Madison Street Capital Had More Hedge Fund Transactions In 2015 Than In 2014

The word is spreading. Investors are nervous about the stock market. Wall Street is preparing for problems on Main Street, and many investors are looking for alternative assets. Economists think the world is heading toward another Great Recession, and there are signs that this major recession has already begun. Hedge fund managers are well aware that Europe, Asia, and South America are already in a deep recession. The United States is one step away from recession mode, and investors are searching for assets that will hold value during tough times. Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment firm that specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions as well as hedge funds, is prepared for a global recession. According to, Madison Street had 42 hedge fund transactions in 2015. In 2014, the company only had 32 transactions.

Madison Street Capital’s founder and CEO, Charles Botchway, is an expert in the M&A business, but he is also an effective hedge fund manager. Botchway thinks 2016 is going to be a difficult year for hedge funds for several reasons. Operating costs are increasing, fees are being reduced, and the uncertainty about China has hedge fund managers scratching their heads. But Botchway has seen the market go through tough times before, and the team at Madison Street Capital has been preparing for a downturn by watching the exchange-traded funds market and various alternative assets that perform better during recessionary periods.

Other financial advisers are pushing ordinary investors into mutual funds that are not as risky and don’t offer the returns that riskier assets offer. The Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rates, and that’s good for investors, according to the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha. D’Cunha thinks interest rates will stay where they are because of China’s economic issues. D’Cunha also said that Madison Street Capital hedge funds don’t have any junk bonds, esoteric investments or bank loans that other funds have.

D’Cunha believes that Madison Street Capital is in a position to ride out a global recession because the merger and acquisition business increases when corporations start to feel the impact of a global recession. Most corporations have an international presence and profits are already suffering because of recessions in Asia, South America, and Europe. Madison Street is working on several mergers in 2016, and those mergers are international mergers. Botchway and the Madison Street Capital team is ready for another good year in spite of the economic downturn.

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Bob Reina Covers Talk Fusion’s Finer Points

Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina made a video recently to explain what the benefits of Talk Fusion are. He founded the company and the service to help people make sure that they could have video chats and make video emails. His vision for the company was to help people connect more easily and send emails more easily. He talks through the whole program, and he explains how the program works for people who have never tried it before.

Talk Fusion is a great program that is easy to use, and Bob Reina even made the video using his own program. It is a great way to learn how to manage video communications, and it is a very nice way for people to feel like they can talk more easily. Video emails are amazing to watch because they are so easy to make, and video chats help bring together large groups of people who cannot all meet in person.

The user can bring together a large team from around the world, and the user can make video emails that make sense to watch. A lot of people have a hard time getting all their words into an email, but they can talk into a Talk Fusion video a lot more easily. This helps people express themselves, and it is a fantastic way for someone to make sure that they have shares all their thoughts. Sharing ideas and information moves a lot faster with a video service, and Talk Fusion is the best of the video services on the market today.

Bob Reina also explains how his service works on a subscription basis. Someone who wants to invest in the service for their business will see that investment pay for itself, and the business can offer the use of the service to a lot of people who are working with them. There is no reason for any business to stick with traditional email when they can make videos instead. Talk Fusion has made it simple for everyone to stay in touch, and watching Bob Reina explain his product gives everyone hope for video communications.

Thor Halvorssen Comes To Fox News To Share Information About Bernie Sanders

Thor Halvorssen is the leader at the Human Right Foundation, and he is one of the best people to work with when people need to learn about what communism and social democracy is. A democratic socialist is going to help the people of a country get as much as they can get out of the taxes that they pay. This is really important because it is something that a lot of people do not understand. They have heard Bernie Sanders called a communist, and they assume that that is what he believes in.


Thor Halvorssen wanted to explain that what Bernie Sanders actually believes in is helping people with the money that they give to the government. There are a lot of social services that people need, and he wants to make sure that tax dollars go to people who need them. The tax dollars that are sitting there and not being used today would be used for good causes, and Bernie Sanders wants to be sure that everyone who is in need is helped.


This is exactly what happens in Sweden and South America where Thor Halvorssen is from, and he wants to be sure that everyone in America understands that people are going to be able to learn how democratic socialism works. There are a lot of people who are going to not understand what Thor Halvorssen is talking about, but they also need to remember that Bernie Sanders is not a communist. He has gotten that label unfairly, and he should not have to carry it around according to Thor Halvorssen.


