Lacey and Larkin-Standing in the Gap

The debate about illegal immigration has raged for many years but it has a renewed life with the election of Donald Trump as President. Recently, Trump proved that he rewards supporters, even if they have been convicted of felony crimes. Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio of all charges and Arpaio is once again a free man with no consequences. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Arpaio, who calls himself America’s Toughest Sheriff, has long been the ultimate law in Maricopa County, Arizona. He and his department are infamous for the profiling of Hispanics and Latinos to capture them for illegal immigration. Arpaio believes in doing anything necessary to send immigrants out of the country, not caring if he disrupts families and lives.

Even as far back as 2011, the sheriff was warned by Court Justice G. Murray Snow to stop the profiling and other illegal activities. Flouting his power, Joe Arpaio continued to focus on minorities.

This lead to a contempt charge in 2012 by Federal Judge Susan Bolton who raked Arpaio over the coals in open court for his policies and practices. She found that not only did Arpaio defy the court’s injunctions, but he also instructed his staff to do the same.

This ruling came after Arpaio lost his attempt at re-election as Sheriff. He had held the position for 24 years and many thought things were finally catching up to him. One organization that has long opposed Sheriff Arpaio is the Frontera Fund, created by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Larkin and Lacey have a long record of being activists and advocates of the Hispanic and Latino population. In fact, the Frontera Fund was founded because of illegal acts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin own a media group in Maricopa County called the Village Voice Media. The newspapers associated with their media group, like the Phoenix Sun were proud reporters of many of the actions of the Sheriff’s Department.

The publications did not shy away from controversy. When Lacey and Larkin found out that a grand jury had been set up to look into the editors, readers and supporters of the paper, they did not hesitate to print the story. Consequently, the two men were arrested at their homes on October 18th, 2007. They were taken to the jail and booked for unknown charges.

As soon as the editors’ supporters heard about the arrests, they created a movement that saw the men released after 24 hours. Lacey and Larkin fought back and ultimately won a $3.7 million dollar settlement with Maricopa County. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Jim Larkin |

Instead of pocketing this money, they used it to create the Frontera Fund, whose primary objective is to fight discrimination and speak for those minorities who can’t speak for themselves.

These men continue the fight against threats to the freedom of speech, civil and human rights.

They have dedicated their careers and lives to this cause. Even though the 85-year-old Joe Arpaio has been pardoned, it is comforting to know that there are still men out there like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who care.

Role of rights’ groups in human rights protection

Human rights are very important in the life of a human being. They act as the standards that guide the interaction among people in society. They are fundamental standards that every human being is granted unconditionally by then law.

Human rights can make people live in peace if they are observed to the letter. It is interesting to note that most of the conflicts that are witnessed in the world today are as a result of people failing to respect the rights of others. Human beings tend to react against oppression and discrimination. If human rights are followed and respected by all people, then the world would see a peaceful coexistence of the people.

World peace will be accomplished when governments realize that human rights are so basic to the people that no they cannot afford to deny them.

Human rights apply to all people irrespective of the citizenship or even the color of the person. Human rights are guaranteed to everyone in wherever place they are. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Human rights are incorporated into the local laws and usually form part of the constitution in many countries. They are also granted under the international which ensures that even the countries that do not have them under their laws they apply indirectly as part of the international law.

Human rights need protection from everyone in the society. It is a personal responsibility to see that the human rights that are guaranteed by the law are followed, if one person is denied his or her rights, it should be the responsibility of every one to condemn such an act.

Not a single person should be deprived of their rights in the silence of everyone else. According to the charter that established human rights, it is the responsibility of the governments to act as the number one defenders of the human rights. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Why is this so? The governments have the machinery and the power to crack down on any illegal encroachment on the rights of the people. However, the sad part is that governments fall under the list of notorious violators of human rights. In such a case, who ten is supposed to stand up against human rights violations?

Luckily in the world we are living in today there are people of good will who come together to create organizations that are supposed to stand up against violations that are conducted by anyone, be it the government or any other person in the society. Human rights groups as they are known can be considered to have three main levels of operation.

Some organizations deal specifically with the issue of human rights, others deal with civil rights, and others deal with migrants’ rights. Most of these groups are non-governmental and non-profit organization. How do these groups fund their operations, especially the community based one which does not receive funds from international bodies such as UNHCR?

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund group was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The organization funds nonprofit migrants’ rights groups in the state of Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the creators of the organization with money they received from a court case settlement.

