Matt Badiali on unique investments that come from the earth

Scientist and natural resource investment expert Matt Badiali is a relatable guy who just like most people starts his day off with a cup of coffee each morning. A typical day in the Badiali family starts bright and early at 6:30am in the morning. He loves to take up with the news and turns on the TV to The Weather Channel or Bloomberg. Matt also makes sure his daughter gets off to school on time. After a productive morning routine Mr. Badiali makes it into the office at 8am. The morning time is when he is most productive so Matt gets to writing for several hours. At his best Matt Badiali can write up to even four pages in a day.

n addition to writing he will read the news and check up on emails. Once lunch ends he will read some more, attend to phone calls, and go to meetings. He will write a little more, but is at his best in the morning. To be productive the successful businessman focuses on one project at a time, to block out other things that are not priority at the time. With this mind state Matt can hit all of his deadlines. Learn more on for more info.

Matt  Badiali founded Real Wealth Strategist an investment newsletter that centers in on natural resources, metals, and energy. As a scientist with a Ph.D writing a newsletter was not something that he foresaw in his future. A fellow Ph.D and friend convinced him to go into the finance field, armed with his unique set of skills. He received a Bachelor of Science at Penn State University, got a Master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University, and a Ph.D at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Matt’s degree where focused on Geology, Earth Sciences, and Sedimentary Geology. His choice of educationally focus surely plays into his career with his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. Read more about Matt Badiali at Freedom Checks.

The Ph.D does not just sit in a plush office without getting his hands dirty. Matt has a boots on the ground method. He goes out into the world and travels all to different countries to see the natural resources he recommends to his subscribers. Writing at Real Wealth Strategist is not his only job. Matt Badiali also works at Stansberry Research as an Analyst and Geologist, and teaches Geology at the University of North Carolina. He currently lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida with his wife and daughter. More info here:


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