The talk that Thor Halvorssen gave to Fox News is something that everyone needs to see so that they know what is going on with the elections in America. There are a lot of labels and name calling that goes on, but Thor Halvorssen knows the truth. He has seen bad communist governments through the Human Rights Foundation, and this is not what Bernie Sanders is about. Bernie Sanders is about helping people through the state as much as possible with the tax dollars that they gave faithfully.

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Dr. Brian Bonar leads Trucept to a period of prosperity

Dr. Brian Bonar has been called a visionary leader, amongst other superlatives by many of his peers in the financial world of the US. Dr. Bonar completed his studies in the UK before heading to the US to make sure his skills and experience in the world of finance were utilized to their fullest, which they now seem to be doing with his role as CEO of the Trucept company that has changed the way employers provide contracts for their employees. More at–inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E and

The visionary work of Bonar has seen Trucept become a popular and innovative part of the financial landscape of the world as increasing numbers of American employers are using the skills of Brian Bonar and his team.

According to Dalrada, Brian Bonar completed his education in the UK at Strathclyde University and Staffordshire University, where he completed a Masters degree and a doctorate.

Dr. Bonar then headed to the Us where he took the role of CEO of the innovative Trucept company, which provides assistance in the completion of contracts and tax payments for the employees of companies across the USA.

Not only does Trucept offer tax and contract services for the employees of different companies it also provides the freedom for companies to retain the overall control of the daily activities for their employees on a day to day basis.

The career of Dr. Brian Bonar has seen him take up a series of different roles within some of the best known financial organizations in the world, which have all combined to assist him in making a lasting success of the Trucept company – Brian Bonar – Entrepreneurship is my Passion |

Bonar’s career has been varied and has seen him serve as a key executive or on the board of companies as diverse as American Management Services, QMS and Alliance National Insurance Agency.

Since taking up his role with Trucept Dr. Bonar has seen a remarkable period of success follow, which has also seen the image and reputation of the company reach record levels under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Brian Bonar.

Madison Street Capital: A Tradition Of Excellence

International investment banking firm Madison Street Capital is known worldwide for providing privately and publicly held businesses with the highest quality merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, and accurate valuation services and financial opinions. The company has also gained respect for its commitment to excellence and the integrity of its leadership while providing among the best financial services in the industry. Madison Street Capital has a track record for dependability and success when it comes to providing and developing sound investment strategy.


Corporations large and small from all over the world go to Madison Street Capital for a wide variety of services. Some of the services their knowledgeable, experienced staff provides include:

Corporate Advisory
Asset Management
Financial Opinions
Business Valuation

The talent, experience, and expertise their staff possesses along with their visionary leadership has helped a wide range of companies to attain their goals. The staff at Madison Street Capital is known for their ability to match the goals of their clients with solid investment advice that leads to short and long term success.

Their Goal

The goal of Madison Street Capital is to provide advice and direction which enables their clients to take advantage of myriad opportunities in the global marketplace. They do this by first listening to the client then utilizing their resources to help them reach their objectives. The company is known throughout the financial services industry for their high professional standards and their ability to consistently provide sage advice and clear direction that leads to success. Madison Street Capital is also known for their expertise when it comes to successful investing in emerging markets.

Providing Effective Guidance

When clients work with Madison Street Capital they know they are dealing with a company with a track record for providing unparalleled leadership and financial services. The experienced professionals at Madison Street Capital are able to help clients navigate even the most complex transactions. Using sophisticated tools to analyze the available options and match them to the specific needs of their clients, they provide expert guidance and financial advice. Madison Street Capital has also shown the ability to not only connect the right buyers and sellers, but to arrange financing, create capitalization structures, and take the client through the entire process.

Optimizing Clients Potential

Helping untold numbers of clients reach their goals within an agreed upon time frame is a hallmark of Madison Street Capital. Their understanding of and experience dealing with corporate governance, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, and more has made them a leader in their field. Their offices in Asia, Africa, and the U.S. give them a unique perspective on mature and emerging markets and allows them to leverage valuable networks and business relationships.

