Stream Energy Launches a Charity Foundation

Rain is a natural activity that always results to good news, especially to farmers who depend on their farms for their livelihood. When the rains are too heavy, however, they bring disasters among the people. This is a story the people in Houston will live to tell. Hurricane Harvey started just like any other downpour, but it dropped over fifty-six inches of rain in many places in Houston. Everyone watched with little hope as many buildings, lives; expensive properties were destroyed by the water. The floods took away the lives of both animals and pets. The number of people who were left with no homes was living in misery. Most of the organizations could not offer their assistance until the floods stopped.

One of the top companies that are based in Dallas suffered a lot from the floods. The company specializes in energy products, and it has been getting most of its profits from the communities in this part of the country. Stream Energy had watched how its customers suffered from the ordeal, and the management decided to come and help. Known by many as one of the most successful in the region, Stream Energy is now using its profits to help fund the affected families so that they can recover and live their lives just like before. The company realized that the financial burden of all of the affected families was very high, and something had to be done to make sure that the suffering came into an end. Philanthropy is a feature that describes Stream Energy since its formation several years ago. The direct selling firm has made massive donations in the past to help communities, especially those from needy backgrounds.

To formalize the numerous charities that are being conducted by the Dallas based company, Stream Care has been established. The management of the direct selling firm says that the charity foundation will be overseeing all the donations from the firm, including those that will be sent to Hurricane Harvey victims. This is one of the things that define this powerful organization, and they say that they will put in enough resources to make sure that people in need are reached. Stream Care will take care of Stream Energy donations, regardless of their size.

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