Graeme Holm and Financial Assistance

Graeme Holme set up a company called Infinity Group Australia back in 2013. His aspiration at that time was to assist normal people who reside in Australia. His objective was to assist them with the process of enhancing their financial situations. It was to assist them with the process of having better existences in general. His style of work always prioritizes customers above all else. This technique has been highly effective as well. Infinity Group Australia now has the distinction of being among the nation’s most rapidly expanding financial sector businesses. It has aided many Australians with the extremely difficult process of taking charge of debt.


Holm functions as Infinity Group Australia’s director now. The company has branches in Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Bella Vista, Melbourne and, last but not least, Cronulla. He’s been working in the finance field for 17 plus years now. He worked in a bustling Big Four setting for the initial 10 years as well. That’s the time Holm got nervous about the notion of promoting singular offerings that had branding. He got nervous about the notion of households in Australia getting the short end of the stick from all kinds of banks as well. Holm made the decision to create Infinity Group Australia in 2013. He did this alongside Rebecca Walker, his beloved “other half” of sorts. They’re two individuals who adore financial matters. They adore the concept of assisting households in Australia with the process of managing their costs, too.


Holm and the aforementioned Rebecca longed to strengthen Australia’s vast loan scene. Holm grasped the fact that the majority of his clients barely were able to keep any money. He grasped that they handled the lowest possible payments for their loans as well. He didn’t like those things at all. That’s why he assigned himself to the job of making them things of the dark and faraway past.


Holm has a penchant for functioning as a teacher for other people in this world. He works nonstop to aid Australian people. He wants them to reap the rewards of financial situations that are extremely impressive. He wants them to stop having to feel anxiety about all of things that may be coming up for them. Holm is a big fan of Rolf Dobelli’s “The Art of Thinking Clearly.” He makes a point to assess it a minimum of twice annually. He thinks entrepreneurs should prioritize getting lessons from it.

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