Recycling Programs Make An Impact At Orange Coast College

The residents of the Costa Mesa region of Southern California have relied on Orange Coast College to provide recycling services for more than four decades and will now see their experience improved when visiting the recycling facility. A brand new recycling center has been opened by Orange Coast College which expands upon the many different recycling options already open to those choosing to use Orange Coast College for recycling their materials and unwanted appliances.


Expanding the range of options open to the residents of Costa Mesa will be of great importance for those intent on protecting this beautiful area of Southern California and the world as a whole; however, Orange Coast College hopes to have an even greater in;act on the environment of the world through the use of solar panels installed at the newly opened recycling center. The academics and environmental experts at the college understand the need to lower the reliance of Orange Coast on fossil fuel burning power plants across California and the southwest which has prompted the development of green energy programs for the college.


The benefits of becoming involved in the recycling programs offered by Orange Coast College are many and can be seen across Southern California. Among the aims of the institution in upgrading its recycling facilities is to ensure the amount of waste entering Californian landfills is lowered and fewer trees are logged for the production of paper, cardboard, and wood products. For individuals, the programs at Orange Coast College can have a positive impact on their lives as more space is available in homes and many products are eligible for payments when recycled in the Golden State.


Orange Coast College has been developing its “Vision 2020” in a bid to enhance a student experience already ranked among the top 100 two-year colleges in the U.S. Many different programs are offered to the students of Orange Coast College including a range of team activities more often associated with four-year institutions including an impressive rowing team; the success of the Orange Coast College rowing team has seen 11 national titles won by the men’s crew despite the powerful competition provided by some of the top four-year universities in the U.S. Learn more:


ClassDojo aims to add more Educational Features to its Application

ClassDojo raised $21 million in its series B round of venture funding led by General Catalyst. The money will be used to employ more experts and add content features to improve on ClassDojo. Other new investors that joined Class Dojo were GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.

ClassDojo application was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don to act as a communication platform that connects parents to the school. Regular communication between teachers and parent make parents aware of the social and behavioral development of their children.

Besides the connection between educators and relatives, the application was designed to improve on students’ learning process. ClassDojo’s management has collaborated with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales center to add videos that would be used to grow the mindset of children.

ClassDojo transforms education by giving students leadership over their studies. Students are keen to add useful content to their portfolios which are seen by their parents. For this reason, parents and teacher give a positive comment which encourages students to develop good values like, active participation in class, working hard, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility.

The application can be accessed through Android mobile gadgets and computers. Teachers are given the advantage of free access to the application. Since ClassDojo is usually used amongst students of lower classes, it is easy to use and designed with privacy to keep the student safe.

Due to the significant role played by the application it has become amongst the top downloaded education technology application. The company disclosed that almost half a million worldwide download the application daily.

In United States, two-thirds of schools are using the platform to connect the school with the parents at home. Moreover, the company was in progress to expand is use to more other schools that had not yet adopted Class Dojo.

The application has succeeded to introduce collaboration and support aimed at developing a ground-up change in the education sector. Besides stimulating the changes, the application has also seen the barriers that keep parents away from school being removed. For that reason, parents have assumed an active role in a classroom since the application enables them to monitor the learning process from home.

ClassDojo also helps parents to interact positively with students acting as mentors and motivators to the students throughout their learning process. The application uses a unique approach towards improving education that does not compare to most applications that just aimed at digitalizing education materials.