Julia Jackson: Wine Warrior Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of a woman named Julia Jackson? She is the proprietor at Jackson Family Wines, founded by her awesome father Jess Jackson in 1982 and known for over 30 premium wineries, including La Crema and Cambria. Julia was born in 1988 in San Francisco, California. At a young age, her father would make her and the siblings pick up and organize grapes while Jess explained the significance of hard work. This is where Julia got her first taste in the business. As she got older, Julia would work at some of the family wineries and gain some experience.

All that experience would greatly benefit her when she arrived in college. Julia went to Scripps College in 2006-2010 for her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She would always study to make sure she had the best grades possible. Then she went to the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management in 2010 where she obtained her Summer Certificate at Stanford Business School. After graduation, Julia traveled to Bordeaux, France, where she immersed herself and learn about French sales and distribution. As she kept working there, Julia learned about the industry and global markets intensively. Julia always stayed focus when it came to the family business because she knows that one day she might take over the entire company.

Julia sees her amazing mother, Barbara, as a role model due to her work ethics as the Chairman of the Jackson Family Wines. Julia founded the non-profit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This program celebrates women who are like warriors because they have the determination to conquer life’s obstacles and hardships. Julia Jackson inspires other  hard working women to do the same thing in other communities. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment awards $100,000 yearly to other non-profits that follow the program’s same morals and values.

The Pittsburgh Steelers leading the way on fan merchandise

The Pittsburgh Steelers are innovating the way fans buy and wear their favorite team clothing and gear. They are introducing a new line of clothing for fans of all ages just in time for the beginning of the football season.

The traditional clothing fans wear is still there, but new and exciting styles of clothing are now available to men and women, and boys and girls who are fans of the Steelers organization in the lead of Susan McGalla. There are new styles of clothing being offered to suit each person.

Names like Victoria’s Secret, Nike Golf, and Tommy Bahama are just some of the names you’ll find bearing the Pittsburgh Steelers logo this fall. Also, you’ll find Pandora jewelry with charms to appeal to the younger female Steeler fans.

The new clothing line is intended not just for the football stadium, but for everyday wherever you go. It’s intended according to Susan McGalla, to bring the Pittsburgh Steeler logo into the lives of the public during the week.

The Steelers are hoping to start a new tradition, called “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday,” and they want fans from everywhere to wear their colors of black and gold and take photos of themselves before games. They can then enter a contest and if they win, they get a brand new black and gold clothing wardrobe with a Pittsburgh Steelers theme.

Men want to be able to wear Steeler products to work, and women want to be able to wear Steeler gear but look feminine at the same time. This new clothing line from the Steelers provides that.

Susan McGalla is the new director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers and has revolutionized the clothing line for the Steelers. Susan McGalla has made the process of purchasing Steeler gear on their new website quick and easy for any fan.

Susan McGalla does know how to market clothing to suit the needs of the fans. She was the president of American Eagle Outfitters and the former CEO of Wet Seal. Her work has excited the Steeler fan base all across the country.



Bob Reina Covers Talk Fusion’s Finer Points

Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina made a video recently to explain what the benefits of Talk Fusion are. He founded the company and the service to help people make sure that they could have video chats and make video emails. His vision for the company was to help people connect more easily and send emails more easily. He talks through the whole program, and he explains how the program works for people who have never tried it before.

Talk Fusion is a great program that is easy to use, and Bob Reina even made the video using his own program. It is a great way to learn how to manage video communications, and it is a very nice way for people to feel like they can talk more easily. Video emails are amazing to watch because they are so easy to make, and video chats help bring together large groups of people who cannot all meet in person.

The user can bring together a large team from around the world, and the user can make video emails that make sense to watch. A lot of people have a hard time getting all their words into an email, but they can talk into a Talk Fusion video a lot more easily. This helps people express themselves, and it is a fantastic way for someone to make sure that they have shares all their thoughts. Sharing ideas and information moves a lot faster with a video service, and Talk Fusion is the best of the video services on the market today.

Bob Reina also explains how his service works on a subscription basis. Someone who wants to invest in the service for their business will see that investment pay for itself, and the business can offer the use of the service to a lot of people who are working with them. There is no reason for any business to stick with traditional email when they can make videos instead. Talk Fusion has made it simple for everyone to stay in touch, and watching Bob Reina explain his product gives everyone hope for video communications.

After A Successful Career In Business And Law, Sam Tabar Launches Into Entrepreneurship

Recently, Sam Tabar was the talk of the business world. This time, it was not as a Managing Director or as Chief Executive Officer but as an investor. Sam Tabar was announcing his investments in THINX and Verboten, start-up firms in the business world. THINX is a fashion outlet that specializes in selling women’s undergarments and directs part of its profits to charities helping women in Africa. Sam Tabar said the main reason he chose to invest in THINX was because of its sustainable and charitable business model. But before he became an entrepreneurs and investor, Sam Tabar was one of the highly ranked attorney and capital strategist of New York City. His successful career was marked with him working for notable firms such as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Now as a Lawyer Sam Tabar studied and graduated with honors from Oxford University for his business course and then went to Columbia Law School for his law studies. In this law school, he became the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. After he finished his studies in 2001, he got a chance to work with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Skadden is a prestigious world class law firm and after some time in this firm, he was promoted to an Associate. At this world class law firm, Sam Tabar gave counsel to clients over the formation of hedge fund and its structure, technicalities of investment management agreements, how to come up with private placement memoranda and side letters. He also touched on employment regulations and business compliance issues.

In 2004, he joined PMA Investment Advisors, an outlet of Sparx Group Co. that operates in Hong Kong. This was the beginning of his career in business, and he joined this firm as counsel. He later became the Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development of the firm and was managing the firm’s global marketing facets and supervising investor relations at this $2 billion hedge fund. He led the firm to acquire assets worth over $1.2 billion in its management. Later in February 2011, Sam Tabar moved to Bank of America Merrill Lynch to work as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy for its Asia-Pacific market.