The Recognition That OSI Industries Received From British Safety Council

OSI Industries is a food processing company that’s well established and the largest globally. All over the world, they have been acknowledged for offering food solutions and for the Top Food Industry they will provide the products too. They are suppliers of seafood dough, bacon, sausage, beef, poultry, vegetables and cheese based products. From the time the company was established, they have received so many success. The proof of its success is that in 2014 the Top Beverage Companies ranked the company 39th. The list is drafted by checking a company’s consumer goods and the sales of value added. In 2016, OSI Industry based in the UK was rewarded the dual awards. The other awards that the company received include the Sword of Honor and the Globe of Honor that the British Safety Council was responsible for rewarding.

The awards that they received were to recognize the safety measures that the company has put in place and the environmental management. The main headquarters of OSI Industries is based in Aurora Illinois. They have other branches based in China, Germany, and the United Kingdom. There is a recent acquisition that they made, and that is they acquired Baho Food. The company is a Dutch manufacturer of the snacks and deli meats. The reason why they bought the company according to David McDonald was so that they would broaden the presence that they had in Europe.

Initially, OSI Industry started by being named Otto Kolscheshy Meat Market that was in 1909, in 1928 the company changed their name to Otto $ Sons, and in 1975 that’s when the company changed its name to OSI Industries or OSI Group. From the moment they started offering their services in 1909, they have been committed to making sure that their clients are given nothing but the best. The steadfast dedication to their clients is the main reason why they received the recognition from leading food providers. The brands have for so many years depended on OSI Industries to offer them with exceptional food so that they would process and develop their products. They have ensured every time they will fulfill the needs of their clients.

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Alastair Bothwick’s Life

Alastair Bothwick was a Scotish author and broadcastor. He was born on February 17th, 1913 in Rutherglen. His family later relocated to Glasgow where he went to Glasgow High. Bothwick left school when he was just 16 years old and began to work for the Glasgow Herald. He began his work by writing down the information that other contacts would call in and report on. Later, he became the editor for major pieces in the paper. Bothwick then became involved in the paper’s “Open Air” segment that illustrated Glasgow’s beautiful outdoor scene, which he enjoyed himself.

In 1935, Alastair Bothwick was called to the The Daily Mirror in London, but he was called back to the picturesque views in Glasgow, so he returned there shortly after. Once he got back, he began to work as a BBC writer.

In 1939, he published a book called Always a Little Further which was a compilation of all of his writings that he did while with the Glasgow Herald. The book was originally perceived to be something that only the wealthy would enjoy, but as time as passed, the book has been regarded as one of the best books written about Scotland and its outdoor activities.

When WWII started, Bothwick served his country by joining the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders, as an Intelligence Officer. During the war, he and his battalion went to Sicily, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, and Holland. At the end of the war, Bothwick wrote a book about his experiences titled: Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders. The book was more recently in print 1n 1994 and it received many positive praises for its illustrative depictions.

Alastair Bothiwick had married his wife Anne in 1940 and they eventually settled back in Glasgow after many years. In the 1960’s, Bothwick had been involved in producing 150 shows that covered a variety of topics. In the 1970’s, they moved to Ayrshire and lived on a farm for a few years. After that, Alastair was moved into a nursing home in Beith where he passed away 5 years later on September 25th, 2003.