Lovaganza – the spectacular event

Lovaganza is an extraordinary entertainment event on a humanitarian mission. It’s a creative, immersive entertainment meant to inspire and expose human beings to various culture across the globe. The event focuses on creating togetherness, unity and abundant love for all humankind. Hence Lovaganza aims at presenting ultimate celebration from May to September 2020 and showcases to the whole world the cultures, arts, clothing and different habits of the various countries of the earth.

The spectacular immersive Bohemian adventure event will feature various entertainment including traveling show, films, and Immerscope shows. This includes a Lovaganza convoy which involves using a wondrous medium of cinema taking the audience on an unforgettable ride across the globe through comedy, action, drama and suspense. The trilogy is filmed and exhibited using Immerscope and innovative technology on lovaganza.com that will be presented to the worldwide using 180 glasses 3D screens in the Immerscope traveling theaters.

The Lovaganza traveling show is another major part of the awesome event. The traveling show is expected to hit the road before 2020 major event. This part of the celebration will help promote, endorse and give a glimpse of what the audience expects during the primary groundbreaking entertainment show. The guest explorers will explore the world of Lovaganza; also, the Marvelous 12 animated series will be presented.

The traveling show will involve a walk around the world, where the participants will literary walk across the world. This walk will allow the audience to understand various cultures in various contents and countries better at https://vimeo.com/lovaganza. It’s a groundbreaking event that no one wants to miss. It will be a golden chance to know what unites us as human beings and what is unique to us.

Hands across the world, the four-month celebration will take part in various locations in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. The event is inspired by the past, present and the future of every community. The international celebrations on Instagram will give a chance to the audience to experience a never seen before enjoyment with motion pictures, exhibitions, shows, art and attractions all performed at Grand Chapiteau and its Pavilions, synchronously in all the eight mother ship across the world.

The Lovaganza team encourages the audience to take part in the history making spectacular event and to open their minds and hearts to experience wonders of the world during the traveling show, the hands across the world and the Lovaganza film trilogy which has already started, and the major groundbreaking event in 2020.