Christ Burch: A look at the man who remade investing

Getting inside the head of an accomplished entrepreneur is a treat. From there you may be able to acquire some of their wisdom that has led to their ultimate success. An interview found on shows us exactly what that would look like. They sat down with the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. In this interview, they had an opportunity to get his perspective on lots of different things. This interview had the advantage of giving some sound business advice and also playful antidotes. Chris Burch has been working as an investor and entrepreneur for nearly 4 decades. In this time, he has been essential in the rise of prominent brands. One interesting business adventure is his investment in a luxury resort on the island of Sumba. After his careful renovation, it was ranked in 2016 as the number one hotel in the world by travel and leisure magazine. He also has partnered with notable figures such as Ellen DeGeneres. They partner to launch her lifestyle brand called ED by Ellen DeGeneres, get more (

Chris Burch gives the credit of his idea to begin investing with his curious nature. He expresses an interest in everything that goes on in the world and a desire to help to create new and wonderful technologies and experiences. His company, Burch creative capital, specializes in connecting finances with great ideas. By this, he means that his company offers capital, or rather the money to people who have good ideas but don’t have the funds to create them. By partnering together both parties can get what they need and a new idea can be realized. He expressed in the interview that partnering and to create these brilliant ideas is a passion of his. He is proud to be a part of realizing new and innovative solutions to everyday problems.

He also expresses in the interview that he has no regrets in life but if you were to start over he would borrow from Thoreau and “go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” This quote speaks to a person who believes in the power of following dreams. He also expresses in the interview that his advice to any young entrepreneur is to listen. He credits his ability to read and understand people with a lot of his success. He believes that the key to a good business is having the right people. Chris Burch expresses that success can be found if you find people that are confident and passionate about executing, as posted on

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