Matt Badiali Breaks Down His Career And A Valuable Asset For The Future

Prior to 2004, Matt Badiali had displayed no real interest in finance, and, in fact, he’d spent the majority of his educational career studying to be a scientist. At the time, Mr. Badiali already held a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Science from Penn State University, as well as a Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University, but it was a conversation with a friend that would cause him to change courses. At the time, his friend enlisted him to help find solutions that would assist the average American in the investment world. After seeing his father encounter a number of pitfalls regarding investing, Mr. Badiali took the career change to heart, and almost immediately, he began making his money for his growing client base. In a short period of time, many of them began seeing returns of triple their initial investment. Today, Matt Badiali is the editor of Real Wealth Strategist, a financial newsletter released under Banyan Hill Publishing.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, it is Matt Badiali’s job to provide his audience with sound financial information and investing advice, and in order to ensure that his material is applicable in investment world, he often uses real examples to highlight his points. As an expert in investing, Mr. Badiali has traveled around the world, often visiting companies that intended to invest in, offering him an up-close view of the inner workings of the particular operation. This hands-on approach has often worked to his advantage, allowing him to consistently make lucrative investments. As a financial writer, this experience gives him a unique perspective, giving his readers a consistent advantage over the competition.

As an investor, Matt Badiali is often researching trends in the market, as well as commodities that are due to rise, and he recently offered his take on a polarizing precious metal – gold. In his estimation, the general uncertainty surrounding the existing banking institutions, as well as the US dollar, make gold a valuable investment for the future, allowing owners to “park” their money during volatile periods. While this trend will virtually guarantee that the stock price of companies that deal in gold will rise, Matt Badiali recommends investing in the physical metal.

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Insights of Mike Bagguley

Mike’s Accomplishments

Mike Bagguley was promoted to Chief of Operations Officer in 2015 for Barclay. His promotion to Chief of Operations was made to change the operational aspect of the several banks by cutting down on deficits and venturing into new opportunities.

Mike Bagguley looks at banking and often compares the trade to manufacturing. His expertise comes from his 14 years in the company. His accomplishments include striking the company’s first deals with oil companies and restructuring the integration of rates and commodities across the European market. He has also realigned Barclay’s focus on finding technologies that would streamline processes and cutting strategies that do not line up to the rationale of operational execution. There is much respect that is due to him because of his accomplishments and much of the information that is given in this article is gleaned from his Crunchbase profile.

Mike’s Personal Perspectives

With such expertise, people may believe that he would hold a graduate degree, but this is not the case. Mike Bagguley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and graduated in 1988 from the University of Warwick. Mike attributes much of his success to his great organizational skills. He is famous for his “empty inbox.” While most people may have thousands of messages in their work inbox, Mike makes sure to keep it tidy. He also attributes much of his success to waking up early. The ability to wake up early has helped him get a head start on the overnight market changes. Mike understands the effects of climate change and believes that it can have a significant effect on the current financial state of companies.

Mike is also fascinated with technology and is an advocate of “robo-advisors” that have the ability to recommend financial strategies without human interaction. Mike Bagguley’s choice as Chief Operational Officer is one that is credited due to his open for innovation, his great organizational skills, and his ability to balance his work and personal life. One thing that he would like to challenge us to do is to think of things from a bigger perspective. His ability to think things in bigger perspectives has landed him with bigger success and bigger responsibilities.

Malcolm CasSelle Appeals to Gaming Enthusiasts Globally Through Virtual Currency

World Wide Asset eXchange, abbreviated as WAX, is a new platform that has been created by the owners of OPSkins with the primary role of selling online games through blockchain technology. The platform is being used as a marketplace for selling and buying virtual assets, which has been in high demand among various individuals around the world. Despite OPSkins being known as one of the largest sellers of the online games around the world, it is currently the number one company that is dealing with sale and purchase of Bitcoin, one of the most common virtual currency. This means that the firm will be best positioned to help individuals to buy online games using virtual currency.

