The Role of the West in Ukraine’s Stability

In the aftermath of the Ukrainian uprising, the benefits have overpowered the negative. This is after the citizens rose against the police with conventional weapons compared to the well trained and equipped police force. The people prevailed against the odds. In fact, this was not a catastrophe; it turned out to be a steppingstone to change. Surprisingly, even science could not explain what went wrong or correct as humans are known to be inferior when put against powerful weapons. The uncertainty only arises when questions are asked on how citizens managed it all. To overcome the brutality of the police force that is known around the world is unbelievable. People lost their lives, but at long last, they prevailed.

Science dictates that people’s elements are connected to the large component units to which they belong. This goes concurrently with the elements that are found more often in their daily life. This is related with the zeal of the Ukrainian people for invading the authority according to George Soros. It overran their sense of belonging, hence, taking the welfare of their country first. The clear picture is that, if this could not have happened then, Ukraine would have plunged into Civil War. Unity was the cause of this, and how the outside world sees it.

The Unity being talked about will depend on the role the European Union in Ukraine. The E.U must be aware that a robust and stable Ukraine is for their benefit. It is the E.U that is supposed to play its part because the Ukrainians have shown their willingness to go the European way. Unfortunately, the European Union is itself divided with more challenges coming from within it. This was a reality during their negotiation with Russia over Ukraine. Remember, it is Russia that is perceived to be supporting the rebellion from the East.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Russia for once showed her capability in short changing the E.U during the negotiations. It clearly indicated that a weak E.U will always be Russian’s strength. The E.U has ever been known for its support for democracy and defending those oppressed by strong regimes. It is due to these values that they have an obligation of not only supporting Ukraine but also offering financial aid.

A worrying trend is lingering within the E.U that is threatening these values. The unstable euro has given weak economic countries a stronger voice for George Soros. They quickly dictate their way regardless of the massive debts they owe the E.U. These uncertainties have emboldened Russia, which is very ambitious and willing to use force for their good. That is why the E.U must wake up and prove to be worth the challenge. Otherwise, the gains realized in Ukraine would be futile.

It could be a game against them if Ukrainians were forced to back off and play to the Russian tune. This would not be a voluntary decision but a forced one by the Russians. It would render the E.U a puppet before Russia, and the U.S would have no option to rescue either side.

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