How Shiraz Boghani Is Influencing The Global Hospitality Industry

Shiraz Boghani is an exemplary entrepreneur. He is not only respected in Asia but around the world and especially in the hospitality circles. During the annual Asian awards, Shiraz was presented with the award for best hotelier because of his continued support and contribution to the betterment of the hospitality business.

Apart from being the founder, Shiraz is the chairperson of the Splendid Hospitality Group, a global empire running over 20 high-end hotels around the world. His entry into the industry dates back three decades ago, and his portfolio keeps growing day by day.

Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya but moved to the U.K in 1969 to seek further studies. With interests in accounting, he enrolled in a firm for training and certification. His first stints in employment were at Thomson McLintock and Co, today referred to as KPMG, as an accounting assistant.

Though it was a junior role, the skills and expertise Shiraz Boghani acquired while working has significantly shaped who he is today. The urge to always satisfy the client is key to his business operations to this day. Most of the operational and strategic decisions he makes while running Splendid Hospitality are influenced by what he learned as an employee. Splendid is known for using modern technological systems, especially in the accounting department to maintain efficiency.

Apart from investing in the Asian hospitality market, Shiraz Boghani has also made a mark in other parts of the world. The just-concluded Hilton London Bankside Hotel in London is a testament that Shiraz is committed to building his legacy. Other than hospitality, Shiraz has also made investments in the health sector. With partner and friend Shafik Sachedina, they are the joint chairpersons of Sussex Health Care. An organization that provides care facilities for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia as well as to persons with physical, neurological, and learning disabilities.

Though his busy schedule mainly involves running a business empire, Shiraz Boghani is committed to liberal and humanitarian courses. He is among the major donors of the Aga Khan Development Network and the Aga Khan Foundation. The two organizations are known for their contributions towards improving two significant sectors in the world, health, and education.

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Sahm Adrangi opposes valuation of St. Joe’s

Sahm Adrangi is the 32-year old founder of Kerrisdale Capital. Adrangi has been very active on various issues affecting the global financial industry. One of the issues he has commented on is about The St. Joe Company. It is a real estate company located near Panama Beach in Florida. The company is said to be worth $1 billion, but Adrangi has a different perspective about that. He thinks that valuation is too high. According to Adrangi, the company is worth 40 percent less what is being valued currently. In a 28-page detailed report prepared by Kerrisdale, he shows why he believes the company is overvalued. Some of the areas that he cites as the cause of the overvaluation include overvalued land holdings, stalled commercial development, and issues with the largest shareholders of the firm.

The plan that was conceived by St. Joe’s was to create a housing plan for retirees and commercial hoses near Panama Beach. The company went on and bought a huge tract of land which they are now developing properties. However, although they bought a large piece of land, most of it remains a desolate swampland that is not yet reclaimed.

For the past ten years, Sahm Adrangi notes that there has been no significant development that has taken place, the projects have stalled and there seem to be no signs of resuscitating the project. He adds that the amount of investment that should be done in order to make St. Joe’s worth the valuation it is being given is simply unrealistic.

About Sahm Adrangi

The sentiments that Sahm Adrangi holds on this company do not originate from any interests that he has at St. Joe’s. His report is simply a report based on facts as he sees them. He has no short investment in this company and has no plans of holding any.

Sahm Adrangi has cultivated a good name in the financial sector by making investments which have yielded huge returns. In 2011, he made a mark when he short some Chinese companies, which just like St. Joe’s were giving the wrong impression about their valuation.

An Investment Writer: Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is a leading online publication of financial and investment needs. It serves hundreds of thousands of people weekly with insider tips from a team of top experts to better assist investors with making financial decisions.

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor of three newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He pens Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and Profits Unlimited. He founded Profits Unlimited for the publication. This newsletter is a guide for investors wanting to know what stocks most likely promise good returns. When he is not busy recommending stocks through his Profits Unlimited newsletter, he is running trading services: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He also writes Winning Investor Daily, a dedicated weekly column for Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit his twitter to get the latest update.

