Dr. Mark McKenna making a difference in the Atlanta medical industry

The new company OVME Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder, and through the things that he has achieved in the future, he is well known as a lifelong innovator. Mckenna is learning from his experiences regularly and what he has learned he will take it and come up with ways that he can apply the knowledge that he has gained. Dr. Mark McKenna over the years that he has been in the aesthetic treatment industry he has realized that the company is in dire need of changes and Dr. Mark hopes that he would be the source of the change that is needed.

There so many Botox industries that will focus on ways that they will be able to better their bottom line. For Dr. Mark McKenna the experience that he has gained over the years has taught him that it’s essential to have the bottom line, but the other the thing that will make achieving the bottom lineeasy is taking care of the customers. What makes OVME different is that they will care more about the customer’s satisfaction. It’s clear to know the priorities of the customer from the services that they offer.

The other confusing thing that leaders in the Botox industry will have is that they don’t have an understanding of the whole part of the business. The side of the company that they will understand is the medical and marketing side, but a few will be able to understand the bigger picture. The excellent thing Dr. Mark McKenna is that he has diverse knowledge when it comes to different business sectors that have offered him dynamic experience. The degree that Dr. Mark McKenna has is from Tulane Medical School. The dynamic base knowledge that he possesses has been of help in gaining the success in real estate, the cosmetic field and now he is offering home Botox services. Its only company that has been offering the services and they hope that they will provide flexibility to the customers. Because by use of the OVME app the patients can be able to get a match and someone that they feel comfortable to work together.


Real Estate Entrepreneur Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is an entrepreneur and investors in the real estate industry. He is currently based in Miami, Florida and has established himself as one of the top real estate entrepreneurs in the local metro area. With his business, he has helped a number of individuals acquire homes and commercial properties that satisfy their needs. Before he started up his own real estate business, he worked for his family’s real estate business for a few years. This gave him the foundation on how to operate a successful real estate company. At the beginning of his career, Samuel worked in the banking industry for a number of years. His educational background is quite impressive as he has attended and graduated from colleges such as Hofstra University and Harvard University.

Within a few years of working at this family’s real estate business, Samuel Strauch looked to start up his own real estate company. During this process, Samuel looked to create his own vision for a real estate company. He realized that Miami was the ideal location to start a real estate business due to there being a thriving real estate market in the area at the time. Along with a number of previous connections in Latin America, Samuel believed that he would have plenty of opportunities to successfully build a real estate business. Once he began his real estate business, Samuel began to thrive as he was able to successful buy and sell a number or properties on a regular basis.

In order to maintain his current level of success, Samuel Strauch uses certain strategies in order to ensure that he and his company continue to reach a number of goals. Samuel has said that he looks to stay up to date on a number of technological advancements in order to succeed in his business. With technology often changing, it is important for real estate entrepreneurs to stay up to date on the latest applications, websites and software. By staying up to date on technology, Samuel and his company are able to more efficiently locate properties and process acquisitions. Another key strategy that Samuel uses in order to succeed is to look for new investment opportunities so that his company can keep growing. He also looks to put together projects in order to meet the needs of the younger generation. With these strategies, Samuel Strauch has been able to build and maintain one of the most successful real estate organizations in Miami, Florida over the last several years.

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Samuel Strauch Believes Technology is the Future of Real Estate

Bitcoin came in 2009 and its existence was highlighted by the media throughout the world. However, the value of bitcoin was problematic at first and at one point its value was $1. Fast forward to today and the value of bitcoin has since shot to $4,600. The Miami real estate market is embracing bitcoin as the professionals in the industry like Samuel Strauch have recognized the benefits and values of using the network for large transactions.

Processing Large and Small Transactions

Experts and bitcoin community members have been engaged in various debates. Cryptocurrency makes digital transactions secure as it prevents any third parties from adding units to the currency. The existing debate is on whether bitcoin ought to be used as digital cash capable of handling small transactions or a store of value. At the moment it operates as both, making it a flexible legal tender option.

A number of studies have established that Australian and U.S. banks charge $4,000 for every transaction worth $100,000. When the transaction amount goes up by a few million dollars, the bank charges go up. When using traditional currency, banks can charge $10,000 meaning that the fees are minimal when using bitcoin. Dealing in bitcoin enables millions of dollars to exchange hands fast and at the minimum fee possible. Learn more about Samuel Strauch at ideamensch.com

Uptake By the Real Estate Market

Due to the lower fees charged when using bitcoin, the Miami real estate market decided to embrace it. Mike Komaransky, a bitcoin dealer, recently listed his mansion up for sale at $6.5 million or 1,400 bitcoins. Mr. Komaransky confirmed that the prospective purchaser promised to pay for the house in Zcash, another form of digital currency or using traditional legal tender. Komaransky became a member of a small click of homeowners willing to sell their homes for bitcoins. This method is preferred due to its instantaneous and irreversible nature that makes the process quicker.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch, a real estate agent, is a forward thinker who believes that technology holds the key for the future of the industry. According to Mr. Strauch, the industry is fast changing with the times and should embrace fresh business practices. Samuel Strauch holds a business degress from the Hofstra University based in New York. He also went to Harvard University and Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Samuel Strauch started work in the banking industry before switching to real estate in South Florida. He established his ever-expanding company in 2002. Samuel Strauch established his business in Miami as it was transforming from a vacation destination to a place where people played and lived.

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