Malcolm CasSelle, the president and CTO of World Wide Asset eXchange, has previously worked as an entrepreneur, where he supported the growth and development of various startup organizations. Surprisingly, all the organizations he has been supporting operations in the digital industry making him have vast knowledge about trends and other changes in the digital sector. Some of the start-up organizations where he played a crucial role in their formation include Xfire, MediaPass, and Tencent among others in the digital industry.

His entrepreneurship skills have taken him to other areas where he has been looking to invest in some of the largest social media organizations around the world. Malcolm CasSelle owns shares and other units of ownership in Zynga and Facebook and other companies operating in the digital currency industry. His experience will be useful as he works towards helping online gamers to get a clean and a reliable platform that for buying and selling games. However, the number of firms where CasSelle has worked shows that he is equipped enough to achieve the goals of OPSKins.

Malcolm CasSelle started off as a professional working and acting as the co-founder of NetNoir, an entity that was creating websites for other organizations and individuals as well. He has also worked in other entities include Pacific Century Cyberworks, which is a company based in Hong Kong. CasSelle will be at the epicenter of ensuring that WAX achieves its intended vision of eliminating fraud and fragmentation in the sale or purchase of online games.

Wes Eden: Brightline Train and Miami

Many residents know that it can be a headache when going from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. Though it can normally take 30 minutes with no traffic, that time quickly doubles when it’s rush hour. If there is an accident, this can make time in traffic an unpleasant experience. Any type of interruptions such as this can have an individual on the road that can go on for hours.

The privately owned and operated rail system, called Brightline train created by Wes Eden is now looking for other ways and solutions for those traveling in between major south Florida cities. Brightline is serviced by All Aboard Florida that started providing service in May of this year to Miami. Brightline normally runs routes between west palm beach and Fort Lauderdale which was the case at the start of the year. Extending services to Magic city is very significant. It will not only decrease traffic, but give commuters and option of green friendly travel.

Brightline runs it’s train several times a day between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Most of the time during the week you can find it departing from Miami at 7:10 a.m. The final departure for the last train is around 11:10 p.m. For those living in Fort Lauderdale, the first train leaves at 6:12 a.m. while the last train departs at 9:42 p.m. It can travel up to 79 miles per hour. Commuters enjoy WI-fi, USB ports and power outlets during their travel. The seats are lined with leather and isles are wide. You can also find lounges and a variety of food services.

Fortress Investment group owns the Brightline train. They are geared up to provide a service for multiple cities across all 50 states. Fortress Investment Group want to also extend the Miami to west palm beach routes all the way to Orlando. Though this route will take some years to come to fruition, Fortress Investment Group say the travel speed is expected to be a 125 miles per hour. Fortress investment group is looking to implement their new services and help ease the stress of daily commuters.

James Dondero: Champion Of Philanthropy

James Dondero, a co-founder Of Highland Capital, believes in giving back to his beloved community of Dallas, Texas. This is how he fills in for his very long days at work. All of the causes he has been a part of are thriving because of his generosity. Visit to know more about James.

James Dondero has a knack for contributing to worthwhile projects that focus on the greater good for these communities. Everyone truly should thank him for his accomplishments. The Dallas Zoo was one of his undertakings. His generous donation of $1 million helped to put in a new hippo enclosure their. It was never a question of whether James Dondero was going to donate anything. He came through, and the residents in attendance that are happy to see the hippos thrive. Giving back so that people who appreciate the learning experiences can enjoy them makes all the difference in the world. You will smile knowing your philanthropic work has helped bring joy to people and has brought satisfaction to you. It is just the same for James Dondero. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

If you wanted to attend an event or schedule one, you can. The Highland Capital Lodge is available to anyone wanting to host or attend events in the Dallas Zoo. This accounts for a lot of heavy traffic there. Everyone wants to see the hippos dance in the water and play with each other. This is the highlight of the zoo and the reason for the new enclosure. No one wanted the zoo to lose visitors because of the hippo habitat being closed. It is good that he made the donation.

