Gareth Henry, Jamaican Activist

Gareth Henry is both a Jamaican national and gay rights activist from the small Caribbean island nation that still outlaws consensual same-sex partnerships. Now living in Toronto, Canada, Henry fled Jamaica after he spoke out against homophobia in country and subsequently was targeted by the police.

In Jamaica it is not uncommon for anti-LGBTQ hate to lead to violence, something Gareth Henry has both experienced personally and through his connections in the community. He has seen 13 of his friends killed due to anti-gay hate in Jamaica. For Henry Canada was a chance to escape persecution, he arrived after applying for refugee status and now helps others do the same. He works for AIDS foundation and volunteers for the Rainbow Railroad which helps relocate LGBTQ members living in countries that persecute them for their sexual orientation.

In speaking of his work Gareth Henry says, “It’s not a solution, but it is what we do in the interim to save people from being murdered. It’s giving people a second chance at life.” Gareth Henry is hoping for a day when real equality exists in Jamaica but says politicians need to do more than just talk about it. “Don’t just go on a platform and say it because it is a politically right thing to say.” He says.

In order for the colonial legacy of homophobia and anti-LGBTQ legistlations to be abolished leaders need to stand up for the right thing and challenge the status quo in the hopes of changing society. While small steps have been made in recent years, such as Kingston having a semi-regular Pride Parade, more needs to be done to both guarantee the rights of and protect LGBTQ population in Jamaica. Gareth Henry knows nothing will change over night but the work he does in his community and for Jamaicans, even from afar, goes to show that he believes that change can happen.

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Talos Energy Got Into A Deal To Purchase Whistler Energy

Talos Energy is a gas and oil company. It is led by a team having more than ten years of experience in offshore production and exploration. The company has developed expertise in acquiring developed deep-water assets and operated shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. It explores and optimizes assets using cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques. The team has a good history of producing positive results. Before beginning Talos, the founders had built and sold oil and gas Gulf in Mexico. These are Gryphon Exploration and Phoenix Exploration Co. Each of this company delivers a lot of returns to the investors.

Talos Energy got into a deal to purchase Whistler Energy on 4 September 2018. The oil production per day by Whistler is approximated to be about 1,900 barrels. The net royalties produced is about 1,500 Boepd. About 82% of this royalties is oil. The price of the purchase was set at $52 million. Talos negotiated a release of $77 million in cash collateral that secured Whistler’s surety. Talos, therefore, paid a total of $31 million with the seller being entitled to the remaining amount. Talos Energy benefited from the available balance at Whistler which was about $7 million. This resulted in a net cash consideration of $14 million.

The transaction represented a win-win situation for both companies. Whistler received about $100 million. Talos paid only $14 million in cash which represented $9,333 net Boepd in metric acquisition. The assets that were acquired include a full working interest in Ewing Bank 988, Green Canyon 60 and Green Canyon 18. The three Gulf together comprises of about 16,494 acres. The Green Canyon 18 Field was however developed by ExxonMobil and the sold to Whistler. It has cumulatively produced more than 117 million barrels of oil to date. It also operated the Tornado discovery and Phoenix field.

The benefit of acquiring Whistler is beyond the production leases. Talos had already taken an initiative in the area to license vintage azimuth seismic data. This will assist in generating potential drilling prospects and re-mapping of reservoirs. The company was the highest bidder in the latest federal lease sale. The lease had three drilling prospects that could be linked to the Green Canyon facility.

Tempus’s New Round Of Funding And “Unicorn Status” Empowers Them To Help More Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded a Chicago-based technology company, Tempus, in 2015 with aims to help physicians make decisions and provide personalized cancer care by providing them with an ever-growing library of molecular and clinical data. Tempus received $80 million in this latest round of funding, which brought its value to approximately $1.1 billion and in doing so gave the new company “unicorn status”. This label is a very significant accomplishment for a Chicago startup which reflects how the company is growing at a quick steady rate and has the means to increase its reach and impact on cancer patients.

Tempus is focused on unlocking the mysteries of cancer through data by making it easily searchable and comparable. The company has about 400 employees and is hiring around 30 more each month. These employees collect data and digitize data such as doctor’s handwritten notes to make them accessible. As the company’s employee base grew and its value grew giving it this “unicorn status” the data in its library grew and continues to grow.

