Doe Deere’s Colorful Breakthrough

Once in a while a new look and a new idea comes along that shakes up an industry. That’s what is happening today with Lime Crime Cosmetics, which is the boldly colorful independent makeup line created by Russian emigre Doe Deere.

Deere came to the US as a teenager, and lived in New York from age 17. She started out as a musician, but her entrepreneurial style lead her to fashion and then to makeup. For Deere, her vision was something that couldn’t be denied, which is why she set about making her dreams come true with Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime is making its mark as a cosmetics brand that makes bold choices, while also offering great quality for its price point. Lime Crime uses incredibly vivid colors, ranging from bright blue to green to yellow, purple, orange and more in its lipsticks, and the impact of these colors is huge. Deere is also an innovator, as she and a chemist developed the Lime Crime Velvetine’s Lip Color line, which is the first liquid to matte lip color on the market. This lip color is certified vegan, and it also resists crumbling.

Lime Crime on Instagram

Deere’s innovation with Lime Crime also extends to the the brand’s presence on the Internet. Deere started the brand as an online website, and today Lime Crime’s Instagram page has over 2 million followers. The key to the success of the brand on Instagram is Deere’s idea of having the page completely interactive. Followers are encouraged to post pictures of their individual Lime Crime photos, and those photos (of women wearing the brand’s unique colors) are shared back and forth all over the site, adding more followers and promoting the brand with every click. It’s a fun approach to promoting a look, and it is paying off well for Lime Crime.

The Doe Deere Style

Doe Deere is a “walking illustration” of how effective the Lime Crime brand is at creating head turning beauty. Deere wears the line’s gorgeous colors continually, and the lipsticks, blushes and shadows from the brand are very arresting on this “pretty as a doll,” very photogenic cosmetics’ brand CEO.

Can dreams really come true? In Doe Deere’s case, the dream of having a colorful, successful makeup line can come true, and it has already. Here’s to having a great vision and sticking with it.

Ricardo Tosto: Getting A Good Lawyer In Brazil

If you are facing a business conflict, contract dispute or any legal dispute in Brazil, you need a lawyer on your side. You need a lawyer who can protect your rights and interests. Look for a competent lawyer in Brazil and you can be sure everything will be alright.

An important factor to research about an attorney is his or her background and reputation in the legal community. Find out how long the lawyer has been practicing law and whether or not that lawyer has been disciplined. Make sure the lawyer has current membership in a reputable Law Association as well.

Do not just find one simply because they happen to be first on the list as soon as you’ve chosen some prospects. Selecting the wrong attorney can end up costing you a lot of time and money therefore you’ll want to talk to a well established lawyer or law firm. And, be sure that the law firm or lawyer really offers the service you’re looking for.

Business lawyers or attorneys at laws defend clients dealing with business law and corporate litigation matters. When you are searching for a lawyer or attorney to represent you after being involved in a legal battle, make sure you pick a lawyer with a strong track record of defending clients.

For more many years, Ricardo Tosto has built a strong reputation with individuals, businesses and institutions throughout Brazil. He has represented large companies, corporations and public figures in high profile cases. He is well known for his litigation strategy and courtroom style. As a powerful lawyer, Mr Ricardo Tosto always aims for the highest quality representation for his clients.

Ricardo Tosto has a lot of trial experience with proven records of success. When a client faces tough or complex lawsuits or allegations, he is prepared to represent him or her on all fronts. He is a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the importance of resolving corporate or business conflicts in a cost-effective manner. He is a skilled negotiator and he achieves outstanding results in and out of court.

A look into the life of Sam Tabar

Mr. Tabar is an experienced lawyer, licensed to practice in the state of New York. His college education started at Oxford University, where he graduated with a BA and MA in Law. He earned his LLM at Columbia Law School. He is a senior associate at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP law firm.
Much of his career has been in the area of strategic financial investment. One of his major roles was at the Bank of America where he was Head of Capital Strategy. His role was building the back and front office teams. In addition, he also provided legal and operational advice to fund managers. He has also worked at PMA. In the company, he was the Head of Marketing. PMA is quite a big deal, in the Asia Pacific region; there it has the most capital for an independent fund. During his time here, he was well exposed to the global financial system.

Sam Tabar is a member of the New York State bar. He has worked for many law firms in the city. During his time at Columbia Law School, he served as an editor of the school’s journal. Mr. Tabar is also an investor. He helped to revive SheThinx. A company seeking to empower women globally by providing them with hygiene products.