Dicks Devos Hire New CEO of the Stow Company to Drive Growth

Dick Devos has appointed a new CEO to head The Stow Company. The company is one of the largest providers of custom home storage and organization products. The company is part of WindQuest Group that is headed by Dick Devos as the president. Phil Dolci, 48, was brought in earlier last month, and he succeeded Frank Newman, 67, who is retiring, though he is expected to continue serving on the Board of Advisors.


Dolci is an accomplished leader with extensive experience in consumer products marketing and manufacturing that span over 23 years. Most recently, he was serving as the CEO of Crosman Corporation, which is a leading global designer, manufacturer, and suppliers of specialized products for shooting sport.


According to Dick Devos, Dolci brings on board the kind of knowledge and experience that will continue to drive growth and presence of the company in the home organization market. Dick also thanked Frank Newman for his outstanding services for the last four years.


Dolci background information includes top leadership positions at U.S Playing Cards, Sanford, ConAgra Foods, Dean Foods, Kraft Foods, and a division of Newell Rubbermaid. He earned his master’s in Business Administration from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago.


The Stow Company was founded back in 1984 and has its manufacturing facilities in Holland and Indianapolis. The company manufactures high-end products that are targeted to meets customers need and are sold through four distribution channels, which include ORG Home custom solutions, Easy Track Modular storage system, Distinctive Wine Cellars, and Easy Closets do-it-yourself. The WindQuest Group holds other companies that include Neurocore, The Reserve, Downtown Grand Rapids Restaurant, and Boxed Water.


Apart from very successful business career, Dick Devos is renowned for his creative and philanthropic work. Along with his wife Betsy, they generously donate to a wide range of community initiatives through Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation. They established the Foundation back in 1989, to serve as a vehicle for their giving back to society in response to financial blessing they have received. According to Dick, the Foundation is part of the model taught to them by their parents to serve as faithful stewards.


Through the Foundation, Dick has donated heavily to education, religious activities, artistic, civic education, and free-market economic organizations. He is also the founder of West Michigan Academy, the only aviation public Chartered, high school in the nation.


Investment Banking Made Simpler By Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is one of many investment bankers from around the world who is living and working where he likes while he invests on his own accord. He is someone who takes on clients who need help, and he is an expert on international investing that can get people started on international investment when they have never done it before. Everyone who is trying to make more money from their investments needs to make sure that they are using tips that they get from Martin Lustgarten about his own investments.


The best part of working with Martin Lustgarten is that he knows what it is like to invest in just about every country in the world. He is a European and South American citizen who has been investing around the world for a long time, and he has a track record of making money on those investments. He is the kind of person who helps people make sure that they are making more money on every investment, and he shows people how to get started if they do not know.


There are a lot of people who want to get started but do not know what to do. Martin Lustgarten is going to show them how to set up their brokerage accounts, and he is going to show them how to make trades and research their trades. He plans to teach everyone he works with how to make the most of every investment they make, and he also wants to make sure that the people who are trying to make money are going to have their goals met.
Martin Lustgarten talks to every client about their goals, and he learns what those goals say to him about all his clients. He wants to be sure that all his clients are making a profit, and he wants to teach them about the places where they want to invest the most. It is very simple for people to make money with Martin Lustgarten, and it is even easier for him to show people what to do. The system Martin Lustgarten uses has shown results many times over. Follow him on Facebook to keep up with his news and events.

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The Aspire In New Brunswick Is Leasing Through Boraie Development

The 17 story luxury high rise, The Aspire offers 238 spacious studio, one and two bedroom apartments as well as a lounge area that includes a catering kitchen with a dining table for 12, an outdoor terrace with seating, many flat screen televisions and WiFi. On March 18 last year, announced that Boraie Development had started leasing and described the beautiful, state of the arts accommodations included in the monthly rent of $1,650 for a studio, $1,800 one bedroom and $2,700 for 2 bedroom.

Not only is it conveniently located within steps of the New Brunswick Train Station and across the street from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, it is also near I-287 and the New Jersey Turnpike. It offers a sophisticated lifestyle and outstanding services including on maintenance and management, 24 hour doorman and a garage elevator leading to the lobby.

The Aspire offers 9 to 10 foot high ceilings, private terraces and balconies in some and great views of downtown. Residents enjoy hardwood floors, wall to wall carpeting and oversized windows as features in some.

Other features included in the Manhattan style structure include gourmet kitchens with custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles around tubs and showers, designer fixture and Bosch washer and dryers in each unit.

