Academy of Art University Alumni Becomes Reality TV Star 

Academy of Art University is a prestigious art university located in San Francisco, California. The university is known for breeding some of the most intellectual minds that have created successful art careers for themselves. They have crafted artists, singers, writers, illustrators, designers and filmmakers. One of their alumni by the name of Kendall Long is a successful reality television star starring on Bachelor in Paradise.

Fans of this competitive romantic drama love to tune it to just see the steamy connection between Kendal Long and “Grocery Store Joe.” She won the hear of Joe due to her creative talent. She was well prepared for a role on television due to her multimedia communication degree. The California earned her degree from the Academy of Art University. While attending the school, she was apart of the track athletic program. Before becoming a reality television star, she work in the entertainment industry. Her career as a creative director led to her being casted onto the Bachelor in Paradise.

The Academy of Art University has a long list of alumni that are doing amazing things in the world. They have educated minds that have worked for NASA and created footwear for Nike. Their alumni has designed a workspace for Facebook headquarters. They send fashion students to New York Fashion Week twice a year. Most importantly, they allow students to explore their creativity and live a good life developing art for the world.

The university has always instilled their mission into their students. Cultivating a dynamic environment of professional people who are able to inspire creative students is what the Academy of Art University has implemented into their education programs. The school upholds a standard of art ethics they employ in their academics. They have been a leading digital provider of art education. They began their own online education in 2002. The school has had three generations of family leadership. They all share the common love and commitment to the arts and developing the mind of young creatives. The Academy of Art University is a school that plans to continue birth the world’s next greatest creatives.

Betsy DeVos Is Ready To Get To Work Making Positive Changes Within The Educational System Of The United States

Betys DeVos is a woman with a mind of her own, and she doesn’t worry about what people think about her. Instead, she has continued to do the work she believes in after all of these years and is looking to be a strong member of the Trump Administration. As the new Secretary of Education for the United States, she had supposedly opposed a move by President Trump to rescind a law that allowed gay and transgender people to use a bathroom of their choosing. She had even held a meeting with a representative for transgender and gay employees from the Education Department to let them know what Trump was doing but kept quiet about her own personal opinion related to the matter.


While some have taken this as a sign that Betsy DeVos will be a meek team player who silently goes about her business, others know this won’t be the case. She has served the state of Michigan as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party has been a GOP mega-donor for many years. The truth of the matter is that she has always been gracious in public and very civil but has also been a political go-getter who has drawn on her own wealth and abilities to get legislation passed that she has found important.


Mike Cox, who once served as a state attorney general, commented that Betsy DeVos is not a woman to be trifled with. She is determined and focused, and he reported that she has made a lot of her opponents in the state of Michigan nervous. She was raised in Holland, Michigan and learned some of the values about hard work by working with her father at his auto parts company. She attended a private Christian High School while growing up and finished her education at Calvin College; earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. While many have been outspoken about her lack of experience with public schools, others have voiced their confidence in her abilities to make positive changes within the educational system of the United States.


Betsy DeVos has a rough introduction into the politics of Washington D.C. and was grilled by democrats for many hours during her confirmation hearings. Those who are close to her have revealed that she was a bit frustrated with what took place at the hearings and didn’t like being made to look naive and uninformed about the educational system in the United States. On the other hand, they also revealed that she has already moved on from the incident and is just ready to get to work making as many positive changes as possible during her time as the Secretary of the U.S.A.


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Samuel Strauch Believes Technology is the Future of Real Estate

Bitcoin came in 2009 and its existence was highlighted by the media throughout the world. However, the value of bitcoin was problematic at first and at one point its value was $1. Fast forward to today and the value of bitcoin has since shot to $4,600. The Miami real estate market is embracing bitcoin as the professionals in the industry like Samuel Strauch have recognized the benefits and values of using the network for large transactions.

Processing Large and Small Transactions

Experts and bitcoin community members have been engaged in various debates. Cryptocurrency makes digital transactions secure as it prevents any third parties from adding units to the currency. The existing debate is on whether bitcoin ought to be used as digital cash capable of handling small transactions or a store of value. At the moment it operates as both, making it a flexible legal tender option.