Paul Mampilly began his career for the website in 2016. He began working for the publication because he was eager to create messages and advice to help beginning and average investors prosper and build wealth for themselves. Americans from Main Street can better learn about technology, investments, stocks and income producing opportunities through his informative newsletters.

Before coming to Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly was an editor at Stansberry Research. He worked for the billion dollar wealth management brand Kinetics Asset Management. He was an author, publisher and editor for The Capuchin Group. He even managed the accounts for the Royal Bank of Scotland. He worked for large corporations like Sears. He has been a financial analyst and portfolio manager for many companies.

Paul Mampilly had a successful career on Wall Street. He was recruited by leading companies. He even grew one company’s assets into the twenty billion dollar range. But he eventually ended his bigtime Wall Street career that he had had for decades due to the fact his desires in life had changed. He wanted a career that occupied less time and offered him more time to be with his family. Banyan Hill Publishing was the perfect fit the financial expert. Ever since starting his job as a writer, he has helped thousands of Americans improve their financial situations.



Matt Badiali Is A Scientist Become Investor That Is Helping Regular People To Find Solid Investments

Matt Badiali was originally a scientist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Sciences and a Master’s of Science in Geology. It was during his work towards his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina that he discovered finance. When he realized how valuable his knowledge of geology and science would be in the world of investing and finance, he decided to use his expertise to help himself and others make money through sound investing. Just as recently as 2017, He put together the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter that has already gained a mass of readers who look forward to any recommendations he makes.

Matt Badiali has commented that the idea for his newsletter came from the fact that he has the right combination of expertise in a spread of fields to cover what he does correctly. His understanding of finance and geology as well as science, in general, have allowed him to have insights that not many other people do. He breathes life into his ideas by drawing from his wealth of experience, which brings a very realistic flavor to his writing. It’s his ability to draw people in with stories and examples they can understand that makes him so relatable and memorable to his audience.

Matt Badiali keeps up with two important habits that he feels make him more productive and that he recommends to anyone else. The first one is that he focuses on one relevant task at a time and blocks out any distractions that will keep him from getting what he needs to get done. The other habit of his is that he reads a lot, and he feels this is crucial in keeping him up with all of the changes that go on in the world.

Matt Badiali is a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing and an expert in the agricultural, mining, and energy industries who has been studying natural resources for more than twenty years. He has conducted research in parts all over the globe and has spent time exploring abandoned mines, working with oil wells that he owned, and working on drill rigs. His hands-on philosophy is well-known, and people trust his advice, because he actually shows up to see his investments in-person. He has taught geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University and now works to discover worthy investment opportunities for the every day people who have come to count on his expertise. Read:


Who is Matt Badiali?

Who is he? Well, besides being the editor of the Real Wealth Strategist, he’s also been a veteran of the Natural Resource Industry, as well as a mining and energy expert for 20-years. And, on Dec 22, an article published on gave his 2018 predictions for which metal that has been long forgotten will end up soaring in the coming year. So, what is it?

That forgotten metal is Platinum. Badiali explained that the past six years have been pretty brutal for the entire mining industry as a whole and followed up with an explanation of the formula that drives prices and how the demand has to exceed the supply. He went into further detail with his very concise chart for showing platinum’s journey over the last six years. It shows a steady decline during the years 2011 to 2016. Then, the price ended up falling by more than fifty percent with a short rebound in 2016. But, in early December, the platinum price totally tanked, reaching its lowest point in two years. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali.

So, now the question is why Badiali thinks things will change for platinum in 2018. He says it’s really quite simple because the supply just cannot keep up with the demand for platinum. In fact, the World Platinum Investment Council warns that 2017 is going to end with a deficit of approximately 15,000 oz. That gap is also expected to expand in 2018 when it is anticipated that the demand will rise by two percent to eight million oz. On the other hand, the supply actually could fall by one percent to 7.75 million ounces, leaving a 250,000-ounce deficit! More info about Matt Badiali at

And, according to Matt Badiali, there’s another reason why platinum prices will rise in 2018 and that reason is sentiment. During 2017, copper prices rose due to the expected demand by electric vehicle manufacturers while platinum prices fell for the opposite reason, an expected lack of demand.

