Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: An Expert In Rhinoplasty

Are you having trouble breathing? Do you have a small deformity that on your nose that you do not like to look at? Is your appearance and facial features very important to you? If you answer yes to any one of those questions and you live in Dallas, you should contact Dr. Rod J. Rohrich to get help.

There are two types of rhinoplasty, which are open and closed. Just for your understanding, rhinoplasty is just another name for nose job. You can have the structure of your nose altered to make your face look nicer and improve your breathing. Dr. Rohrich is highly qualified in this area and will help you look your best using this procedure. He loves to do the open rhinoplasty because he can see all of the structure on the inside of your nose and will know what to restructure to enhance your appearance, as well as make your breathing better. He teaches classes on this very subject and is an expert in this craft. You will not find a doctor more understanding of your expectations when it comes to this procedure than Dr. Rohrich. He will leave happy with the results, and you will not have to have it redone.

Dr. Rohrich is very confident that you will like what you see and it will be a confidence booster. If you do have need of this surgery, go see the doctor so that he can help you look your best. A free consultation will get you started along with an examination to make sure that you really need surgery. He will take pictures to get a good look at your nose and what can be done to make look nicer. Make it our appointment today, and let the doctor handle your surgical needs.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Recognized As One Of The Top Surgeons In Dallas

The plastic surgery expert Dr. Rod Rohrich has recently been given the prestigious honor of a D Magazine award for being one of the top plastic surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area. This peer reviewed award was voted for by the best plastic surgeons of the area and takes into account the surgical skills of Rohrich and the vast amounts of studies and campaigning he has done to improve the safety and techniques used in plastic surgery by medical professionals around the world. Rohrich remains a leader in plastic surgery department at UT Southwestern Medical Center where he has led a revolution in the field to provide the best and safest techniques available for his patients and those of his colleagues.

Rohrich has long been a supporter of the evolution of the expert in plastic surgery field for those who are looking to provide the best and most realistic results for their patients when a surgery is completed. The surgeon believes that the individual should have the best chance of a realistic appearance following their surgery and has looked to expose the issues of the use of older techniques that he believes fail patients. Realism, in the eyes of Dr. Rohrich, comes with techniques and procedures adapted to suit the needs of the individual patient through the development of techniques that should be altered over the course of procedures.

Alongside the skills Dr. Rod Rohrich has as a surgeon he also campaigns for the safety of his patients when they are undergoing a procedure. In his bid to help every surgeon in the plastic surgery field Dr. Rohrich has published an algorithm he believes will assist in ensuring the problem of blindness caused by facial fillers will be reduced to much lower levels. This has become a major problem for surgeons across the world and Rohrich believes many surgeons do not publish their instances of the issue in a bid to protect their reputation. The algorithm is designed to reduce the chances of temporary or permanent blindness occurring in all patients undergoing this form of treatment.

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