A number of studies have established that Australian and U.S. banks charge $4,000 for every transaction worth $100,000. When the transaction amount goes up by a few million dollars, the bank charges go up. When using traditional currency, banks can charge $10,000 meaning that the fees are minimal when using bitcoin. Dealing in bitcoin enables millions of dollars to exchange hands fast and at the minimum fee possible. Learn more about Samuel Strauch at

Uptake By the Real Estate Market

Due to the lower fees charged when using bitcoin, the Miami real estate market decided to embrace it. Mike Komaransky, a bitcoin dealer, recently listed his mansion up for sale at $6.5 million or 1,400 bitcoins. Mr. Komaransky confirmed that the prospective purchaser promised to pay for the house in Zcash, another form of digital currency or using traditional legal tender. Komaransky became a member of a small click of homeowners willing to sell their homes for bitcoins. This method is preferred due to its instantaneous and irreversible nature that makes the process quicker.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch, a real estate agent, is a forward thinker who believes that technology holds the key for the future of the industry. According to Mr. Strauch, the industry is fast changing with the times and should embrace fresh business practices. Samuel Strauch holds a business degress from the Hofstra University based in New York. He also went to Harvard University and Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Samuel Strauch started work in the banking industry before switching to real estate in South Florida. He established his ever-expanding company in 2002. Samuel Strauch established his business in Miami as it was transforming from a vacation destination to a place where people played and lived.

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Recycling Programs Make An Impact At Orange Coast College

The residents of the Costa Mesa region of Southern California have relied on Orange Coast College to provide recycling services for more than four decades and will now see their experience improved when visiting the recycling facility. A brand new recycling center has been opened by Orange Coast College which expands upon the many different recycling options already open to those choosing to use Orange Coast College for recycling their materials and unwanted appliances.


Expanding the range of options open to the residents of Costa Mesa will be of great importance for those intent on protecting this beautiful area of Southern California and the world as a whole; however, Orange Coast College hopes to have an even greater in;act on the environment of the world through the use of solar panels installed at the newly opened recycling center. The academics and environmental experts at the college understand the need to lower the reliance of Orange Coast on fossil fuel burning power plants across California and the southwest which has prompted the development of green energy programs for the college.


The benefits of becoming involved in the recycling programs offered by Orange Coast College are many and can be seen across Southern California. Among the aims of the institution in upgrading its recycling facilities is to ensure the amount of waste entering Californian landfills is lowered and fewer trees are logged for the production of paper, cardboard, and wood products. For individuals, the programs at Orange Coast College can have a positive impact on their lives as more space is available in homes and many products are eligible for payments when recycled in the Golden State.


Orange Coast College has been developing its “Vision 2020” in a bid to enhance a student experience already ranked among the top 100 two-year colleges in the U.S. Many different programs are offered to the students of Orange Coast College including a range of team activities more often associated with four-year institutions including an impressive rowing team; the success of the Orange Coast College rowing team has seen 11 national titles won by the men’s crew despite the powerful competition provided by some of the top four-year universities in the U.S. Learn more:


ClassDojo aims to add more Educational Features to its Application

ClassDojo raised $21 million in its series B round of venture funding led by General Catalyst. The money will be used to employ more experts and add content features to improve on ClassDojo. Other new investors that joined Class Dojo were GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.

ClassDojo application was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don to act as a communication platform that connects parents to the school. Regular communication between teachers and parent make parents aware of the social and behavioral development of their children.

Besides the connection between educators and relatives, the application was designed to improve on students’ learning process. ClassDojo’s management has collaborated with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales center to add videos that would be used to grow the mindset of children.

ClassDojo transforms education by giving students leadership over their studies. Students are keen to add useful content to their portfolios which are seen by their parents. For this reason, parents and teacher give a positive comment which encourages students to develop good values like, active participation in class, working hard, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility.

The application can be accessed through Android mobile gadgets and computers. Teachers are given the advantage of free access to the application. Since ClassDojo is usually used amongst students of lower classes, it is easy to use and designed with privacy to keep the student safe.

Due to the significant role played by the application it has become amongst the top downloaded education technology application. The company disclosed that almost half a million worldwide download the application daily.

In United States, two-thirds of schools are using the platform to connect the school with the parents at home. Moreover, the company was in progress to expand is use to more other schools that had not yet adopted Class Dojo.

The application has succeeded to introduce collaboration and support aimed at developing a ground-up change in the education sector. Besides stimulating the changes, the application has also seen the barriers that keep parents away from school being removed. For that reason, parents have assumed an active role in a classroom since the application enables them to monitor the learning process from home.

ClassDojo also helps parents to interact positively with students acting as mentors and motivators to the students throughout their learning process. The application uses a unique approach towards improving education that does not compare to most applications that just aimed at digitalizing education materials.