End Citizens United 2018 Plans for Finance Reform and Political Spending

End Citizens United was created with the idea in mind to fight the big money that seems to rule our political scene. They want to see a system that is not rigged by implementing elections campaign reforms for finance passed on state ballots.


They will try to fulfill this mission by the election of pro-reform candidates, and by bringing the issue of money on the political front to the forefront as a national priority. They also want to, show the power politics has on the issue of money in politics, and demonstrate this political power by having a grassroots membership.


The 2010 decision that the Supreme Court handed down in f Citizens United vs. F.E.C changed the outlook of the elections. This decision opened the door so that untraceable money could be spent in unlimited quantities by special interest groups, and billionaires. These are the people who are trying very hard to put the balance of the political power into their hands, which means that there is no accountability.


Now it is time to fight back. The formation of End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee, with their funding donated by a grassroots membership hopes to counter the effects, that are oft times disastrous, that the Citizens United group use. The plan is to reform the finance system used in political campaigns.


In 2016 the committee, which supports the Democrats, wants to funnel, to the Democratic candidates who are running competitively, tens of millions of dollars, in the Senate and House races throughout the country.


They amassed over $4 million in the first three months of the year and plan to raise at least $35 million before the 2018 elections for Congress. In its first election cycle in 2016 they raised $25 million so the $35 million they project for the 2018 election year would be a tremendous jump for them. They are striving to elect finance reform champions to Congress in the upcoming 2018 elections.


End Citizens United is limited to the amount that any one donor can give them as they are a traditional PAC. Even though they are restricted in the amount they can accept they went to the top of the Democratic-aligned groups rank during the 2016 elections.


With the knowledge that undisclosed campaign donations are way out of control, the End Citizens United group has said that they would do everything in their power to support those candidates that are champions for campaign finance reform.



NuoDB-Pressing Forward Through Change

NuoDB has an advanced architecture that makes it possible to make optimizations around redundancy, storage, and replication without all the limitations of disk space becoming a hindrance. You can run NuoDB in any environment of your choice and preserve support for proven and familiar security models. Messages between NuoDB processes are even encrypted so you can have piece of mind.

With NuoDB, you can maximize all of your resources across data centers within close-proximity and minimize latencies through its data locality that is fully automated. Its in-memory caches even automatically adjust for the best performance.

NuoDB gives you the power to add and remove scale-out compute power or even redundant storage without halting SQL database services.

NuoDb can withstand failure at every level without the threat of ever bringing down your application. You can also integrate policy management and cloud tools through its REST interface and migrate applications already in existence to its cloud database.

With NuoDB, you can alter schemas with its built-in support and migrate existing application code.

NuoDB will help you to achieve a smarter cloud database that can adapt to any environment and that will be able to keep up with the changing environments of the world today.

Julia Jackson: Wine Warrior Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of a woman named Julia Jackson? She is the proprietor at Jackson Family Wines, founded by her awesome father Jess Jackson in 1982 and known for over 30 premium wineries, including La Crema and Cambria. Julia was born in 1988 in San Francisco, California. At a young age, her father would make her and the siblings pick up and organize grapes while Jess explained the significance of hard work. This is where Julia got her first taste in the business. As she got older, Julia would work at some of the family wineries and gain some experience.

All that experience would greatly benefit her when she arrived in college. Julia went to Scripps College in 2006-2010 for her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She would always study to make sure she had the best grades possible. Then she went to the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management in 2010 where she obtained her Summer Certificate at Stanford Business School. After graduation, Julia traveled to Bordeaux, France, where she immersed herself and learn about French sales and distribution. As she kept working there, Julia learned about the industry and global markets intensively. Julia always stayed focus when it came to the family business because she knows that one day she might take over the entire company.

Julia sees her amazing mother, Barbara, as a role model due to her work ethics as the Chairman of the Jackson Family Wines. Julia founded the non-profit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This program celebrates women who are like warriors because they have the determination to conquer life’s obstacles and hardships. Julia Jackson inspires other  hard working women to do the same thing in other communities. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment awards $100,000 yearly to other non-profits that follow the program’s same morals and values.

Cleansing Conditioners Help Hair

There are a lot of conditioners that can help rebuild your hair, but sometimes you need something that takes the junk out of the hair. They also help by not taking the things that are needed from the hair.

Many conditioners work well for hair. They take the areas of the hair that needs help and add to it. This helps the hair to build back up. Cleansing conditioners also do this, but they can be an added help because they give the hair a chance to breathe and repair itself.

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These conditioners like Wen Hair by Chaz, don’t use the harsh chemicals you might see in some of the other brands. This makes it easy for the hair to keep the things it needs to look shiny and feel soft and clean. They don’t just take out the bad stuff, they also take out the damage from heat styling. This can help the hair to bounce back better when it’s been styled everyday or too much. If the hair isn’t taken care of, it can become brittle and won’t style right after the damage.

