Bob Reina Is The Standard For Bringing People Together Through Video

It’s not just all business at Talk Fusion. Since its inception in 2007. Talk Fusion’s corporate mission aims at helping individuals. The organization supports stronger and brighter futures. It wants people to reach for the stars and realize their dreams. Talk Fusion gives back to communities around the world.


It’s a core value that Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina believes strengthens individuals, and the towns, villages, neighborhoods, and cities, they live in. It’s more than a statement printed that’s hung on the wall, it is Talk Fusion’s culture. The commitment to individuals and community drives our employees and the organization’s success. Not satisfied with just doing enough, Reina commented, “As an organization, we’re striving to do more than what’s necessary to help people in need to succeed. Motivation drives our employees.”


Reina’s impact on the global community comes to the aid of those in need. His time and effort not only helps individuals and communities but animals too. His $1 million donation to the Tampa Bay Florida Humane Society brings necessary, food, medicine and support to animals in need. Bob generously provided monetary support and basic staples to orphanages in Indonesia as well.


Bob Reina, not only is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and innovative visionary, he’s concerned for his fellow man and the planet. His contributions to society, via Talk Fusion, helps bring people together through voice and video communications. Reina strongly believes in bringing the world together through video communication.


Talk Fusion reaches out to the world through a network of independent sales affiliates who interact with individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations. He supports “paying it forward” and encourages everyone to participate in the compassionate, and caring humanitarian gesture.


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