An Introduction to Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of the Ubuntu Funds.

A charity gala was held in London in accordance to Ubuntu’s Education Fund which has raised more than £600,000 pounds. The funds raised will go to the Ubuntu Fund’s to be used for the benefit of helping children in Africa to receive proper quality education and healthcare. Jacob Lief, the Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Fund’s ended the formalities of the gala with a speech, giving an impact to the donors of his experience in watching the impoverished children in Africa for 20 years.

As the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe had the greatest pleasure in presenting the 300 attendees to the gala with fine dishes, music by the Xhosa choir, and the two evening’s special guests who was aided by the Ubuntu Funds in the past. Their inspiring speeches of how Ubuntu Fund’s has helped them created an incredible auction during the gala.

Andrew Rolfe has been endorsed greatly as one of the leading successors within international markets. Before joining the Ubuntu Education Fund, he was the president for the Gap Incorporate International. His skills have managed to bring the company towards higher sales and operation count. Rolfe assisted Gap into attracting more customers globally with better customer support and satisfaction. He was responsible for managing the operations in Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom. Rolfe’s strategical mind contributed to Gap’s international growth in success.

Before he was hired by Gap, Inc, Andrew Rolfe gained the leading experience needed for many high-end companies. Andrew Rolfe has also worked for PepsiCo as the Vice President, and followed up to as the Chairman & Chief Executive of Pret A Manger. Rolfe received an astounding record in education. He was enrolled into the Harvard Business School in Business and Managerial Economics.

It is no wonder as to how Rolfe managed to inspire an incredible number of donors to help with the Ubuntu Funds. His leadership has incorporated many strategies into finding ways to help the African children to what they need. Andrew Rolfe continues to inspire many leading entrepreneurs from his great work.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo; The Telecommunications Guru

The marketing and Telecommunications Guru, Porfirio Sanchez, came a long way before actually achieving massive success and recognition. He attended the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics in 1998. He then went to the Stanford Graduate School of Business and enrolled in the Stanford Executive Program and completed his studies in 2011. In 2012, Porfirio Galindo enrolled in the Institute for Software Research at the Carnegie Mellon University, where he completed his course in the same year.

Mr. Sanchez Galindo began his career at the Mexican Finance Ministry in December 2000 where he worked as the Minister’s Chief of Staff. He served at the Ministry for six years, and then he joined the Televisa Group as the Chief Economist, where he still works to date. On his appointment, he was entrusted with the task of coordinating consultants and make Televisa the biggest publishing house. At Televisa, he is also the Chief Of Staff Corporate Vice President. In addition to all of that, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is also a member of the Editorial Team at Televisa, and he has been part of the team since 2015.

Before the appointment of Porfirio, the Televisa Brand Group announced that they were looking for a means to improve the content they provide to readers. Since Mr. Sanchez had editorial experience for over eight years, he was considered as the most suitable for the job. He strongly believes that in order to win a large number of people, advertisers, and markets, the only limit is within one’s imagination and intelligence.

The Televisa Group

The Televisa Brand Group, created in 1992, is the largest Spanish-language publishing group across the globe. It is also a leader in content generation and distribution in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the U.S. Its contents cover several topics and issues from children, to celebrities, and travel. Under the leadership of Mr. Sanchez, who co-ordinates economic analysis and special projects, the group brings together a brand conglomerate with heritage and loyalty. The Medical Care, which covers health, the Runner’s World and the Bike are some of the examples of the Editorial magazines by the Televisa Brand Group.


Matthew Autterson – Business Career and Contributions to the Denver Community

Mr. Matthew Autterson has been in the sector of finance for more than 25 years. He has achieved great success in the field and has served at a vast number of positions of leadership.

Presently, Mr. Matthew Autterson is on top of the company CNS Bioscience which is working in the business of clinical-stage drug development with a focus on neuropathic pain. The company of CNS Bioscience started up a few years ago in 2013, founded by MD Scott Falci.

