An Investment Writer: Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is a leading online publication of financial and investment needs. It serves hundreds of thousands of people weekly with insider tips from a team of top experts to better assist investors with making financial decisions.

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor of three newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He pens Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and Profits Unlimited. He founded Profits Unlimited for the publication. This newsletter is a guide for investors wanting to know what stocks most likely promise good returns. When he is not busy recommending stocks through his Profits Unlimited newsletter, he is running trading services: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He also writes Winning Investor Daily, a dedicated weekly column for Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit his twitter to get the latest update.

Paul Mampilly began his career for the website in 2016. He began working for the publication because he was eager to create messages and advice to help beginning and average investors prosper and build wealth for themselves. Americans from Main Street can better learn about technology, investments, stocks and income producing opportunities through his informative newsletters.

Before coming to Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly was an editor at Stansberry Research. He worked for the billion dollar wealth management brand Kinetics Asset Management. He was an author, publisher and editor for The Capuchin Group. He even managed the accounts for the Royal Bank of Scotland. He worked for large corporations like Sears. He has been a financial analyst and portfolio manager for many companies.

Paul Mampilly had a successful career on Wall Street. He was recruited by leading companies. He even grew one company’s assets into the twenty billion dollar range. But he eventually ended his bigtime Wall Street career that he had had for decades due to the fact his desires in life had changed. He wanted a career that occupied less time and offered him more time to be with his family. Banyan Hill Publishing was the perfect fit the financial expert. Ever since starting his job as a writer, he has helped thousands of Americans improve their financial situations.



Ian King Becoming Consultant

Ian King is a cryptocurrency trader.

Ian King began his financial career working as a teller for Salomon Brothers. He has over twenty years working in the financial markets. Following his work at Salomon Brothers, he moved on to work with credit derivatives with Citigroup. Finally landing at Peahi, where working as the senior portfolio manager helped the gain 339% in one year. In 2017 Banyan Hill Publishing was looking for someone to head up their Crypto Currency Trader newsletter, which was to offer expert advice to investors in Cryptocurrency. Since boarding Banyan Hill in 2017 In King has become known as one of the top experts in cryptocurrency throughout the world. Besides being a sought-after speaker for conferences and seminars, King is also given media time before Fox Business News, Investopedia, and Zero Hedge. Visit to learn more.

New Class of Investor Assets

Ian King locates new opportunities for investors in his Crypto Profit Trader. Cryptocurrency is a new class of assets which allow an investor to use what has become known as a digital currency to make financial transactions. The first recorded cryptocurrency was released in 2009 with the name of Bitcoin. Fast-forward nine years later, and the market is over-saturated with 1565 cryptocurrencies as of April 2018.

In Perspective to …Other Distributed Wealth

It is estimated that Bitcoin is worth as much as $46B, while all of the cryptocurrencies to date are worth an estimated $100B. Bill Gates is estimated an estimated $90B (Forbes 2018), Jeff Bezos $112B (Forbes 2018); lastly, all the Billionaires in the U.S. are worth an estimated $2.3T. The Federal Reserve estimates that all money in the U.S. had a net worth of $83.6T.

Ian King,Crypto Profit Trader, and Banyan Hill Publishing

In comparison to these figures, all of the cryptocurrency investments would be close to the median worth between Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The fact is that cryptocurrency has shown to show returns as much as 1400% return on investments. Ian King uses a three-part specific method of trading cryptocurrencies. Besides his particular ways of investing he also shares with those who are signed up with his Crypto Profit Trader. It is important to remember that he offers something t investors that cannot be given by a person who hasn’t the time or expertise to analyze trends in the market, which the experts at Banyan Hill Publishing have been doing since opening in 2009 and re-branding as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013.



Ted Bauman Makes another Prediction on the United States’ Financial Markets

A few years ago, Ted Bauman predicted and capitalized on the effect of the electioneering period on the financial market prices. After a 10 year period characterized by prolonged mismanagement, he thought that voters would side with the incoming reformers thereby increasing their market value. The financial expert’s prediction was accurate and his investment gained about 13 percent within three weeks while S&P registered 2.5 percent increase within the same duration.

After the big win, Ted Bauman continued to identify related circumstances across last year. He located a good number but many didn’t take advantage of them. It is reported that investors would have earned 70 percent more compared to S&P 500 had they followed Ted’s pattern. Bauman has pointed out that similar situation is likely to happen in 2018 and has affirmed his prediction by purchasing iShares MSCI South Africa ETF.

Ted Bauman has expressed his belief in the emerging markets. He encourages entrepreneurs to invest in such markets adding that they be among the biggest winners in 2018. In early 2017, the emerging markets (EMs) were relatively dormant while S&P 500 had gone up by over 20 percent. However, it registered strong results by close of the year with an increase of about 37 percent. Ted explains that there is absolutely no reason as to why EMs growth would stop in 2018. Other financial experts have equally projected a 13 percent increase in emerging markets’ earnings, a factor that would impact growth in stock prices as well as EM ETFs. Visit Ted Bauman at for more info..

The United States’ index valuations have been predicted to register an increase of between 10 to 12 percent in 2018. Emerging markets and ETFs equities are also likely to register major increases. If Ted Bauman, banks and other financial experts are accurate in their predictions, EMs investments would give 200 percent more in returns compared to S&P 500. Don’t be left out by the second Bull run.

About Ted Bauman

Ted was born in Washington, D.C., raised in Maryland but spent his early youth in South Africa where he acquired his education. He pursued his postgraduate degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. Bauman worked with nonprofit organizations in South Africa serving in various senior management positions for 25 years before joining Banyan Hills Publishing in 2013.

