Beauty Guru, Doe Deere, Is the Role Model We Deserve

Doe Deere, the beauty guru and self-proclaimed Queen of the Unicorns, made her mark on the world with her electric pigmented cosmetic line, Lime Crime. The young business woman stands out as a trailblazer for the beauty industry and fashion icon with her unique look and perseverance. Russian native, Doe Deere, started out as an aspiring musician and eventually gave in to her eccentric sense of style. Doe Deere’s hair color changes more than the seasons. She is known for her pastel hair colors and vibrant lip color and eye shadow pairing. She is no stranger to glitter and has been known to wear flowers in her pastel curls. Doe Deere’s use of electric and neon pigments would make Lisa Frank envious.

At a time when the makeup industry was pedaling beige and neutral makeup as the norm, Doe Deere broke out her Lime Crime makeup line with electric blue and green pigments. Doe Deere started her homemade beauty line, Lime Crime, in 2008 and sold her products online to customers who were tired of the same dull cosmetic options trending at the time. Doe Deere used her eccentric style to make a name for herself in the cosmetic industry. Not everyone is a fan of the neutral look and Doe Deere saw a need for color in a bland world. She’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd and inspires her fans to do the same. Life is too short to be dull and neutral.

Despite her fame in the cosmetic industry, Doe Deere stays true to herself and encourages others to follow in her footsteps. She has proven that embracing what makes you different and being true to yourself is the best way to success. Unlike other celebrities, Doe Deere doesn’t let her success go to her head or change her relationship with her husband. She and her husband were both aspiring musicians trying to make their mark in the music industry and despite Doe Deere’s detour into the cosmetic industry, they remain partners in crime. Doe’s husband supports her career goals and has stood by her through thick and thin. Her best advice to young women everywhere is to stay true to yourself and embrace what makes you different from everyone else. It’s ok to be different and have an original idea. When you have a passion for what you want to do, run with it.

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Doe Deere’s Colorful Breakthrough

Once in a while a new look and a new idea comes along that shakes up an industry. That’s what is happening today with Lime Crime Cosmetics, which is the boldly colorful independent makeup line created by Russian emigre Doe Deere.

Deere came to the US as a teenager, and lived in New York from age 17. She started out as a musician, but her entrepreneurial style lead her to fashion and then to makeup. For Deere, her vision was something that couldn’t be denied, which is why she set about making her dreams come true with Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime is making its mark as a cosmetics brand that makes bold choices, while also offering great quality for its price point. Lime Crime uses incredibly vivid colors, ranging from bright blue to green to yellow, purple, orange and more in its lipsticks, and the impact of these colors is huge. Deere is also an innovator, as she and a chemist developed the Lime Crime Velvetine’s Lip Color line, which is the first liquid to matte lip color on the market. This lip color is certified vegan, and it also resists crumbling.

Lime Crime on Instagram

Deere’s innovation with Lime Crime also extends to the the brand’s presence on the Internet. Deere started the brand as an online website, and today Lime Crime’s Instagram page has over 2 million followers. The key to the success of the brand on Instagram is Deere’s idea of having the page completely interactive. Followers are encouraged to post pictures of their individual Lime Crime photos, and those photos (of women wearing the brand’s unique colors) are shared back and forth all over the site, adding more followers and promoting the brand with every click. It’s a fun approach to promoting a look, and it is paying off well for Lime Crime.

The Doe Deere Style

Doe Deere is a “walking illustration” of how effective the Lime Crime brand is at creating head turning beauty. Deere wears the line’s gorgeous colors continually, and the lipsticks, blushes and shadows from the brand are very arresting on this “pretty as a doll,” very photogenic cosmetics’ brand CEO.

Can dreams really come true? In Doe Deere’s case, the dream of having a colorful, successful makeup line can come true, and it has already. Here’s to having a great vision and sticking with it.