An Introduction to Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of the Ubuntu Funds.

A charity gala was held in London in accordance to Ubuntu’s Education Fund which has raised more than £600,000 pounds. The funds raised will go to the Ubuntu Fund’s to be used for the benefit of helping children in Africa to receive proper quality education and healthcare. Jacob Lief, the Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Fund’s ended the formalities of the gala with a speech, giving an impact to the donors of his experience in watching the impoverished children in Africa for 20 years.

As the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe had the greatest pleasure in presenting the 300 attendees to the gala with fine dishes, music by the Xhosa choir, and the two evening’s special guests who was aided by the Ubuntu Funds in the past. Their inspiring speeches of how Ubuntu Fund’s has helped them created an incredible auction during the gala.

Andrew Rolfe has been endorsed greatly as one of the leading successors within international markets. Before joining the Ubuntu Education Fund, he was the president for the Gap Incorporate International. His skills have managed to bring the company towards higher sales and operation count. Rolfe assisted Gap into attracting more customers globally with better customer support and satisfaction. He was responsible for managing the operations in Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom. Rolfe’s strategical mind contributed to Gap’s international growth in success.

Before he was hired by Gap, Inc, Andrew Rolfe gained the leading experience needed for many high-end companies. Andrew Rolfe has also worked for PepsiCo as the Vice President, and followed up to as the Chairman & Chief Executive of Pret A Manger. Rolfe received an astounding record in education. He was enrolled into the Harvard Business School in Business and Managerial Economics.

It is no wonder as to how Rolfe managed to inspire an incredible number of donors to help with the Ubuntu Funds. His leadership has incorporated many strategies into finding ways to help the African children to what they need. Andrew Rolfe continues to inspire many leading entrepreneurs from his great work.