Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Career And Achievments

Mikhail Blagosklonny holds degrees as both an MD and a Ph.D. He works at the Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York as a professor in the field of Oncology. He has numerous interests including cellular and molecular biology as well as in the field of oncology. His work has made improvements in the cycling of cells in regards to cancer and aging and led to the developing of drugs used to help in the fight against cancer. He has written theories regarding the process of aging and the best way to approach cancer.

Three-hundred articles on research have been published by Dr. Blagosklonny including reviews and chapters from books. Mikhail Blagosklonny is the Editor of Cell Cycle and he founded Aging. He has been an Associate Editor for numerous, prestigious publications and his experience and knowledge in the field of Oncology are well respected.

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Dr. Blagosklonny studied internal medicine, which is partially how his degrees were earned. Experimental medicine is what he studied for his Ph.D. Originally, he held the position of associate professor in New York, but later went to work as a scientist, also in New York. It was not until 2009 that he was hired for the position of Oncology Professor at The Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s extensive research specializes in therapies targeted at cancer and will protect the normal cells inside of the body from being damaged. He has also researched again and applicable drugs, leading to the discovery of Rapamycin. This drug was developed for the treatment of cancer but has benefits in treating the extension of life.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is also the editor of Oncotarget. This is an open journal for medicine that is reviewed by it’s peers every week. All aspects of Oncology are researched in this journal. Oncotarget was founded in 2010 and Impact Journals is responsible for it’s publication.

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David Osio is Making A Difference in The Real Estate Industry

Technology has forever changed the way the business world operates on a day-to-day basis. With the use of technology, people can do many things today that were unthinkable only a few decades ago. People do not have to physically go to visit businesses to make purchases, ask questions, receive merchandise, or many of the other things that once required people to make a physical trip to a business location.


One of the business sectors where technology has made a huge impact is the real estate industry. Technology has allowed people to do many things related to real estate that once had to be done by real estate agents. Today, people can go to real estate websites to find out almost anything they want to regarding real estate. Information is available and easy to obtain. This allows people to do many things related to real estate on their own time at their own speed. The dependence on a real estate agent for basic aspects of real estate searches is no longer necessary.


The technology utilized by the real estate industry allows people to handle many things on their own related to real estate. As new technology innovations continue to come to the market, people will be able to do more. One of the newer things that people are able to do regarding technology and the real estate industry is to use mobile devices such as smartphones to help with real estate tasks. The use of computers has been done for numerous years. However, the use of mobile devices is another way that the real estate industry is bringing real estate closer to people.


Recently David Osio and the Davos Real Estate Group introduced a new mobile application that people can use regarding real estate. The name of the mobile application is the Davos CAP Calculator. People will be able to use the mobile application to do several real estate related tasks. People will be able to estimate mortgage payments, rental rates, and returns on real estate investments along with other tasks.


 David Osio is the founder of the Davos Financial Group. He also serves as the CEO of the company. The Davos Financial Group provides customized financial services to help people determine the best solution to meet their financial goals. The company uses a defined group of independent and licensed representatives to provide its financial services to the general pubic.


David Osio has provided excellent vision and management for the Davos Financial Group. The company has reached new heights under his direction. The company has seen a significant increase in office expansions and company profits with David Osio at the helm.

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Raj Fernando: The Limits of Traditional Talent Management

For you to find an appearance of the Fortune 500 companies in the country, you don’t have to keep opening the business pages. All you need to do is dump your old structure of performance. For instance, the best example is Goldman Sachs. As a matter of fact, no employees want their number reduced. Moreover, those who trade in them don’t want to be reduced as well.

Like dozens of other real-time companies in each sector, Goldman Sachs, is scrapping off their traditional performance systems for the new high-end qualitative performance evaluations. For you and your business. Here is why their decision matters.

Most of the traditional structures ignore human subjectivity and the naturally occurring bases. On the scale of performance, some manager’s poor performance can be another manager’s best performance. For this reason, the employees will be left with the task to determine the answers to most commonly asked questions. The qualitative modern structures acknowledge the aggregated results from a stabilized framework. However, his goes deeper by promoting the needed constructive explanation.

The organizational hierarchies are followed by the top-down performance systems executive reviewing, presidents, vice presidents, directors, and associates. This is a typical hierarchy. For this reason, you can’t find the solution to your business problem using this hierarchy. Good ideas come from the bottom and find their way up the ladder.