Mr. Matthew Autterson majored in Finance from the Michigan State University in 1980. His first position was at the First Trust Corporation which is a subsidiary of the company Fiserv. Next, in 1982, he joined a small charter team to work on a new business which was to be a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc. – a financial firm in New York City. Mr. Matthew Autterson was appointed to his first position of President in 1986 of Resources Trust Company. The established was acquired three years later by Board Inc. That company became an acquisition of SunAmerica, which in turn, was purchased by AIG for 18 billion dollars in 1998. Up to date, Resources Trust Company is serving more than 200 000 clients and employs almost 20000 registered independent financial advisors. After a few years, the business was acquired by Fiserv which contributed significantly to the expansion of the Resource Trust Company. Mr. Matthew Autterson was also appited to the Board of Directors of the Resource Trust Company which effectively made him the leading force in the business.

Along with his responsibilities as CEO and President of CNS Bioscience, Mr. Matthew Autterson is also a member of a few external boards. He is on the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He used to be a member of the board of Denver Zoo as well as the Denver Zoological Foundation as a few other foundations in the community. Mr. Matthew Autterson used to be in the Young Presidents organization as well as the World Presidents Organization.

Mr. Matthew Autterson has had a streamlined success in the corporate sector. He has been heavily involved in philanthropy work as especially charities that are based in the community of Denver. Mr. Matthew Autterson is strongly oriented towards contributing to the development of the community. He was a major part of the re-establishment of the Denver Zoo. Over the years, Mr. Matthew Autterson has demonstrated his skills in finance as well as leading large teams and businesses.


Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Take Amazon Off the Top Sales Spot?

In order for any clothing company to really have a chance at competing with Amazon, they need to step up and generate some impressive sales numbers on a consistent basis. The reason being is that Amazon already has 20 percent of all the sales in this extremely competitive niche, and that is with thousands of clothing retailers trying to compete with them each year. That being said, it does appear Kate Hudson’s Fabletics might have exactly what it takes to make their way to the top. On the subject of sales numbers, we find that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has brought in around $250 million in sales of workout clothing for women in a little under three years now.


To get a clear understanding as to why this athleisure brand is beginning to separate themselves from the pack, you only need ask Hudson herself about what is driving her sales numbers. Hudson will tell you that the combination of reverse showrooming and perks of her membership plan are the pillars to the foundation of the growth of those sales numbers. Just take a second and look inside the mall, the customers at the Fabletics stores are not being pushed to buy by the sales associates, they are being encouraged to shop the active-wear, try on all the workout apparel, and even take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.


In order to be a dominant force in this diverse fashion e-commerce market, it all comes down to the sales at the website. This is where Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is beginning to shine. Part of the perks of shopping and trying on the workout apparel at the retail store is that each of these pieces will be uploaded to your online account at Fabletics so you are able to just continue shopping when it is convenient for you. Since the customer is already sure the leggings, tank tops, or yoga pants fit, they simply go impulse buying at the larger online inventory and fill up their shopping cart with everything they could possibly want.


Membership perks for the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customer also includes discounted active-wear pricing all year, free shipping for online orders, and the help of your own Fabletics personal shopping assistant. These are just a few of the reasons that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been growing their customer base and making a strong push to try and take Amazon off that top spot.

Sawyer Howitt Is A Motivated Young Entrepreneur Who Is Making A Difference

An informative new article written by young business entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt lists the top eight cities for entrepreneurs to set up shop in the United States.

The eight cities on the list were selected based upon a range of criteria, including the state of the local economy, access to capital, and availability of high-speed Internet service.

According to Sawyer Howitt’s article, the top city in America for young entrepreneurs to live and work in is San Francisco, California. Austin, Texas, is rated the second-most appealing city for business-minded Millennials, and is followed up by Salt Lake City, Utah.

Palo Alto, California, is the fourth-most desirable city for Millennials in Mr. Howitt’s estimation. Denver, Colorado, ranks at number five on the list, with Yorba Linda, California, taking the sixth position. The remaining cities, in ascending order are Minneapolis, Minnesota and Santa Monica, California.