Tempus is creating a digital tool that allows physicians to reference data on patients’ cancer tumors, their genetic make-up, and the treatment they responded to when making treatment decisions. The company and its co-founder have network relationships within the health care system and cancer-fighting bodies that are working toward finding the best ways to treat cancer patients. The database Tempus is actively creating and network it has in the health care system is influential and their new “unicorn status” will fund their continued growth, empowering them to help empowers them to help more patients.

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José Auriemo Neto Of JHSF Named To The Business Of Fashion 500

José Auriemo Neto of JHSF made the list this year on the Business of Fashion 500. This list includes the 500 most influential people in the world when it comes to fashion. This Brazilian businessman made the list due to his latest mall being opened up for business, the Cidade Jardim shopping mall. It is an open air mall that has many luxury retailers as tenants such as Pucci, Valentino, Hermés, Brunello Cuccinelli, and René Caovilla. In the article about him in this magazine, they called him out as one of the most leading real estate development firms in his country who introduced Brazil to top brands such as Jimmy Choo and Valentino.

He is the chairman of the board of directors for JHSF Participants SA. This is a real estate firm that builds luxury property developments including residential and commercial. His company also builds five-star hotels and has an international executive airport is built and operates. José Auriemo Neto took a top leadership position at this company, which was founded by his grandfather, when he was just 27 years old.

He became a university student when he was 17, studying engineering at the Faculty of Engineering in Sao Paulo. In that same year, he first joined JHSF where he became involved in its parking administration department. He has expanded this company into one that builds properties outside of Sao Paulo. He has developed a number of properties in Manaus and Salvador. José Auriemo Neto also built luxury hotel in New York City for which he personally oversaw the construction. He has also built a high-end condo tower which was built in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

In addition to the Cidade Jardim shopping mall, JHSF has also built a number of other Brazilian shopping malls intended for luxury goods. This includes Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and Shopping Metro Tucuruvi. José Auriemo Neto focuses on high income people, a growing segment of the Brazilian population. Under his leadership, JHSF became a publically traded company which was one of this firm’s most important milestones.

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Talos Energy Is A Small Fish In A Big Pond.

In the equation of the Worldwide economy, Talos Energy is merely one of an infinite number of variables. Unlike applied mathematics, this equation cannot be solved or even practically understood by either humans or computers. Humans don’t have access to all of these variables because conditions constantly change. Therefore, without the clear data to input, a computer program can do little more than approximate an eventuality.

For most of its first century, oil production was a volatile but reliable predictor of economic influence worldwide. This fact is primarily because OPEC controlled the majority of crude oil production, therefore, its availability worldwide. Certainly, this resulted in a global monopoly that no outside force had the power to overcome. Untold billions of dollars have been spent and countless lives lost in a vain attempt to merely exist with this situation. Then you begin to encounter the variables of increased crude oil availability.

Throughout the 20th century, oil production technology remained for the most part unchanged. With limited easily accessible resources, the America’s oil production capabilities dwindled. However, when science caught up to the 21st century, the picture began to blur and quickly change. Crude oil resources that were once too costly to access suddenly became economically viable. Indeed, one cannot simply name one factor as the tipping point, however, this element of the equation was at least an important catalyst.

It has long been said that nothing happens in a vacuum, in this case, no adage could be more accurate. Regardless of what many may think, money is not a finite commodity. Control of a necessary commodity directly translates to control of the resulting financial windfall. This concept is easily understood in a small, local infrastructure. However, taking this idea worldwide and factoring in the financial gains, losses, assets, and needs of a vast population the once easy concept becomes an insurmountable equation.

The control of crude oil is but one factor. At present, the world is experiencing the flux of change. The winners and losers will be decided in the decades to come. Talos Energy will be an element of this change, at least this time.

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How Shiraz Boghani Is Influencing The Global Hospitality Industry

Shiraz Boghani is an exemplary entrepreneur. He is not only respected in Asia but around the world and especially in the hospitality circles. During the annual Asian awards, Shiraz was presented with the award for best hotelier because of his continued support and contribution to the betterment of the hospitality business.