Most of the successful managers understand that their job is not claiming the company’s decision-making monopoly. However, to support and sot the best ideas whenever they come up. Performance systems allow departments and businesses to offer their advice to make the manager’s work easier. The organization is made better and stronger.

The outdated quantitative systems take the form of special assessment. Do you want your employees to have an annual improvement system? You want them to improve periodically. You would like to monitor and measure the meaningful improvement if you like the rest of us. Open-sourced and qualitative structures allow growth as defined.

Raj Fernando is the current president of Scoutahead. Before founding the company, he was the former CEO and founder of Chopper Trading Company.

Lovaganza – the spectacular event

Lovaganza is an extraordinary entertainment event on a humanitarian mission. It’s a creative, immersive entertainment meant to inspire and expose human beings to various culture across the globe. The event focuses on creating togetherness, unity and abundant love for all humankind. Hence Lovaganza aims at presenting ultimate celebration from May to September 2020 and showcases to the whole world the cultures, arts, clothing and different habits of the various countries of the earth.

The spectacular immersive Bohemian adventure event will feature various entertainment including traveling show, films, and Immerscope shows. This includes a Lovaganza convoy which involves using a wondrous medium of cinema taking the audience on an unforgettable ride across the globe through comedy, action, drama and suspense. The trilogy is filmed and exhibited using Immerscope and innovative technology on lovaganza.com that will be presented to the worldwide using 180 glasses 3D screens in the Immerscope traveling theaters.

The Lovaganza traveling show is another major part of the awesome event. The traveling show is expected to hit the road before 2020 major event. This part of the celebration will help promote, endorse and give a glimpse of what the audience expects during the primary groundbreaking entertainment show. The guest explorers will explore the world of Lovaganza; also, the Marvelous 12 animated series will be presented.

The traveling show will involve a walk around the world, where the participants will literary walk across the world. This walk will allow the audience to understand various cultures in various contents and countries better at https://vimeo.com/lovaganza. It’s a groundbreaking event that no one wants to miss. It will be a golden chance to know what unites us as human beings and what is unique to us.

Hands across the world, the four-month celebration will take part in various locations in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. The event is inspired by the past, present and the future of every community. The international celebrations on Instagram will give a chance to the audience to experience a never seen before enjoyment with motion pictures, exhibitions, shows, art and attractions all performed at Grand Chapiteau and its Pavilions, synchronously in all the eight mother ship across the world.

The Lovaganza team encourages the audience to take part in the history making spectacular event and to open their minds and hearts to experience wonders of the world during the traveling show, the hands across the world and the Lovaganza film trilogy which has already started, and the major groundbreaking event in 2020.

Securus Technologies Executive Remains Upbeat As He Calls For An End To Patent Battle

I have always been impressed by strong leaders in the business world who make it their business to keep their company safe from the harm that can be caused by frivolous litigation and the damage that can be done by untrue allegations; one business leader I recently found myself impressed by is Securus technologies CEO Richard A. Smith who has been seeking ways of ending a patent battle begun by Global Tel Link.


I recently read a press release concerning the role Smith is playing in a patent battle that appears to pit his Securus Technologies against a series of untrue allegations made by the GTL company. The GTL organization has looked to the courts to try to fight a battle over patents regarding certain security features that are present in the video visitation technology created by Securus to provide a safe and secure environment that cuts costs and travel time for families looking to visit the more than 1.2 million inmates Securus provides communications services for, according to the information I read on the Securus Technologies Website.


One aspect of the press release I read that detailed the response from Richard A. Smith to a press release riddled with accusations he states are untrue from GTL; the response of the Securus Technologeis CEO impressed me with the fact it included a little humor as Richard A. Smith called on his counterpart at GTL to take part in a technology challenge to show the differences between the two video visitation technologies to the industry and public at large. I was happy to see Smith was concerned about the financial problems the legal challenges may be causing his rival and repeated his call for a technology challenge GTL have so far remained silent about.


IAP Worldwide Services Overview And Global Outreach Success Factors

It doesn’t take a minute to understand the environmental challenges and security risks encountered each day by US forces and support contractors over there. The lack of technology infrastructure can only compound these very challenges. But one company, IAP Worldwide Services, has significantly bridged the technology gap.