Sawyer Howitt is a motivated and ambitious young man who just recently graduated from high school, and is already a genuine entrepreneur. Mr. Howitt works as a project manager at the Meriwether Group, a business adviser and acceleration company that was founded by his father.

In addition to his promising career in the world of business and finance, Sawyer Howitt is an excellent photographer, and top-rate racquetball player. As a member of his high school’s racquetball team, Sawyer maintained a very impressive playing record. Now an active member of a Portland, Oregon, racquetball club, Sawyer Howitt is considered to be a possible candidate for the Olympics by some people.

With an eye on the future, Sawyer Howitt is now involved with the development of RFID software technology at the Meriwether Group. This type of technology has the potential to significantly improve retail purchase experiences for consumers everywhere.

Norman Pattiz And His New Marketing Study

Norman Pattiz has done quite a lot of work in the radio industry, and he wanted to ensure that the industry could grow through advertising.

There will be many radio stations that use this study to ensure that they are making more money, and there are many people who will begin to enjoy a greater prosperity because they are advertising well. The advertising that is done properly will help advertisers and their radio station partners earn money.

#1: The Ads Must Be Constant

Constant playing of ads is the simplest way for a business to earn recognition, and they will create a number of different potential customers from playing these ads as much as possible.

Someone who wishes to advertise on the radio will reach people who are listening every day, and they will ingrain their customers with jingles and advertising that is second nature to them.

#2: The Study

Norman’s study has been used to ensure that radio stations will do well, and there are many people who are searching for better brand recognition. They are finding that brand recognition is much higher on radio.

Radio ads give the exposure that a company needs, and radio stations may charge a premium on their ads. The premium will be fair because the stations know that they will have more customers coming through the door.

#3: The Design

The design of every ad must be consistent with the industry standards, and companies that submit radio ads will find that staying with common wording and phrasing will help them gain more customers.

The customers who are searching for a place to make a purchase or find a service will remember the advertising they have heard, and they will contact the company based purely on what the ads have said.

#4: What Is Westwood One?

Westwood One is the company that Norman has built from the ground up, and he has become a scion of the industry. He knows that there are a number of people who will learn quite a lot from his study, and there are many people who will study what Westwood One is because it teaches them how to run a radio business.

Crunchbase revealed that the finest radio man in the business in Norman Pattiz, and he believes that his advertising study helps every radio station move forward. He believes that advertising will grow when approached properly by stations around America.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Chill With Kim Dao In Perth, Australia

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao has just returned to her hometown of Perth, Australia. In one new vlog entitled “I need to get used to this | Kim Dao,” Kim takes viewers all around Perth with her spunky Pomeranian Yuki. Learn more:


The video opens up with Yuki excitedly jumping around. At one point, Yuki actually bumps her head on Kim Dao’s camera.


Kim Dao then tells us about her plans for the day. She says she is going to meet with another YouTuber named Adam Tan who has both a vlog and percussion channel. Kim says she’s going to go eat some lunch with Adam and then tour his studio. Learn more:


Once Kim Dao meets Adam, they head out to a café called Tiisch. Adam says that the café’s menu is inspired by both Australian and Asian cuisine. Before they get to the restaurant, Kim Dao shows us the center of the Perth CBD area.


At first, Kim Dao is tempted to order a pasta dish. However, she later decides to get a gnocchi dish. In addition to the dumplings, this gnocchi dish has parmesan, fresh peas, chives, asparagus, baby courgette, and oyster mushrooms. For dessert, Kim and Adam share a slice of caramel cake. Learn more:


After lunch, Kim Dao takes a tour of Adam’s studio. Adam shows off his xylophone skills as Kim Dao tries to make off with a basket of Lindt chocolates. Adam also takes Kim to his editing room.


When Kim Dao gets home, Yuki almost falls of the couch when she sees Kim. At the end of the vlog, Kim Dao takes Yuki out to the park.

Learn more here: