Charles Koch, Republican nominees should compete on making a better country

Charles Koch, a distinguished entrepreneur, and a philanthropist stated that he and his Brother David Koch are not interested in politics, and they would not attend GOP Convention in July. This is according to an interview with ABC News. Charles Koch reiterated that they were not going to support somebody because they are republican or be against them because they are Democrat. He added that if Democrat did a good job, they would avail their support.

Koch explained that he differs with positions held by some candidates regarding various matters, but we deserve a president who on balance demonstrates set of values and ideas that will lead to well-being, civility, and peace, rather than contempt, conflict, and division. He discussed the inappropriate conduct of Republican nominees that is being experienced in the campaign trails. He argued that they should compete on how to make United State a better country, but they are competing based on tearing down their opponents. Charles referred to the republican nominee as “terrible role models” he expressed his disappointment saying, “I don’t know how we could support them”. He added that Hillary Clinton would probably make a better president.

Koch told ABC News that they would like to get their money out of politics, and the best way to do that is to get all the benefit the government is giving to special interest out, and that is what they are trying to do. From the interview, we can deduce that when it comes to electing our next president, we should elect a republican or a democrat candidate that has shown commitment to principles of free society. Principles that does not infringe ability of others to live their life as they see fit, as long they do not infringe other people rights to do the same. These include free speech, equality before the law, free market, respect and tolerance, and treating people with dignity.

Charles Koch is renowned as a classical liberal who have opposed corporate welfare. His overall concept has been to maximize the role private economy, minimize the role of government thus increasing personal freedom. Often he has warned that decline of a free enterprise system is detrimental to our social and economic prosperity.

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  1. If we are going to build a society, such people will succeed by helping others to improve their life. He stated that they were rather interested in culture and policies that help people improve their lives. This is as consistent which has understood right from the outset too.

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