You should take your time and find out if Wen by Chaz is going to work for you. The best way to know is to try it out for a month and see what your hair looks and feels like. It needs at least a month to take the damage out of the hair and to help rebuild it. Wen by Chaz is known for transforming the hair in a month or a little over. What are you waiting for? Try Wen by Chaz and see if it will work for you.

Learn more about WEN Hair: https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare

Sujit Choudhry – Active Involved With Mobilizing The Knowledge About Comparative Law

Comparative law is the study and research of different legal system in effect around the world. It is important to review the legislations of various countries and understand their legal systems comprehensively to be able to make any changes that remove the roadblocks needed for international transactions and exchanges.


Comparative law compares and finds out the differences and similarities between different legal systems and legislations practiced around the world, and helps make necessary amendments as per the modern standards. As the world progress, many of the old traditions, cultures, and legislations need to change to remain compatible and keep pace with the rapid globalization. In the context of legal systems. Visit this page.


Comparative law is what can help with making the much-needed changes without causing any legal discrepancies. The comparative law takes into account all the legal systems practiced in the world in its study and research, which includes Jewish law, Cannon law, Islamic law, Chinese law, Hindu law, Socialist Law, and Civil Law. After a careful and in-depth study of different legal systems and its legislation, it becomes easier to understand where the problem lies and what needs to be changed to make the legal system more compatible with the transformation happening globally. Blog here, iconnectblog.com.


Sujit Choudhry is a prominent lawyer in the area of comparative law and has done his studies in law from three of the top law universities in the world, Harvard, Toronto and Oxford. Sujit Choudhry throughout his career has written more than 90 articles, papers, reports, and book chapters on comparative constitutional law, which are used as a reference by the legal fraternity across the globe, more here crunchbase.com. Sujit Choudhry has also worked as the foreign legal expert to help formulate the constitution of many countries, including Sir Lanka, Tunisia, Nepal, South Africa, Libya, Jordan, and Egypt. Sujit Choudhry is also considered an expert on Canadian law and has spoken as well as written extensively on it. View this link.


Hit this site, http://www.law.nyu.edu/news/choudhry_award.


Sujit Choudhry continues to research as well as propagate the knowledge about comparative law worldwide. Sujit Choudhry is also the co-founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is a think tank acclaimed globally for mobilizing the skills and findings of various research on comparative law. Please refer to constitutionaltransitions.org for more.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Most Recent Developments

In his article, An Operating System for Cancer, Eric Lefkofsky articulates that collaborative efforts between institutions, scientists and industry has been the biggest hurdle in finding the treatment for cancer. This is because the healthcare system is organized in such a way that it rewards those patenting and publishing as opposed to those that make diagnostic and drug discoveries. As a result, investigators are forced to build walls around their study and store information instead of distributing ideas and democratizing their discoveries. Eric Lefkofsky became one of the founding associates of Tempus to deal with this issue.

Eric Lefkofsky goes on further to explain that the battle against cancer will be fruitful when scientists, doctors, and technologists work together towards a common solution that involves contributing information and understanding to a collective system.Tempus is an organization that uses an operating system to help scientists in fighting cancer. Tempus has partnered with many universities and medical institutions in its journey to generate better treatment for conquering cancer.The latest partnering that Tempus has done includes that done in March 2017 to the University of Chicago. The collaboration is aimed at providing molecular sequencing and examination to University of Chicago’s breast cancer professionals to generate personalized treatment ideas for patients. The objective is that through time the generated data will help lead to enhanced treatment and enriched patient outcomes.

Breast Cancer still stands as the most common type of cancer that kills millions; however, very little genetic data on it exists. Physicians cannot make adequate treatment decisions because of the little information. The partnership between these two establishments will alleviate the lack of information and will result in informed and accurately targeted decisions by the medics.Tempus start-up was established in 2015 and came out of stealth in 2016. Its headquarters are located at 600 W. Chicago, where other Lefkofsky’s other projects such as Lightbank, Groupon, and Drivin are situated.

How Sam Tabar Has Been Able To Build An Empire

In the legal and financial Industry, Sam Tabar is one individual whose opinion actually counts as many people look up to him for inspiration and even advice. He is not only an attorney but also a capital strategist who has ensured that he runs the law and financial industry concurrently.

Tabar was once a student at Columbia Law School and Oxford University where he attained a degree in law. Immediately after his graduation, Tabar began his career journey and joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP where he worked as an associate. After some time, he started working in the business development and capital strategy department, and this was when he gained experience as an equity strategist. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://www.artstation.com/artist/custombuilding4

He later decided to join SPARX Group Investment Advisors where he helped manage the development of the company. To continue gaining the right amount of experience, Tabar decided to shift and join Merrill Lynch, a bank in America, where he worked as the banks Director.

