Police Use Securus Tech To Find Needles In Haystacks

As it turns out, criminals that are convicted and sentenced to prison are not that savvy. After all, they are the ones who have been caught and incarcerated. Most of these criminals give away the fact that they have committed crimes whether it’s by fumbling evidence or implicitly confessing during an interview.


When a criminal is sentenced to prison time, they are incarcerated into a facility that is serviced by a particular telephone company. If we are all lucky enough, that particular telephone company is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies does really good work. They record every single telephone call made by every single inmate in the prisons and that they service. This creates a massive treasure trove of information that law enforcement can use to prevent crimes. This information has proven to prevent crimes going on inside of the prison, including stemming the flow of contraband, and outside of the prison, including the prevention of gang crimes.


Since your average incarcerated conflict is not all that intelligent, they often fess up secrets over the phone. These secrets give law enforcement actionable intelligence to procure search warrants and arrest warrants.


It is not so easy to sift through all of this digital information to find errors made by recorded inmates. But Securus makes it easy with a new technological innovation. They provide police officers with a software program that can find a needle in a haystack. All the police officer needs is a recording of a particular voice and the software will instantly pull up every single phone call involving that vocal signature.


If a police officer knows that a particular convict is not the brightest bold, he can use this technology to listen to every single phone conversation involving that person. That may lead to tons of actionable information that can prevent crime.


Securus Technologies In Dallas, TX

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, TX, and they are the leader in the pubic safety field. They want the people to see what they do, and they have extended an invitation to anyone that is interested to visit their headquarters for a presentation. The presentation will go over their latest technologies, and what they are used for. It will prove to be an interesting experience for many people that want to know more about this subject and field.


They also published a lot of the comments from their customers and clients. This is beneficial for others to read because they deal with Securus Technologies on a regular basis, and they write about what happens in various situations.


Securus Technologies is interested in making the world a safer place. They are in high demand all across the country, and they are respected and known for their excellence all across the world. During the year, they deal with over 1 million prisoners, and the government contracts them regularly to help at their correction facilities on a regular basis. Every week they develop new technologies that will make the world a safer place for everyone to live. The future looks great for this company, and when people visit them in Dallas, TX, they will be able to see why. It will be a fascinating experience for those that attend the presentation and get to know this company better.

Securus is Giving People Greater Confidence in Video Visitation

I have seen some amusing videos where children are visiting their parents that are locked up through remote video sessions. I thought that this was a good promotional video for Securus. It really shows just how well this program can be used for different types of video sessions. I never thought about this scenario, but I guess that this would be one of the most important reasons to actually use this technology. I know I would never want my son or daughter to visit the other parent in a prison. I think that the video visitation by Securus is going to ease the blow.


I know that most people would never really assume that inmates even give much thought to Christmas when they are on the inside. The average person probably just assumes that it is just another day for the inmates. People that are assuming this would be so wrong. There is certainly an increase in the amount of calls that are made during this time of year to the prisons. There are some people that are interested in simply hearing the voice of the ones that they love on the other side. Small children, however, are going to really benefit from what it means to have a face to go along with the voice.


I can’t speak for the children, but I know that I was impressed as an adult. I have spent years visiting prisons. I wish that there would have been some type of technology in place that gave me the ability to do this years ago. It could have saved me so much time and gas. That is why I think that people could consider the benefits of a software application like the Securus video visitation program. I cannot say that I will never go to a prison again. That may be too bold of a statement to make. I can, however, say that I will definitely be visiting the prison system much less. I just don’t see why I would be visiting a prison in person when I can use my phone or tablet to get the same experience. What is even better is the fact that I don’t have to leave my house to visit.


Securus is a great program for people that are trying to maximize their time. This program is excellent for those that need to improve communication.

Securus Technologies Executive Remains Upbeat As He Calls For An End To Patent Battle

I have always been impressed by strong leaders in the business world who make it their business to keep their company safe from the harm that can be caused by frivolous litigation and the damage that can be done by untrue allegations; one business leader I recently found myself impressed by is Securus technologies CEO Richard A. Smith who has been seeking ways of ending a patent battle begun by Global Tel Link.


I recently read a press release concerning the role Smith is playing in a patent battle that appears to pit his Securus Technologies against a series of untrue allegations made by the GTL company. The GTL organization has looked to the courts to try to fight a battle over patents regarding certain security features that are present in the video visitation technology created by Securus to provide a safe and secure environment that cuts costs and travel time for families looking to visit the more than 1.2 million inmates Securus provides communications services for, according to the information I read on the Securus Technologies Website.


One aspect of the press release I read that detailed the response from Richard A. Smith to a press release riddled with accusations he states are untrue from GTL; the response of the Securus Technologeis CEO impressed me with the fact it included a little humor as Richard A. Smith called on his counterpart at GTL to take part in a technology challenge to show the differences between the two video visitation technologies to the industry and public at large. I was happy to see Smith was concerned about the financial problems the legal challenges may be causing his rival and repeated his call for a technology challenge GTL have so far remained silent about.