The Advantages of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Due to the current environment of society, the world remains in a precarious position. Furthermore, the world remains indecisive regarding its future. In particular, racism and xenophobia once again plagued the American society. Furthermore, the United States remains filled with bigoted leaders.

Not only do these leaders not care about the well-being of society, they also do not care about making the United States a better place. Therefore, the total opposite remains a reality. Furthermore, these leaders have manipulated the public to fulfill their own self-interests. With that being said, the history of such corruption runs deep.

To begin, the United States remains a nation filled with fifty states. Moreover, these states possess their own unique history. To expound further, the southern states in America possess both a rich and dark history. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Aside from offering delicious southern cuisine, the American South once remained a place of barbarianism. Not only did slavery take place in the American South, the forceful removal of Native Americans from their homes lingers in the southern atmosphere.

Due to this history, America oftentimes feels like a paradox. To expound further, America remains both a liberator and an oppressor to its own people. Aside from America’s dealing as an oppressor, it has made great strides in rectifying its dreadful history.

Moreover, the nation has created legislation to ensure the liberty and equality for all of its citizens. Although the nation’s plan of action remains well documented, the struggle continues. To expound further, the nation has experienced a sharp increase in racial and ethnic tensions. Moreover, the sentiment towards migrant workers has also increased. Fortunately, two men have dedicated their lives to ensure the liberties for migrant workers and for all Americans.

With that being said, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin remain two prominent activists in Arizona. For those unaware, Michael and Jim remain the founder of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. However, the dynamic duo made headlines when they remained illegally detained in Maricopa County by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

To expound further, these men remained illegally seized from their homes in the middle of the night and taken to jail. Furthermore, their arrest stems from exposing grand jury proceedings that sought reporters’ notes on articles pertaining to Arpaio.

As a result, this violated their First Amendment rights. Therefore, these men had to take their case to the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit. Fortunately, they won their case.

With that being said, they remained awarded almost four million dollars in a settlement. However, they decided to donate their funds to strengthen numerous migrant right organizations around Arizona. In closing, both men remain applauded for their efforts in the fight for justice.

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George Soros, Humanitarian Philanthropist Activist

Humanitarian philanthropist George Soros has inspired the world on an international level. Survivor, sympathizer, and mover and shaker are adjectives that fit the man behind the Open Society Foundation. Deeply compelled by human suffering and motivated to make as many changes as possible, Soros has moved both heaven and earth to make life a better place for the underserved and underprivileged on an international level. From his earliest exploits as a financier to his charitable donations of over $12 billion to both individuals and organizations, his tireless will to help on any level has never been vanquished. Read more about George’s life story at

Born in 1930 to Hungarian parents in Budapest, Hungary, Soros knows firsthand what it is to suffer because of who you are. His family managed to survive during the Nazi era by adopting fake identities. It was during this time that his humanitarian spirit was born. His family helped other Jewish Hungarians obtain false identities as well, in order to survive during the Nazi era. Soros eventually left Hungary for London in 1947 to study at the London School of Economics. He supported himself by working part-time as a railway porter and a nightclub waiter. He eventually left London for the United States in 1956.

It was in America that George Soros experienced unprecedented success in the world of finance and investments, becoming one of the most successful investors in the history of the United States. In 1970 he launched Soros Fund Management, his own Hedge fund, which became the resource for his great fortune. Great fortune gave birth to the Open Society Foundation where his humanitarian beliefs and philosophies grew wings to help others less fortunate or underserved, all over the world. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

The Open Society Foundation became an effective and powerful resource and a network of interconnected partners, foundations, and projects in over 100 countries. The Open Society Foundation was founded on the ideas of Karl Popper, whom Soros encountered during his schooling in London. The idea that “no philosophy or ideology is the final arbiter of truth, and that societies can only flourish when they allow for democratic governance, freedom of expression, and respect for individual rights,” is central to how the Open Society Foundation views and approaches the world and its problems.

Thor Halvorssen Comes To Fox News To Share Information About Bernie Sanders

Thor Halvorssen is the leader at the Human Right Foundation, and he is one of the best people to work with when people need to learn about what communism and social democracy is. A democratic socialist is going to help the people of a country get as much as they can get out of the taxes that they pay. This is really important because it is something that a lot of people do not understand. They have heard Bernie Sanders called a communist, and they assume that that is what he believes in.