Mr. Tabar has achieved quite a lot just in a few years. His skills as a capital strategist are sort after in the financial world. Adenval LLC is the place he used his skills in capital strategy. As of now, he has set up his practice. He continues to offer clients some of the best advice on the financial sector. His private practice currently handles the contacts that he got during his time working for global organizations. His main area of focus is the management of hedge funds.

Sam Tabar is also quite fluent in French. He also speaks a bit of Japanese. His work ethic and commitment to innovative solutions set him apart. He has vast experience and knowledge on the inner workings of the global financial industry. Any financial institution would be lucky to have him on his or her team.

Bernardo Chua’s Successful Company

Bernardo Chua is known as a leader within the direct sales industry who has created an empire of coffee products that not only taste delicious, but also include many health benefits that make the mind and body more focused while also saving thousands of dollars of annual medical bills. As the head of his company, Mr. Chua has designed the company to help individuals around the world and to provide not only a job opportunity to individuals, but also a healthy product that is inexpensive. As a result, Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 which has since then become an international success and has been incorporated into almost 40 countries all over the world. The most recent country that Organo Gold has created a pact with is the country of Turkey. This newly opened branch has been considered to be a milestone for Organo Gold as it provides a direct path to Asia, Europe, as well as to Africa.

As a direct sales leader, Bernardo Chua loves this method of selling as it is no only beneficial for the producer and for the distributor, but is also beneficial for the consumer of the product. Consumers who are sold Organo Gold can trust the quality of the product as it is now a product that is soled by family members, neighbors, as well as friends. The only requirement to become a distributor of the Organo Gold product is to love the product just as much as Bernardo Chua and the other members of the Organo Gold team does.

What makes this product so special is not only the high quality customer service or the new rewards program set into place, but also the many health benefits that are now associated with Organo Gold. These health benefits have even been backed by scientific experiments. Scientists have found that some of the health benefits that Organo Gold products have include weight loss, the relaxation of the body, as well as the improvement of the overall sleep cycle. These many improvements, though minor, can save lives and make the annual trip to the doctor cheaper.

The Role of the West in Ukraine’s Stability

In the aftermath of the Ukrainian uprising, the benefits have overpowered the negative. This is after the citizens rose against the police with conventional weapons compared to the well trained and equipped police force. The people prevailed against the odds. In fact, this was not a catastrophe; it turned out to be a steppingstone to change. Surprisingly, even science could not explain what went wrong or correct as humans are known to be inferior when put against powerful weapons. The uncertainty only arises when questions are asked on how citizens managed it all. To overcome the brutality of the police force that is known around the world is unbelievable. People lost their lives, but at long last, they prevailed.

Science dictates that people’s elements are connected to the large component units to which they belong. This goes concurrently with the elements that are found more often in their daily life. This is related with the zeal of the Ukrainian people for invading the authority according to George Soros. It overran their sense of belonging, hence, taking the welfare of their country first. The clear picture is that, if this could not have happened then, Ukraine would have plunged into Civil War. Unity was the cause of this, and how the outside world sees it.

The Unity being talked about will depend on the role the European Union in Ukraine. The E.U must be aware that a robust and stable Ukraine is for their benefit. It is the E.U that is supposed to play its part because the Ukrainians have shown their willingness to go the European way. Unfortunately, the European Union is itself divided with more challenges coming from within it. This was a reality during their negotiation with Russia over Ukraine. Remember, it is Russia that is perceived to be supporting the rebellion from the East.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Russia for once showed her capability in short changing the E.U during the negotiations. It clearly indicated that a weak E.U will always be Russian’s strength. The E.U has ever been known for its support for democracy and defending those oppressed by strong regimes. It is due to these values that they have an obligation of not only supporting Ukraine but also offering financial aid.

A worrying trend is lingering within the E.U that is threatening these values. The unstable euro has given weak economic countries a stronger voice for George Soros. They quickly dictate their way regardless of the massive debts they owe the E.U. These uncertainties have emboldened Russia, which is very ambitious and willing to use force for their good. That is why the E.U must wake up and prove to be worth the challenge. Otherwise, the gains realized in Ukraine would be futile.

It could be a game against them if Ukrainians were forced to back off and play to the Russian tune. This would not be a voluntary decision but a forced one by the Russians. It would render the E.U a puppet before Russia, and the U.S would have no option to rescue either side.

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