Malcolm CasSelle Appeals to Gaming Enthusiasts Globally Through Virtual Currency

World Wide Asset eXchange, abbreviated as WAX, is a new platform that has been created by the owners of OPSkins with the primary role of selling online games through blockchain technology. The platform is being used as a marketplace for selling and buying virtual assets, which has been in high demand among various individuals around the world. Despite OPSkins being known as one of the largest sellers of the online games around the world, it is currently the number one company that is dealing with sale and purchase of Bitcoin, one of the most common virtual currency. This means that the firm will be best positioned to help individuals to buy online games using virtual currency.

Malcolm CasSelle, the president and CTO of World Wide Asset eXchange, has previously worked as an entrepreneur, where he supported the growth and development of various startup organizations. Surprisingly, all the organizations he has been supporting operations in the digital industry making him have vast knowledge about trends and other changes in the digital sector. Some of the start-up organizations where he played a crucial role in their formation include Xfire, MediaPass, and Tencent among others in the digital industry.

His entrepreneurship skills have taken him to other areas where he has been looking to invest in some of the largest social media organizations around the world. Malcolm CasSelle owns shares and other units of ownership in Zynga and Facebook and other companies operating in the digital currency industry. His experience will be useful as he works towards helping online gamers to get a clean and a reliable platform that for buying and selling games. However, the number of firms where CasSelle has worked shows that he is equipped enough to achieve the goals of OPSKins.

Malcolm CasSelle started off as a professional working and acting as the co-founder of NetNoir, an entity that was creating websites for other organizations and individuals as well. He has also worked in other entities include Pacific Century Cyberworks, which is a company based in Hong Kong. CasSelle will be at the epicenter of ensuring that WAX achieves its intended vision of eliminating fraud and fragmentation in the sale or purchase of online games.