NewsWatch TV review from SteelSeries

Tori Pugliese had nothing but amazing things to say about NewsWatch TV when they worked with her on her campaign for SteelSeries. Tori is the Senior Director of Marketing for SteelSeries, which is an electronics company. She has said it was easy to work with NewsWatch, and also an excellent experience. Tori has said that NewsWatch understands her vision and it is very easy to visualize the ideas NewsWatch has. NewsWatch understands what audience they are delivering to, and sends a clear message to consumers. Tori has stated it was a seamless process to work with NewsWatch when promoting SteelSeries products, with easy collaboration in a timely and relevant manner. Tori has been able to take NewsWatch’s promotions of their products and relay them through SteelSeries’ social media to reach even more of their own customers.

NewsWatch is an american morning TV show, that keeps viewers up to date on the latest technology, business, entertainment, and apps to download on your phone. Started in 1990, viewers can watch NewsWatch weekly on the ION Network, and also airs on the AMC Network every other week. Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison are the Co-Hosts on the show, along with speciality reports Chris Vaughn, Eric Forrest, Amanda Forstrom, Susan Bridges, and Scott Steinberg. Many celebrities have been seen on the show to discuss their latest movies, and also personal involvements they are passionate about. NewsWatch delivers in person interviews with companies talking about products they are excited about, such as SteelSeries game controllers. NewsWatch TV has won multiple awards in 2016 and 2017. The television program won the Silver Telly Award, Gold and Platinum awards, as well as the national Videographer award.