The App That Will Change Education

ClassDojo, an app that connects parents and teachers, was recently featured in an article on They focused primarily on what the app accomplishes, stating that it “helps them [parents] communicate consistently” with the teachers so they aren’t surprised at the once-a-quarter conferences typical of schools. The author also states that the founders don’t want to make revenue from user’s information due to privacy, instead planning to included the purchase of customizable school supplies or extra lessons as well as payment options for various school activies, all through the easy-to-use app. The founders see the app as becoming not only a tool for connection between students, parents, and teachers but as a social network to create a positive culture when it comes to the classroom.

The mission of ClassDojo is simple: to grow the power of community between teacher, student, and parent so that education can be grown from the ground up. Through the use of photos, videos, and messaging, teachers can inform parents on their child’s progress in the classroom daily. The app allows students to gain access to progressive educational concepts like personalized learning, and as one of the fastest growing educational companies it is already in use in 2/3 of US schools and 180 other countries.

The app wasn’t created overnight. Engineers, designers, and educators from all over came together to design this communication platform. They brought backgrounds in public and charter schools, as well as experience with Facebook, Google, and many well-known companies, launching the app in 2011.

Since the launch, ClassDojo has grown immensely, recently partnering with Stanford’s PERTS to release a five-part animated video series that will be available for free to teachers. This is only the beginning; the plan is to bring their “Big Ideas” series into the classrooms, introducing research for growth mindset. The founders discovered that when teachers had free time they would play educational videos, and the teachers were struggling to include growth mindset in their teaching. The short videos work to promote growth mindset in an educational fashion, creatively solving the two problems many teachers face.

Class Dojo is about creating a positive community and changing the way teachers and parents interact. Parents are more empowered, being able to check in on their child’s classroom progress, and as this app gains popularity in the classroom the face of education and communication is changing into something brand new and exciting.


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Talk Fusion also Involved in Giving Back to the Community

Talk Fusion has been a global front runner in recent years as the video communication platform has sky rocketed from humble beginnings in 2007 to a well established brand. Their offering is a suite with several apps based on their proprietary video communication technology which has hit the market by storm. There are several very interesting features that go alongside this platform allowing users to improve upon their own business and get the attention of the masses. Their video email and video newsletter app lets customers share their personal video message in a very unique way and making use of the thousands of different templates. The option is to do it alone or have the company tailor it to your needs, the option is there. The video platform allows the customers viewer base to grow allowing users to capture emails from customizable forms. Then turn those prospects into loyal customers with the auto responder function. At Talk Fusion they understand that time is money, therefore they have developed the video message scheduler which allows the customer to automatically send out videos to current business customers as well as newcomers. The Talk Fusion app suite allows the user to get access to real time reports and survey results which tell the user who is watching, what is currently working and when to reach out further. The ability to send out a personal video message to all the viewers is a very important part of business today and is one that will revolutionize the way business is currently done.

Talk Fusion has made headlines on Business For Home a website that specializes in direct selling facts and figures as well as several other multi level marketing news. It is clear to see that Talk Fusion is leading the industry when it comes to proprietary video technology and how it can be used in the future.

The Success of On-Demand Startup Handy

Handy is a company based out of New York City that offers cleaning and handyman services to customers. It works by connecting customers to the right professionals in a pool of contractors that work through Handy. At the moment, the service is only for cleaning and home repairs. In the future, Handy aspires to provide all kinds of home services.

Handy was founded by CEO Oisin Hanrahan and a friend when they were in college. The company was first called Handybook, and its founders lived in Boston. They moved to New York to officially start the business because it was a densely populated area, and they could see the business faring well there. They were right.

They began with $50,000 in seed money to start the business. Recently, they have raised $50 million in funding. The company itself is worth $500 million it is estimated at this point. They have also recently hired former executives of Amazon, Tumblr and Birchbox. They currently have 160 employees and more than 10,000 contractors who work for them.

Handy has few competitors in this business that are operating at the scale that they are. However, the company doesn’t focus on its competitors but on how to continually improve their business. They plan to expand into delivery and assembly of furniture as well as other home services. Eighty percent of their business currently is from people hiring cleaners through their service.

It is also a great side job for college students or busy parents to make extra money in their spare time. From the customers’ perspective of using Handy, it is easier to get someone to come to their home to take care of the small jobs other professionals won’t usually tackle.