FreedomPop: Revolutionizing Wireless Service

FreedomPop Wireless is a different type of cellular phone service. They are considered to be a VOIP, or they are a company that purchases services from another. Confused? Well, it means that they do not have to maintain their own network, so they save a ton of money. Using Sprint’s towers, they can pass on the savings to their customers.

Who is FreedomPop Wireless?

They became famous a couple years ago when they offered free cell phones and data plans. Their free plan gave customers the ability to have 200 free voice minutes as well as 500 text messages each month. Generously, they also allow their free users to have 500 MB of data each month too. Those who need more than a “free” plan have found that their services are very affordable.

Connecting to a giant network, like Sprint, was a pretty smart move. Why pay for cell phone towers when they can use someone else’s for less? FreedomPop is not the only company who leases network rights from Sprint. Other carriers like Virgin Mobile, Kajeet, and Boost also use their network. Sprint can be more of a metro dealer and some of the rural areas have a hard time getting good service. Thankfully, they are improving and adding new towers daily.

Their Most Popular Plans

Most customers get the unlimited plan that is wonderfully priced at only $19.99 a month. This package plan includes talk, text, and data, which is all unlimited. A new service they have available allows customers to connect to any hot spot they have access too for an additional $5 a month. While it may not work for these who live in a rural area, their service has a lot of advantages to those who live in the city. It works great for high school students because it would work at any restaurant. It is a specific niche in the market that makes a lot of sense.

B.Y.O.D and Save

Bring your own device and save even more money. One of the best perks about using FreedomPop is that you can bring your own equipment. Since they are compatible with Sprint, obviously those devices can be used. However, it is not just limited to Sprint’s phones. There are many other devices that can be added to their network too. FreedomPop is so inexpensive that people cannot pass up their service.

FreedomPop Growth Set To Continue

Communications is one area of the technology industry that has exploded onto the scene. Mobile Internet connected devices are fueling a strong demand for users seeking an alternative data plan to the traditional major carriers. A recent report from RCRwireless mentions that upstart company FreedomPop has secured millions of dollars in funding from venture capitalist in order to boost expansion plans. FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, that offers free connectivity and voice service for users across the globe.

The company has been so successful that rumors were flying about one of the major carriers, like Verizon or AT&T, offering to acquire it; however, FreedomPop went an entirely different direction by securing funding to drive growth plans and remain an independent MVNO operator. By offering a set amount of data and minutes to every user for free, FreedomPop is able to generate revenue by charging users low monthly fees for services they demand. In short, smartphone users are able to select which products they want or need and avoid purchasing services they do not.

The business model of FreedomPop is attracting customers. The free service and low monthly costs are driving growth across the entire company. By opting to remain an independent entity, FreedomPop is building customer awareness and strengthening the brand. While being acquired by a larger company is something that the firm might explore someday, for now FreedomPop is focused on building bigger and faster networks and increasing it user base. The expansion driven model allows which allows the MVNO to run off of Sprint service has proven to be extremely lucrative. For more information the entire press release appears on RCRwireless.