Keep a Diversified Portfolio: Sam Tabar’s Salient Point

With this year’s appearance of a volatile, rising stock market, a lot of people are going to be considering investing in commodities, trying to diversify their portfolio with more exciting investments. That is, they want to go into commodity trading. Sam Tabar cautions that commodity trading is very risky, and can be far more volatile than traditional stocks and mutual funds. Such speculation certainly is not for a someone new to the market, or even a casual investor, Tabar warns.

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Tabar, a trained attorney and graduate from Columbia Law School, warns that speculation really has no place in a diversified portfolio. One needs a well-balanced, diversified portfolio to plan for retirement, not speculative issues such as commodities.

One avenue of new investments is new businesses, Tabar says. But, even that can become dangerous, if that is the main thing in your portfolio. Don’t get trapped into the idea of a stock rising in value and growing, and suddenly putting all of your money into it. You will regret it in the long run. If a new stock does well, and a lot of money is put into it, the danger of it losing its value overnight is staggering. He advises that novices stay away from such investments.

Sam Tabar is well qualified to advise the novice investor. Following his graduation from Columbia, he was an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

He counseled clients on hedge fund formation, regulatory issues, and compliance. After moving on to Merill Lynch and Bank of America, where he counseled clients on financial issues and investment strategies Tabar left that organization in 2014.