Apart from being the founder, Shiraz is the chairperson of the Splendid Hospitality Group, a global empire running over 20 high-end hotels around the world. His entry into the industry dates back three decades ago, and his portfolio keeps growing day by day.

Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya but moved to the U.K in 1969 to seek further studies. With interests in accounting, he enrolled in a firm for training and certification. His first stints in employment were at Thomson McLintock and Co, today referred to as KPMG, as an accounting assistant.

Though it was a junior role, the skills and expertise Shiraz Boghani acquired while working has significantly shaped who he is today. The urge to always satisfy the client is key to his business operations to this day. Most of the operational and strategic decisions he makes while running Splendid Hospitality are influenced by what he learned as an employee. Splendid is known for using modern technological systems, especially in the accounting department to maintain efficiency.

Apart from investing in the Asian hospitality market, Shiraz Boghani has also made a mark in other parts of the world. The just-concluded Hilton London Bankside Hotel in London is a testament that Shiraz is committed to building his legacy. Other than hospitality, Shiraz has also made investments in the health sector. With partner and friend Shafik Sachedina, they are the joint chairpersons of Sussex Health Care. An organization that provides care facilities for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia as well as to persons with physical, neurological, and learning disabilities.

Though his busy schedule mainly involves running a business empire, Shiraz Boghani is committed to liberal and humanitarian courses. He is among the major donors of the Aga Khan Development Network and the Aga Khan Foundation. The two organizations are known for their contributions towards improving two significant sectors in the world, health, and education.

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Fortress Investment Group Billion Dollar Deal With Soft Bank

Softbank, a Japanese company, is expanding its investments by acquiring a 3.3 billion dollar investment from Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment is an investment management firm, the principal offices of the company are in New York, performing operations like capital marketing, corporate mergers, acquisitions, and asset-based investing just to mention a few. The firm directs assets for over 1750 investors, assets worth 43 billion dollars. The groundbreaking acquisition by the big Japanese company is a massive initiative, but it’s not likely to change how Fortress Investment Group works. The companies had to come to a common consensus about leaving the managerial work to Fortress Investment Group management.

These two companies have different backstories, and this acquisition by Softbank at Fortress Investment Group could entirely give it a new perspective. Soft bank was initiated in the early 1980’s and was a wholesaler of Personal Computers’ software. In the early 1990’s the company transitioned its operation to publishing computer magazines and conducting computer trade shows. In 1996, the company’s destiny completely evolved when it obtained a controlling power in Yahoo! Until now, the company is holding over 400 Internet companies, and this has made the company to flourish. Fortress Investment is relatively newer compared to Softbank. Founded about 2 decades ago, the company has sustained its pace with the fast-moving realm of New York City. This has made the company to be one of the well-off alternative asset managers in the globe. The acquisition deal does not relocate the company; it will continue to operate from New York.

Softbank would have limited operations in the management of the 40 billion dollars asset Fortress firm manages because the Foreign Investment of the US agreed to sign the deal if Soft bank guaranteed to have limited managerial tasks in the assets. Nevertheless, the Chief Executive Officer of Soft bank Masayoshi Son promised to invest 50 billion dollars in the United States, and this prompted Donald Trump to praise Soft bank Company in a congress in 2007. Soft bank expanding its territory through investing in Fortress Investment Group has a mutual benefit to both companies. Fortress Investment company will have access to many partners in Asia, which will give the company a new mode of operation. Soft bank will also bring together a collaboration that is favorable and compliant to investor relations. Since the acquisition process is complete, Soft bank is planning to start financial services in London; this move is going to give jobs to approximately 1000 individuals.

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Oil Production In The Gulf Pays Off For Talos Energy

Timothy Duncan is the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy. The company is located in Houston, Texas. The company recently acquired the publicly held Stone Energy company after months of negotiations. The merger is said to be valued at approximately $2.5 billion. Much of the firm’s assets are invested in a massive drilling project in the Gulf of Mexico.