Matt Badiali predicts that platinum is going to continue to be in short supply due to the fact that existing platinum mines are old and deep plus they’re quickly running out of metal with no new mines slated for the near future. Put that together with a European economy that is quite strong, Europeans who prefer diesel vehicles, and low platinum prices and platinum’s plight could change drastically in 2018. In fact, Badiali wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it rose by a whopping 25 percent over the coming year.

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Igor Cornelsen: Investing Successfully In Brazil

While many Americans are desirous of investing in both the local and the international markets, investing in foreign markets can seem daunting. Igor Cornelsen, an investment expert with in-depth knowledge of Brazil’s investment market, notes that investing in foreign markets particularly Brazil can be financially rewarding for risk-taking investors. He emphasizes that Brazil’s economy is in tiptop condition having just recovered from a downturn. The country’s economy which partly depends on the economic goings-on in China, and other countries, is performing well owing to China’s resumption of optimum production.

Brazilians are no different from the citizens of other countries. However, Igor Cornelsen observes that a majority of Brazilians are not only entrepreneurs but also self-starters. He encourages investors wishing to gain entry into the country’s investment space to be keen on creating professional relationships and putting networking above all else. Establishing business relationships with Brazilians is more natural than most people believe as they are generally welcoming, talkative, and relaxed to interact with.

Igor Cornelsen notes that the real challenge in investing in the Latin American country lies in government legislation pertaining to investing and currency control laws. The regulations are so many that ordinary investors get discouraged. However, he believes that by identifying the different regulations, an investor is able to highlight those that are absolutely mandatory and those that can be circumvented. Brazil currency laws demand that foreigners should convert their currency to local currency. Although that is expected, the catch is in the exchange rate for foreign currencies; the country has no fixed exchange rate, and rates solely depend on transactions. Equipped with the knowledge, investors can leverage the exchange rate to their advantage.

However, even when armed with the above knowledge. He notes that some investors still have a hard time setting up businesses in Brazil. Cornelsen’s investment firm, which boasts of impressive performance in the past, is ready to introduce foreign investors to viable investment opportunities in the country. He seems to have picked up well in Brazil, even when he visits the states for a vacation, his mind is filled with memories of Brazil’s vibrant life. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital Gives Businesses Opportunities for Success

While Madison Street Capital is not able to run businesses for the owners, they do a lot of different things that allow them the chance to make the right decisions. They can help the owners of each of the businesses get the things that they need and all of this will allow those owners to have a more enjoyable experience no matter what they are doing. Since Madison Street Capital first started doing things for businesses, they have grown and they have come a long way that shows that they are able to do more than what other companies are able to do. The Madison Street Capital reputation is good and the company knows that. Learn more:


Because of the way that Madison Street Capital is able to operate, they can help people get the options that they need. They have come a long way in the time that they have been in business and they have helped many different business owners to have the experiences that they need to make things better on their own. All of this has led to the company making huge profits and even being able to win awards that other companies were competing for.


While Madison Street Capital does not do the things that they do so that they will be able to profit, they try to make things better for people so that they can try different things. The company has come a long way and they have been able to help people with the options that they need for their business. Madison Street Capital knows that it is necessary to try and make things better for their companies and for the people who are in business with them. This is also something that has set the company apart and has made it easier for them to make more money than other advisory companies. Learn more:


There are several major awards that Madison Street Capital has won for the work that they are doing. The company is committed to their clients and they know what they can do to help them with the issues that they are having. They didn’t necessarily want to win these awards but they did want to help all of their clients. Their dedication is something that paid off and something that gave them the chance to make more opportunities for themselves and for the people who they try to provide the best service to. Learn more: