IAP Worldwide Services Overview And Global Outreach Success Factors

It doesn’t take a minute to understand the environmental challenges and security risks encountered each day by US forces and support contractors over there. The lack of technology infrastructure can only compound these very challenges. But one company, IAP Worldwide Services, has significantly bridged the technology gap.

IAP Worldwide Services, formerly International American Products, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the provision of facility support services, temporary staffing and logistics planning to the United States department of defense. Its headquarters is in Atlantic Avenue Cape Canaveral, Florida. Over the 60 years in operation, IAP Worldwide Services has massively extended its scope to 27 countries with over 2000 employees on its payroll becoming one of the largest military contractors in the world. The government sector functions IAP Worldwide undertakes include: emergency response, aviation support services, logistics, and supply chain, communications and networks and expeditionary services.

Some of the infrastructure services it extends to the government sector include health and emergency services, facilities engineering, maintenance and operation, custom engineered infrastructure, power fields and utility. The company also extends power services such as permanent and temporary services and solutions, renewable energy services and power plant operation and management. To add to that, it offers administrative, scientific, engineering and health solutions to private and public health organizations in the US and the rest of the world.

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The IAP Worldwide Services’ success factors include the use of its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, which ideally, is a web-based application hosted in the United States. The Application is accessed via a satellite connection with secured VPN connectivity technology. Besides, Enterprise Asset Management application offers work order processing for services it has been contracted, so its performance has direct bearing on overall productivity.

The company’s core value of integrity, responsibility and respect is the cornerstone of its sheer commitment to developing a culture that is all encompassing thus providing stellar results. The company’s long-term strategy is to continually offer world class support network to all clients across the globe. The process of recruiting employees is grueling, and the company looks out for individuals with winning pedigrees. The company, with the majority of its employees bearing military backgrounds, believes in team orientation, collaboration, and diversity. IAP Worldwide Services invests a lot in their success by providing equal opportunities for growth, educational assistance, and leadership development.

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