Tempus’s New Round Of Funding And “Unicorn Status” Empowers Them To Help More Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded a Chicago-based technology company, Tempus, in 2015 with aims to help physicians make decisions and provide personalized cancer care by providing them with an ever-growing library of molecular and clinical data. Tempus received $80 million in this latest round of funding, which brought its value to approximately $1.1 billion and in doing so gave the new company “unicorn status”. This label is a very significant accomplishment for a Chicago startup which reflects how the company is growing at a quick steady rate and has the means to increase its reach and impact on cancer patients.

Tempus is focused on unlocking the mysteries of cancer through data by making it easily searchable and comparable. The company has about 400 employees and is hiring around 30 more each month. These employees collect data and digitize data such as doctor’s handwritten notes to make them accessible. As the company’s employee base grew and its value grew giving it this “unicorn status” the data in its library grew and continues to grow.

Tempus is creating a digital tool that allows physicians to reference data on patients’ cancer tumors, their genetic make-up, and the treatment they responded to when making treatment decisions. The company and its co-founder have network relationships within the health care system and cancer-fighting bodies that are working toward finding the best ways to treat cancer patients. The database Tempus is actively creating and network it has in the health care system is influential and their new “unicorn status” will fund their continued growth, empowering them to help empowers them to help more patients.

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The rise of Peter Briger to Co-CEO.

Peter Briger is considered one of the most influential business leaders in the county. He has worked in the finance and investment industry since leaving university in 1986. He began his career at Goldman Sachs, where he was employed as an entry-level employee rising to the level of partner by the time he left. This rise was not by chance, but rather by design. He would work in various committees within the bank that were integral to his growth both as an investor and a financial expert. These committees would guide him into the Asian market, which at the time were experiencing rapid growth due to the rapidly expanding manufacturing base as well as real estate sector. This meant that Goldman Sachs was constantly innovating products geared towards that market and it would give Peter Briger an opportunity to lead them and as such gain more experience. The Japan special investment fund was one such initiative. The fund was specifically designed to cater to the Japanese market banking on emerging opportunities as well as established business that were ripe for investments or take over. While this was happening a group of three had come together and established the fortress investment group. The three had begun the asset management group with four hundred million dollars in assets and within the first five years had managed to grow the same into 3 billion dollars and were returning 39 percent on equity invested to shareholders. This rapid expansion by Fortress required new ideas to keep up and as such they decided to start a credit division within the group. This division needed an expert in credit financing and one who had previous experience managing a large enough organization. The position was a natural fit for Peter Briger who moved to Fortress in 2002. This move gave him an opportunity to build the division from scratch and model it in a way that would guarantee success. The credit division at Fortress is today considered one of the most successful and has done deals worth more than a hundred billion dollars. Peter Briger has in the meantime risen to become Co-CEO at Fortress. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Post Understanding Cancer Treatment Options at WebMD

The healthcare cancer professionals at Cancer Treatment Centers of America truly know how complicated cancer treatments can be to patients. A new WebMD article post by CTCA provides ways to understand all of your cancer treatment options. This credible online website is easy to access anytime of the day or night. Perfect for those sleepless nights after first hearing the cancer diagnosis. Taking time to thoroughly research and gain understanding of the various pros and cons of specific cancer treatments can go a long way towards the recovery phase. CTCA is always there to provide an initial or second opinion professional cancer diagnosis and recommended treatment regimens.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America treats cancer on many levels. First, the patient will be thoroughly evaluated. A treatment therapy will begin, and cancer education also starts. CTCA believes that as patients gain more understanding of their particular cancer fight, that these patients will be better equipped to comply with the recommended course of treatments. Many cancer treatments have adverse side effects. The second level of care that CTCA provides relates directly towards therapies shown to decrease these side effects like nausea, fatigue and other issues. This two-pronged cancer attack is proving to be more beneficial as patients build up their bodies to better fight their disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America proudly promotes educational topics about cancer care. Along with WebMD, CTCA has announced some ways to determine a course of action for cancer patients. Patients with cancer, and their concerned families, can take some quiet moments to read through the short article online. Everything is explained in common day language easy to comprehend. The current cancer treatments are outlined, and individuals can click on links for further and more detailed information on specific types of cancer and their recommended treatments.

More individuals prefer to get their weather, news and other information by searching online. This is faster than reading large books, or sifting through mountains of paperwork. This method of education is alright if the site is designated a credible choice. WebMD is such an online site. Many individuals rely on the pertinent medical details that this online source tends to promote. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is happy to announce their unique partnership with WebMD specifically for passing on current and essential cancer information that patients and families need. Together, WebMD and CTCA work tirelessly to fight cancer with education.