The roof top deck is ideal for entertaining, equipped with outdoor electric barbecues and incredible views. There is even a fitness center with the newest cardio and cross training equipment at the tenants’ disposal 24 hours a day.

In an article published December 30, 2014 on NJBiz, Boraie Development, president and patriarch of Boraie Development shared and recounted his vision for New Jersey and told of others who worked to improve the city, its culture and opportunities. His son Wasseem, vice president of the company said that people thought his dad was nuts to build high rise condos in downtown New Brunswick but Spring Street made believers of them.

Omar felt that The Aspire would offer a place for professional such as doctors, professors, teachers, fireman, nurses and policemen to live, work and enjoy. These world class residences also offer a place for companies to house employees as well as the next generation a desirable place to remain rather than move to other communities, such as Hoboken and Jersey City – Aspire To Do Great: Shaq And Boraie Development’s Ideals.

New Brunswick now benefits from an over 40 year shared vision being realized. Boraie Development has help to improve other cities as well, including working with basketball great Shaquille O’Neal to renovate the CityPlex12 in Newark and helping to cities bring commercial and housing development into distressed areas around the state. Learn more:

Boraie has built more than a million square feet of commercial and residential property in New Jersey and most of it in New Brunswick. Visit for more information about availability of the luxury units ideally located and offering the best of high end living accommodations.

Charles Koch, Republican nominees should compete on making a better country

Charles Koch, a distinguished entrepreneur, and a philanthropist stated that he and his Brother David Koch are not interested in politics, and they would not attend GOP Convention in July. This is according to an interview with ABC News. Charles Koch reiterated that they were not going to support somebody because they are republican or be against them because they are Democrat. He added that if Democrat did a good job, they would avail their support.

Koch explained that he differs with positions held by some candidates regarding various matters, but we deserve a president who on balance demonstrates set of values and ideas that will lead to well-being, civility, and peace, rather than contempt, conflict, and division. He discussed the inappropriate conduct of Republican nominees that is being experienced in the campaign trails. He argued that they should compete on how to make United State a better country, but they are competing based on tearing down their opponents. Charles referred to the republican nominee as “terrible role models” he expressed his disappointment saying, “I don’t know how we could support them”. He added that Hillary Clinton would probably make a better president.

Koch told ABC News that they would like to get their money out of politics, and the best way to do that is to get all the benefit the government is giving to special interest out, and that is what they are trying to do. From the interview, we can deduce that when it comes to electing our next president, we should elect a republican or a democrat candidate that has shown commitment to principles of free society. Principles that does not infringe ability of others to live their life as they see fit, as long they do not infringe other people rights to do the same. These include free speech, equality before the law, free market, respect and tolerance, and treating people with dignity.

Charles Koch is renowned as a classical liberal who have opposed corporate welfare. His overall concept has been to maximize the role private economy, minimize the role of government thus increasing personal freedom. Often he has warned that decline of a free enterprise system is detrimental to our social and economic prosperity.

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John Goullet’s Influence Before and After DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet was instrumental in recruiting the most skilled IT professionals even before joining with Diversant, Inc. He was always in tune with current marketing trends as he built up his Info Technologies company into a $30 million empire.

The company John Goullet founded before the 2010 merger with Diversant became eighth on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing United States firms. Even after Info Technology and Diversant, Inc. merged to become DIVERSANT LLC, Goullet used his expertise to deal with technology demands. Fortune 500 corporation were looking for the most skilled IT employees, and Goullet sent them the right people. He also did the same for mid-sized companies via his staffing agency and the newly-formed DIVERSANT LLC.

Goullet teamed up with Gene C. Waddy, the owner of DIVERSANT LLC to form what is now the largest African-American owned Information Technology staffing company in the U.S. Even during economic down times, this new corporation has helped skilled professionals find gainful employment.

Part of what has helped DIVERSANT sustain is its focus on diversity. All employees are trained to embrace the differences between themselves and their colleagues. Part of this diversity initiative is provided via the Unity program. This includes training and mentorship for both team leaders and employees of various racial backgrounds. This initiative along with the STAR and NOVA programs for veterans have helped many career persons achieve their professional goals.

Types of employment that IT personnel often pursue include positions as a Web Developer or Network Administrator. Other jobs filled by DIVERSANT include Systems Engineer, Project Coordinator or Salesforce Analyst.

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