Thor Halvorssen wanted to explain that what Bernie Sanders actually believes in is helping people with the money that they give to the government. There are a lot of social services that people need, and he wants to make sure that tax dollars go to people who need them. The tax dollars that are sitting there and not being used today would be used for good causes, and Bernie Sanders wants to be sure that everyone who is in need is helped.


This is exactly what happens in Sweden and South America where Thor Halvorssen is from, and he wants to be sure that everyone in America understands that people are going to be able to learn how democratic socialism works. There are a lot of people who are going to not understand what Thor Halvorssen is talking about, but they also need to remember that Bernie Sanders is not a communist. He has gotten that label unfairly, and he should not have to carry it around according to Thor Halvorssen.


The talk that Thor Halvorssen gave to Fox News is something that everyone needs to see so that they know what is going on with the elections in America. There are a lot of labels and name calling that goes on, but Thor Halvorssen knows the truth. He has seen bad communist governments through the Human Rights Foundation, and this is not what Bernie Sanders is about. Bernie Sanders is about helping people through the state as much as possible with the tax dollars that they gave faithfully.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Creating A Business And Managing Equality: A Wikipedia Story

How does one create a more socially diverse platform for the wonderment of Wikipedia, the most popular encyclopedia on the internet that has been synonymous with having every form of online information at your fingertips? Whether it’s searching for all things pop culture-related, or everyday information pertaining to history and knowledge, there’s always something published on Wikipedia by some unknown individual in some little crevice of the world who serves as a cyber processor to this content-mill. And there is the technical side of Wikipedia business page creation that can serve as a vital tool for ones business if they had one; a simple form of marketing that could be the leading component in your journey to making sure your reputation as a business flourishes. A Wiki writing service such as Get Your Wiki is the go-to solution for hands-on Wiki editors for hire who can guide your business to its utmost potential.  Hiring Wiki experts ensures the proprietor that their page is properly edited, and that it’s safely overseen from those callous trolls who take it upon themselves to freely change information and update a Wiki page with said inaccurate information that could potentially do major harm to your reputation. 
While the business aspect of Wikipedia does have its benefits, the overall crux of its demographic is somewhat controversial and is a living reminder that even in instances like this, we as a society still continue to decline. She inspired many with her “WikiProject Women scientists” page she created to combat the gender inequality women face on sites like Wikipedia as well as the hatred and misogyny she endured from those in the Wiki community for being a female writer and editor. It was her own form of therapy to fight back against the intolerance women face in this kind of environment, and to also generate a voice for those forgotten females who’ve contributed to Science and who still continue to inspire the women of today to pursue their dreams. Every time she is the victim of malicious behavior and abuse, she will create a Wiki page about a female scientist or leader to combat the abuse with good deeds. Maybe doing away with this kind of sexism and actually bringing about gender balance to sites like this would be an exercise in continuing to build a society of unity instead of perpetuating division.

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In Stunning Interview, Thor Halvorssen May Have Announced New Target Of Human Rights Foundation: Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has all sorts of baggage. Much of the baggage revolves around security concerns and large campaign contributions which may create conflicts of interest if she were to become president. Her Democratic opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, often rails on about her Wall Street campaign contributions. The concern is that she will do little to regulate Wall Street because the campaign contributions effectively serve as a “get out of jail free card” for mischievous Wall Street executives. But the founder of the Human Rights Foundation may have divulged an all new set of concerns for the presumptive Democratic nominee in a recent interview with Fox News.

Thor Halvorssen is a man who has spent his entire life fighting against the crimes of authoritarian dictators. He has also served as a voice for the downtrodden and fights exhaustively for justice throughout the world. In a recent three-minute interview with Fox News, it is clear that the conservative news network was trying to use Thor Halvorssen to bash Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialism.

On national television, the human rights activist addressed his support of Bernie Sanders and condemned Hillary Clinton. The Human Rights Foundation has discovered that the Clinton campaign has taken large campaign contributions from human rights violators and dictators all over the planet.

Film maker Thor Halvorssen is known for his inexhaustible pursuit of taking down dictators and exposing their corruption. It does not matter which side of the political spectrum you are on or how famous you are, when Thor Halvorssen gets you in his sights, he will do everything he can to take you down. He recently burst onto the scene with an open letter about Nikki Minaj and her private concert for the criminal dictator of Angola. It seems that Thor Halvorssen has announced his new target. I wouldn’t be surprised to see information about Hillary Clinton and her campaign contributions being leaked by the Human Rights Foundation.