Betsy DeVos Is Ready To Get To Work Making Positive Changes Within The Educational System Of The United States

Betys DeVos is a woman with a mind of her own, and she doesn’t worry about what people think about her. Instead, she has continued to do the work she believes in after all of these years and is looking to be a strong member of the Trump Administration. As the new Secretary of Education for the United States, she had supposedly opposed a move by President Trump to rescind a law that allowed gay and transgender people to use a bathroom of their choosing. She had even held a meeting with a representative for transgender and gay employees from the Education Department to let them know what Trump was doing but kept quiet about her own personal opinion related to the matter.


While some have taken this as a sign that Betsy DeVos will be a meek team player who silently goes about her business, others know this won’t be the case. She has served the state of Michigan as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party has been a GOP mega-donor for many years. The truth of the matter is that she has always been gracious in public and very civil but has also been a political go-getter who has drawn on her own wealth and abilities to get legislation passed that she has found important.


Mike Cox, who once served as a state attorney general, commented that Betsy DeVos is not a woman to be trifled with. She is determined and focused, and he reported that she has made a lot of her opponents in the state of Michigan nervous. She was raised in Holland, Michigan and learned some of the values about hard work by working with her father at his auto parts company. She attended a private Christian High School while growing up and finished her education at Calvin College; earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. While many have been outspoken about her lack of experience with public schools, others have voiced their confidence in her abilities to make positive changes within the educational system of the United States.


Betsy DeVos has a rough introduction into the politics of Washington D.C. and was grilled by democrats for many hours during her confirmation hearings. Those who are close to her have revealed that she was a bit frustrated with what took place at the hearings and didn’t like being made to look naive and uninformed about the educational system in the United States. On the other hand, they also revealed that she has already moved on from the incident and is just ready to get to work making as many positive changes as possible during her time as the Secretary of the U.S.A.


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