If you are wanting to get onboard with donating, give your money to a cause that’s worth it. James Dondero did and it brought more business to the zoo. Give it a try and see what happens.


Dr. Mark McKenna making a difference in the Atlanta medical industry

The new company OVME Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder, and through the things that he has achieved in the future, he is well known as a lifelong innovator. Mckenna is learning from his experiences regularly and what he has learned he will take it and come up with ways that he can apply the knowledge that he has gained. Dr. Mark McKenna over the years that he has been in the aesthetic treatment industry he has realized that the company is in dire need of changes and Dr. Mark hopes that he would be the source of the change that is needed.

There so many Botox industries that will focus on ways that they will be able to better their bottom line. For Dr. Mark McKenna the experience that he has gained over the years has taught him that it’s essential to have the bottom line, but the other the thing that will make achieving the bottom lineeasy is taking care of the customers. What makes OVME different is that they will care more about the customer’s satisfaction. It’s clear to know the priorities of the customer from the services that they offer.

The other confusing thing that leaders in the Botox industry will have is that they don’t have an understanding of the whole part of the business. The side of the company that they will understand is the medical and marketing side, but a few will be able to understand the bigger picture. The excellent thing Dr. Mark McKenna is that he has diverse knowledge when it comes to different business sectors that have offered him dynamic experience. The degree that Dr. Mark McKenna has is from Tulane Medical School. The dynamic base knowledge that he possesses has been of help in gaining the success in real estate, the cosmetic field and now he is offering home Botox services. Its only company that has been offering the services and they hope that they will provide flexibility to the customers. Because by use of the OVME app the patients can be able to get a match and someone that they feel comfortable to work together.

Adam Milstein – A Man with a Cause

Adam Milstein is a recognizable leader in the Jewish community. He is a strong supporter of Israeli Americans and a successful philanthropist. In March 2018, he discussed the importance of each of these roles with an editor of the Jewish Journal. A brief summary of that article appears below.

The main message from Adam Milstein was that anti-Semitism in America is growing and the community needs new and unique strategies to overcome this sentiment. He spoke of the necessity to build “Israeliness”, which is a strong connection to the culture, the food, and the religion. He is accepting this challenge because he believes that since he is an Israeli himself, he is extremely qualified to lead this movement.

Another one of Adam Milstein’s passions is philanthropy. With his wife Gila, he began the Israeli-American Council (IAC) which is a national non-profit organization providing programming and tuition subsidies for students. The IAC also supports a number of other organizations and charitable causes that focus on strengthening the cause of Jewish people and the Israeli state.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel and came to the United States to complete his education. He obtained his MBA from USC and worked his way up the real estate ladder to become a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He oversees the company’s financing and property management divisions and has led the firm to a portfolio valued at $2 billion. This real estate company currently manages over 100 properties that include commercial, industrial, and residential concerns.

Devoting himself to two professional passions is the ultimate motivation for Adam Milstein. He will use his involvement with these organizations to continue to support the concerns of Israeli Americans. He is committed to moving America toward a more pro-Israel attitude and he will keep working toward that goal.

The Rise of Aloha Construction

Are you generally interested in home improvement? Have you ever heard of a general contractor by the name of Aloha Construction? If you’re not residing in the Midwest region of America, then you probably have no idea of how wonderful this company truly is. Aloha Construction does it all when it comes to this specific field. The company seems to have no flaws in its system. It offers superior customer service as well as offer outstanding on-the-job services. The homeowners’ personal belongings will always be respected, and the scope of the project will always be discussed before the project ever begins.

For 2018, this company is coming with a new set of goals. One of the very things that a business can do is to evolve with the times. This is exactly what AC is doing as it’s looking to expand on its many services while improving on its customer service to get a much better response. Aloha Construction is also looking to make sure its employee-base is all caught-up with certifications and training. Being a licensed and insured general contractor is hard work, and this accreditation is designed to give the homeowner some peace of mind. When it comes to the installation of vinyl siding, no other gejkneral contractor in this region can outperform this company. Aloha Construction specializes in the installation process of vinyl siding. Many of its employees have been thoroughly trained to handle the toughest of situations. On another note, being trained at the affluent Vinyl Siding Institute also doesn’t hurt.

