisco. In 1991, she was named a partner in the company due to her exemplary performance. Morrison had successfully supervised major investigations on corrupt dealings with enforcement of action on three of them being achieved.
Morrison’s greatest achievements were when she served as SECs head of the regional enforcement activities, the district administrator and the regional director of the San Francisco district office. Here she was one of the few female executives that SEC had. She joined SEC when people had lost their trust in the financial institutions they formerly trusted after the global economic crisis in 2007.

Your Very Own Investment Journey

For so many people, making an investment is a pretty risky decision and can cause them to feel nervous about the money they could lose. One issue to consider is that investing, in itself, can actually cause you to make money and can even increase the amount of revenue and income that you make. Because of this, it really does pay to consider doing investing and to think about it as an option for yourself.

There is something beneficial that comes when you work with a professional investor to do all of this work for you. One such person is known in the industry as Martin Lustgarten and he has many years of trusted experience to work with regular people like you who just want to put their money into something that can and will grow with time. If this is an option for you, it might help for you to think about contacting Martin Lustgarten to see what he is able to do for you.

The reason so many people are choosing to hire and work with Martin Lustgarten is because he has a lot of education under his belt and has worked with hundreds of people when it comes to getting them the investment options and opportunities that they need. If this has been a problem for you, it might be time to think about working with him to see what he can do for you.

Once you decide that it is time to work with experts, you will want to think about this as an option and consider contacting Martin Lustgarten to see what he can do for you. Once you begin working with experts, it is going to be incredibly easy for you to get the professionalism and advice that you need to get the job done. Visit Martin Lustgarten’s Soundcloud account to see what else he’s been up to!