IAP Worldwide Services, formerly International American Products, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the provision of facility support services, temporary staffing and logistics planning to the United States department of defense. Its headquarters is in Atlantic Avenue Cape Canaveral, Florida. Over the 60 years in operation, IAP Worldwide Services has massively extended its scope to 27 countries with over 2000 employees on its payroll becoming one of the largest military contractors in the world. The government sector functions IAP Worldwide undertakes include: emergency response, aviation support services, logistics, and supply chain, communications and networks and expeditionary services.

Some of the infrastructure services it extends to the government sector include health and emergency services, facilities engineering, maintenance and operation, custom engineered infrastructure, power fields and utility. The company also extends power services such as permanent and temporary services and solutions, renewable energy services and power plant operation and management. To add to that, it offers administrative, scientific, engineering and health solutions to private and public health organizations in the US and the rest of the world.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

The IAP Worldwide Services’ success factors include the use of its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, which ideally, is a web-based application hosted in the United States. The Application is accessed via a satellite connection with secured VPN connectivity technology. Besides, Enterprise Asset Management application offers work order processing for services it has been contracted, so its performance has direct bearing on overall productivity.

The company’s core value of integrity, responsibility and respect is the cornerstone of its sheer commitment to developing a culture that is all encompassing thus providing stellar results. The company’s long-term strategy is to continually offer world class support network to all clients across the globe. The process of recruiting employees is grueling, and the company looks out for individuals with winning pedigrees. The company, with the majority of its employees bearing military backgrounds, believes in team orientation, collaboration, and diversity. IAP Worldwide Services invests a lot in their success by providing equal opportunities for growth, educational assistance, and leadership development.

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ClassDojo aims to add more Educational Features to its Application

ClassDojo raised $21 million in its series B round of venture funding led by General Catalyst. The money will be used to employ more experts and add content features to improve on ClassDojo. Other new investors that joined Class Dojo were GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.

ClassDojo application was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don to act as a communication platform that connects parents to the school. Regular communication between teachers and parent make parents aware of the social and behavioral development of their children.

Besides the connection between educators and relatives, the application was designed to improve on students’ learning process. ClassDojo’s management has collaborated with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales center to add videos that would be used to grow the mindset of children.

ClassDojo transforms education by giving students leadership over their studies. Students are keen to add useful content to their portfolios which are seen by their parents. For this reason, parents and teacher give a positive comment which encourages students to develop good values like, active participation in class, working hard, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility.

The application can be accessed through Android mobile gadgets and computers. Teachers are given the advantage of free access to the application. Since ClassDojo is usually used amongst students of lower classes, it is easy to use and designed with privacy to keep the student safe.

Due to the significant role played by the application it has become amongst the top downloaded education technology application. The company disclosed that almost half a million worldwide download the application daily.

In United States, two-thirds of schools are using the platform to connect the school with the parents at home. Moreover, the company was in progress to expand is use to more other schools that had not yet adopted Class Dojo.

The application has succeeded to introduce collaboration and support aimed at developing a ground-up change in the education sector. Besides stimulating the changes, the application has also seen the barriers that keep parents away from school being removed. For that reason, parents have assumed an active role in a classroom since the application enables them to monitor the learning process from home.

ClassDojo also helps parents to interact positively with students acting as mentors and motivators to the students throughout their learning process. The application uses a unique approach towards improving education that does not compare to most applications that just aimed at digitalizing education materials.

Brexit Decision May Be Good News For Brazil’s Economy

Britain started a new chapter in their history on June 23, 2016. That date will go down in the history books as the date the UK decided to leave the European Union. The Brits were sick of the EU’s overbearing bureaucracy, and the money they gave to the EU that disappeared without any positive results. Britain now has the opportunity to develop more trading partners, and one of those new partners might be Brazil. When Portuguese-speaking Brazil found out about Britain’s decision to leave the EU, Flavio Maluf the CEO of the giant international company, Eucatex, didn’t waste any time calling his offices around the world. The Brexit decision could translate into more business for Eucatex, and Maluf wanted to alert his associates in Britain, and in other countries that opportunity was knocking on their door.