In the midst of the negotiations, hurricane Harvey arrived to drop its flood waters and devastation upon Houston and the entire region. Tim Duncan, age 45, resides outside of Houston in the nearby suburb of Kingswood. The water was already waist high, and more flooding was expected, when Tim decided they had to evacuate their home. He packed up his young family, and they headed toward safety. They took shelter with family for a short period. This did not deter Tim, and the deal with Stone Energy was finalized as he sat at his mother’s table.

The project in the Gulf has its share of risks. Drilling will take place in a combination of US waters and the shallow waters in the Mexican territory. New technology is being used on older reservoirs. It was worth the risk, and the company is now able to produce approximately 48,000 gallons of oil per diem, and the hopes are for an even higher production level will be established.

Talos Energy first explores offshore for oil, and then ultimately begins production of oil and other natural resources. The company was founded by Tim Duncan in 2012. Tim currently resides over the new organization that was formed between Talos Energy and Stone Energy. The company is publicly held, and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company stands committed to the highest standards of and well being, safety precautions, and environmental compliance.

In mid August, the company reported on its 2018 first quarter earnings data. Talos Energy reported a total revenue of $203,906,000 compared to $95,426,000 in the first quarter of 2017.

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Matt Badiali – The Fact Behind Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is recognized as the man behind the idea of Freedom Checks. Badiali attracted many commercial organizations when he posted a picture holding a massive check worth thousands of US Dollars. He also guaranteed that others could get such kind of money by requesting their Freedom Checks as well. Badiali presentation made people develop a feeling that for them to get the offer, all they had is to ask for the check, and things get done. This is not the case, however. Many people became discouraged when they discovered that they had to make an initial investment for them to get a Freedom Check. Despite that Matt Badiali’s representation raised many questions towards this idea and many doubted the legitimacy of this offer, it is still vital for those who have not lost their hope to try it out. In precise explanation, A Freedom Check is an output of capital returns that comes from an investment.

The truth is that this idea is authentic and real. This is because MLPs are genuine and legit. It’s unfortunate that many people have not yet heard about MLPs. This is the ultimate reason as to why they have doubts about the legitimacy of Freedom Checks. MLPs are utilized in major trades such as the New York Stock Exchange. The primary reason why people are not aware of MLPs is for the mere reason that brokers do not know them. Freedom Checks usually come from gas and oil-related companies. For instance, the gas and oil companies that are involved with either transportation, storage, or the processing of gas and oil. The main reason why Matt Badiali is the best person to offer advice when it comes to the issues relating to these companies is that he is a geologist by profession incredible skills and experience that can be helpful in this industry. Matt Badiali usually advocates for the companies that are situated in the United States.

Freedom Checks is just like any other investment, and thus, the MLPs also have some risks attached to them. Master Limited Partnership’s (MLPs)  may not seem to be as risky as other forms of investments. However, investors may be at a loss in case the company fails to perform optimally.

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JHSF developments under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF is one of the top real estate companies in South America. It has a long history of real estate development. It was started in 1972, and since then it has been building real estate property every other day and has made their work a top priority. The company has been collaborating with other players in the real estate industry to create properties that are well designed and which meet the needs of the customers.

JHSF mainly deals with development high-end property. They develop both commercial and residential property. Under the leadership of CEO Jose Auriemo Neto, this company has grown to be one of the best companies in the world. Under the leadership of Auriemo Neto, the company has become the number one mall builder and operator in Brazil. There are numerous shopping complexes which have been developed by JHSF.

In terms of setting the bar high, JHSF has done so well that no other company can even come close to what it is doing in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto on his hand has proved that it is possible to build a company from a humble beginning and make it a leading company in the world. It is under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto that a lot of changes have taken place in the Brazilian real estate industry.

How is JHSF setting the record differently? JHSF has embraced technology and sustainability as key components of the work they are doing. They have embraced the use of green technologies for energy source and others. All the projects that they are currently building have this component which makes their work impressive to many investors. Given that they make property for the high-income earners, they must ensure that their work is out of this world quality and that they serve their clients with the best services ever.

Jose Auriemo has proved to be a shrewd business manager and a creative thinker. He has taken this company to a whole different level by trying new ideas which have turned out magnificent. Under his leadership, we have seen this company move from the bottom of the later to the top of the industry.