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Ted Bauman continues to enlighten many investors through his educative financial and investment analysis.

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Ted Bauman Believes Bitcoin’s Success Will Slow with their Transaction Speed

Bitcoin may by seen as the currency of the future to many investors and technology aficionados, but to experts like Ted Bauman the popular, decentralized cryptocurrency has some serious problems and isn’t quite up to speed with more mainstream forms of currency. These shortcomings are mainly based on transaction speed and scalabilty of bitcoins. Visa’s current credit card processing technology can handle approximately twenty thousand transactions a second, Bitcoin’s current processing technology can handle about 7 per second and the transactions often take around ten minutes to complete. While this inconvenience may be okay for ordering a shirt off of a website, it is in no way convenient for purchasing things in the physical world. Imagine having to wait ten minutes, or worse, just to purchase a coffee or groceries with a line quickly forming behind you. With the cryptocurrency quickly becoming accepted in more and more places, this is soon to be a reality and the wait times will increase unless something is done.


Unfortunately, nobody seems to be able to come to an agreement with what should be done to fix the problem without sacrificing the security of bitcoin. The problem with finding a solution lies in what bitcoin inherently is and where it’s stored, or more accurately, isn’t. With bitcoin, there is no real physical currency and each new bitcoin introduced to the market is “mined” using a network of computers and cannot be spent or transferred until the process is complete. The decentralized nature of the currency also means that it’s not stored in any one particular place and is actually stored on an ever-changing network of computers located across the globe. This is fantastic for keeping individual governments from controlling the currency, but absolutely awful for any type of regulation for convenience’s sake. If this problem isn’t addressed, it could mean a slow death for bitcoin devolving it back into the novelty it was in the beginning. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

Ted Bauman was born in Washington DC and later emigrated to South Africa where he earned two post graduate degrees from the University of Cape Town. He specialized in low cost housing-developments as a consultant, fund manager and researcher during his twenty years in South Africa.

Ted Bauman currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has since devoted his time to researching and writing about asset protection, investment planning, and international finance. Learn more:


Matt Badiali Is A Scientist Become Investor That Is Helping Regular People To Find Solid Investments

Matt Badiali was originally a scientist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Sciences and a Master’s of Science in Geology. It was during his work towards his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina that he discovered finance. When he realized how valuable his knowledge of geology and science would be in the world of investing and finance, he decided to use his expertise to help himself and others make money through sound investing. Just as recently as 2017, He put together the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter that has already gained a mass of readers who look forward to any recommendations he makes.

Matt Badiali has commented that the idea for his newsletter came from the fact that he has the right combination of expertise in a spread of fields to cover what he does correctly. His understanding of finance and geology as well as science, in general, have allowed him to have insights that not many other people do. He breathes life into his ideas by drawing from his wealth of experience, which brings a very realistic flavor to his writing. It’s his ability to draw people in with stories and examples they can understand that makes him so relatable and memorable to his audience.

Matt Badiali keeps up with two important habits that he feels make him more productive and that he recommends to anyone else. The first one is that he focuses on one relevant task at a time and blocks out any distractions that will keep him from getting what he needs to get done. The other habit of his is that he reads a lot, and he feels this is crucial in keeping him up with all of the changes that go on in the world.

Matt Badiali is a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing and an expert in the agricultural, mining, and energy industries who has been studying natural resources for more than twenty years. He has conducted research in parts all over the globe and has spent time exploring abandoned mines, working with oil wells that he owned, and working on drill rigs. His hands-on philosophy is well-known, and people trust his advice, because he actually shows up to see his investments in-person. He has taught geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University and now works to discover worthy investment opportunities for the every day people who have come to count on his expertise. Read:


Who is Matt Badiali?

Who is he? Well, besides being the editor of the Real Wealth Strategist, he’s also been a veteran of the Natural Resource Industry, as well as a mining and energy expert for 20-years. And, on Dec 22, an article published on gave his 2018 predictions for which metal that has been long forgotten will end up soaring in the coming year. So, what is it?

That forgotten metal is Platinum. Badiali explained that the past six years have been pretty brutal for the entire mining industry as a whole and followed up with an explanation of the formula that drives prices and how the demand has to exceed the supply. He went into further detail with his very concise chart for showing platinum’s journey over the last six years. It shows a steady decline during the years 2011 to 2016. Then, the price ended up falling by more than fifty percent with a short rebound in 2016. But, in early December, the platinum price totally tanked, reaching its lowest point in two years. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali.

So, now the question is why Badiali thinks things will change for platinum in 2018. He says it’s really quite simple because the supply just cannot keep up with the demand for platinum. In fact, the World Platinum Investment Council warns that 2017 is going to end with a deficit of approximately 15,000 oz. That gap is also expected to expand in 2018 when it is anticipated that the demand will rise by two percent to eight million oz. On the other hand, the supply actually could fall by one percent to 7.75 million ounces, leaving a 250,000-ounce deficit! More info about Matt Badiali at

And, according to Matt Badiali, there’s another reason why platinum prices will rise in 2018 and that reason is sentiment. During 2017, copper prices rose due to the expected demand by electric vehicle manufacturers while platinum prices fell for the opposite reason, an expected lack of demand.

Matt Badiali predicts that platinum is going to continue to be in short supply due to the fact that existing platinum mines are old and deep plus they’re quickly running out of metal with no new mines slated for the near future. Put that together with a European economy that is quite strong, Europeans who prefer diesel vehicles, and low platinum prices and platinum’s plight could change drastically in 2018. In fact, Badiali wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it rose by a whopping 25 percent over the coming year.

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