Flavio Maluf is a special kind of Chief Executive Officer. Maluf started his career with family-owned Eucatex in 1987 after spending time in the New York City attending NYU. Maluf learned to translate Portuguese into English when he lived in New York. He did learn English in school in Brazil, but living in New York gave him the opportunity to learn to speak and write English without a distinct Portuguese accent. When Maluf joined Eucatex he was an apprentice, so he worked his way through the company learning all there was to know about forestry, minerals, and wood, especially eucalyptus wood. Flavio became president of Eucatex in 1997, and he is now the CEO of the company. Eucatex ceiling tiles got the company started in the export business, but Eucaboard is one of the main products that is used in furniture around the world. Eucatex MDF and MDP panels are also important exports and so are, Eucatex doors and paint.

The UK has never been a big importer of Eucatex products, but Maluf believes Britain might sign a bilateral trade agreement with Brazil, and that would be a good thing for Eucatex. Britain only accounts for less than 2 percent of all Brazilian export revenue. Maluf thinks that might change because of the Brexit decision.

Making Trouble For Dictators Is The Role Of Thor Halvorssen

As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen has become a major part of the human rights activism community, but Halvorssen has always looked to do things his own way to achieve the success he feels should be a consistent theme for those around him. Creating the Human Rights Foundation allowed Thor Halvorssen to continue his impressive rise through the activism community that he believes should be focusing on the rising number of dictators and tyrannical governments operating in countries around the world.

Dictators are the main focus for Thor halvorssen as he looks to try and reduce the number of political prisoners held in prisons around the world and reduce the number of people living under difficult human rights situations. Forming the Human Rights Foundation allowed Halvorssen to focus on those areas he feels most strongly about, instead of looking to handle issues in the developed world that are often the focus of major human rights groups across North America. Thor Halvorssen believes he has a responsibility to reduce the level of human rights abuses no matter the political persuasion of the ruling government of a country; this approach differs from many of his peers in the activism community who have refused funding from conservative groups, and refuse to discuss the problems facing people living in countries headed by socialist groups.

There are many issues facing the world that are a worry for Thor Halvorssen, including the plight of his home nation of Venezuela as socialist governments continue to cause problems. Halvorssen believes the policies of government officials have been driven by greed and points to fixed food prices that limit the level of supplies available to Venezuelan’s on a daily basis.

Here is a Youtube video in which Halvorssen discusses democratic socialism:

The political ideology of Thor Halvorssen has often been misunderstood, but the liberal ideas he follows are reflected in his ownership of the Ny Tid newspaper in Norway; Halvorssen was also an outspoken supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders and his attempt to win the Democratic nomination for President during the 2016 Presidential election cycle.

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Doe Deere’s Colorful Breakthrough

Once in a while a new look and a new idea comes along that shakes up an industry. That’s what is happening today with Lime Crime Cosmetics, which is the boldly colorful independent makeup line created by Russian emigre Doe Deere.

Deere came to the US as a teenager, and lived in New York from age 17. She started out as a musician, but her entrepreneurial style lead her to fashion and then to makeup. For Deere, her vision was something that couldn’t be denied, which is why she set about making her dreams come true with Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime is making its mark as a cosmetics brand that makes bold choices, while also offering great quality for its price point. Lime Crime uses incredibly vivid colors, ranging from bright blue to green to yellow, purple, orange and more in its lipsticks, and the impact of these colors is huge. Deere is also an innovator, as she and a chemist developed the Lime Crime Velvetine’s Lip Color line, which is the first liquid to matte lip color on the market. This lip color is certified vegan, and it also resists crumbling.

Lime Crime on Instagram

Deere’s innovation with Lime Crime also extends to the the brand’s presence on the Internet. Deere started the brand as an online website, and today Lime Crime’s Instagram page has over 2 million followers. The key to the success of the brand on Instagram is Deere’s idea of having the page completely interactive. Followers are encouraged to post pictures of their individual Lime Crime photos, and those photos (of women wearing the brand’s unique colors) are shared back and forth all over the site, adding more followers and promoting the brand with every click. It’s a fun approach to promoting a look, and it is paying off well for Lime Crime.

The Doe Deere Style

Doe Deere is a “walking illustration” of how effective the Lime Crime brand is at creating head turning beauty. Deere wears the line’s gorgeous colors continually, and the lipsticks, blushes and shadows from the brand are very arresting on this “pretty as a doll,” very photogenic cosmetics’ brand CEO.

Can dreams really come true? In Doe Deere’s case, the dream of having a colorful, successful makeup line can come true, and it has already. Here’s to having a great vision and sticking with it.