From small home-renovations to prolific home-renovation projects is what this company does. Who knew that this once family-owned business would become such a prominent fixture in its community? The only thing that’s left to say is that Aloha Construction is the epitome of what a modern-day general contractor should be.

Sahm Adrangi opposes valuation of St. Joe’s

Sahm Adrangi is the 32-year old founder of Kerrisdale Capital. Adrangi has been very active on various issues affecting the global financial industry. One of the issues he has commented on is about The St. Joe Company. It is a real estate company located near Panama Beach in Florida. The company is said to be worth $1 billion, but Adrangi has a different perspective about that. He thinks that valuation is too high. According to Adrangi, the company is worth 40 percent less what is being valued currently. In a 28-page detailed report prepared by Kerrisdale, he shows why he believes the company is overvalued. Some of the areas that he cites as the cause of the overvaluation include overvalued land holdings, stalled commercial development, and issues with the largest shareholders of the firm.

The plan that was conceived by St. Joe’s was to create a housing plan for retirees and commercial hoses near Panama Beach. The company went on and bought a huge tract of land which they are now developing properties. However, although they bought a large piece of land, most of it remains a desolate swampland that is not yet reclaimed.

For the past ten years, Sahm Adrangi notes that there has been no significant development that has taken place, the projects have stalled and there seem to be no signs of resuscitating the project. He adds that the amount of investment that should be done in order to make St. Joe’s worth the valuation it is being given is simply unrealistic.

About Sahm Adrangi

The sentiments that Sahm Adrangi holds on this company do not originate from any interests that he has at St. Joe’s. His report is simply a report based on facts as he sees them. He has no short investment in this company and has no plans of holding any.

Sahm Adrangi has cultivated a good name in the financial sector by making investments which have yielded huge returns. In 2011, he made a mark when he short some Chinese companies, which just like St. Joe’s were giving the wrong impression about their valuation.

Betsy DeVos Is Ready To Get To Work Making Positive Changes Within The Educational System Of The United States

Betys DeVos is a woman with a mind of her own, and she doesn’t worry about what people think about her. Instead, she has continued to do the work she believes in after all of these years and is looking to be a strong member of the Trump Administration. As the new Secretary of Education for the United States, she had supposedly opposed a move by President Trump to rescind a law that allowed gay and transgender people to use a bathroom of their choosing. She had even held a meeting with a representative for transgender and gay employees from the Education Department to let them know what Trump was doing but kept quiet about her own personal opinion related to the matter.


While some have taken this as a sign that Betsy DeVos will be a meek team player who silently goes about her business, others know this won’t be the case. She has served the state of Michigan as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party has been a GOP mega-donor for many years. The truth of the matter is that she has always been gracious in public and very civil but has also been a political go-getter who has drawn on her own wealth and abilities to get legislation passed that she has found important.


Mike Cox, who once served as a state attorney general, commented that Betsy DeVos is not a woman to be trifled with. She is determined and focused, and he reported that she has made a lot of her opponents in the state of Michigan nervous. She was raised in Holland, Michigan and learned some of the values about hard work by working with her father at his auto parts company. She attended a private Christian High School while growing up and finished her education at Calvin College; earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. While many have been outspoken about her lack of experience with public schools, others have voiced their confidence in her abilities to make positive changes within the educational system of the United States.


Betsy DeVos has a rough introduction into the politics of Washington D.C. and was grilled by democrats for many hours during her confirmation hearings. Those who are close to her have revealed that she was a bit frustrated with what took place at the hearings and didn’t like being made to look naive and uninformed about the educational system in the United States. On the other hand, they also revealed that she has already moved on from the incident and is just ready to get to work making as many positive changes as possible during her time as the Secretary of the U.S.A.


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