After working in the financial industry for a while, Tabar decided to go back to the law industry and pursue his expertise in the field of law. This resulted in him working at became a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP law firm as a senior associate. As a senior associate, his primary responsibilities majorly focused on dealing with regulatory and compliance issue. He also involved himself with hedge funds and fund formation. Read more: Sam Tabar: A Shining Financial and Legal Mind

His experience has played a significant role in shaping his career journey as he has become one of the most reputable lawyers in the world. He has qualified to work in numerous states considering many people demand his services.

Having worked in some of the most prestigious law firms, Sam is highly qualified to provide legal solutions to his clients. Sam Tabar currently works as the COO of FullCycle firm, an organization aimed at changing solid waste to eco-friendly energy that can not harm the environment.

With the help of Tabar’s ability and experience to create strategies, FullCycle is good hands and is assured of growing and progressing. He hopes that through FullCycle, the environment will remain clean and friendly.


Police Use Securus Tech To Find Needles In Haystacks

As it turns out, criminals that are convicted and sentenced to prison are not that savvy. After all, they are the ones who have been caught and incarcerated. Most of these criminals give away the fact that they have committed crimes whether it’s by fumbling evidence or implicitly confessing during an interview.


When a criminal is sentenced to prison time, they are incarcerated into a facility that is serviced by a particular telephone company. If we are all lucky enough, that particular telephone company is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies does really good work. They record every single telephone call made by every single inmate in the prisons and that they service. This creates a massive treasure trove of information that law enforcement can use to prevent crimes. This information has proven to prevent crimes going on inside of the prison, including stemming the flow of contraband, and outside of the prison, including the prevention of gang crimes.


Since your average incarcerated conflict is not all that intelligent, they often fess up secrets over the phone. These secrets give law enforcement actionable intelligence to procure search warrants and arrest warrants.


It is not so easy to sift through all of this digital information to find errors made by recorded inmates. But Securus makes it easy with a new technological innovation. They provide police officers with a software program that can find a needle in a haystack. All the police officer needs is a recording of a particular voice and the software will instantly pull up every single phone call involving that vocal signature.


If a police officer knows that a particular convict is not the brightest bold, he can use this technology to listen to every single phone conversation involving that person. That may lead to tons of actionable information that can prevent crime.


Adam Goldenberg Prefers Products Over Marketing

While it is necessary for companies to market their business, Adam Goldenberg has a few things to say about marketing. One thing that Adam Goldenberg notices is that a lot of companies focus too much on the marketing aspect as opposed to providing some good products. While good marketing can get even the worst product to sell, Adam does prefer to present people with products they like. For one thing, he is willing to accept the statistics and the facts as they are and accept when someone is not that interested in a product. This is one of the reasons that Adam Goldenberg’s company is considered a “unicorn”.


Adam Goldenberg’s company has a smaller amount of items that don’t get sold than the other fashion retailer companies. One thing that Adam Goldenberg does to make sure that he is offering items that are selling is pay attention to the analytics. While he does market his company, he does focus more on the products so that they could speak for themselves. One thing that he understands about himself is that if a store does not offer products that he likes, then he is not going to shop at the store.


One of the most important things about running a successful business is the ability to put oneself in the shoes of the customer. After all, even a business owner is a customer somewhere. He does not get everything from his own company. For one thing, his company does not offer every item in the world. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg has taken on the task on making sure that the products that he offers in the store are those that are loved by the customers.


While it is good to find stores that have a wide variety of items, there has to be a balance. One thing that people don’t want is a store that offers the same thing as another store. People that go to different stores, shop because they are hoping to see different products. This is why Adam Goldenberg makes sure that he has products that people like and are different from other stores.

Igor Cornelsen: The Ingenious Investment Consultant

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian banker and investment adviser. Being in business for the last four decades has made Cornelsen a guru is the fields of stock marketing, banking, and investment. He is involved in guiding and advising investors on making long-term business decisions.

Professional expertise

Igor Cornelsen works as a proprietor at Bainbridge Inc. He joined this company in 2010 after retiring from the banking industry. Throughout his career as a banker, Cornelsen held various executive positions in top banks in Brazil. He worked with local and foreign high-net-worth individuals who he assisted in setting up investment firms, discretionary accounts, and international trade investments. Igor Cornelsen also worked as an advisor to the Brazilian Ministry of Economics. Cornelsen has shared his insights and advice on investing in commodities on prominent journals and magazines. When away from the office, he spends time golfing at various clubs in Florida. He also enjoys exploring the world and enjoying quality time with his family.

Igor Cornelsen urges entrepreneurs to try to understand the stock market prior to venturing into it. Entrepreneurs can easily identify ideal places to invest their hard-earned money when they a perfect mastery of stock market. Cornelsen advocates for long-term investments rather than short-term ones, which generate instant cash. From experience, he knows that long-term investments come in handy, especially during retirement noted on jusbrasil.com. He advises people to make scattered investments rather than channeling massive amounts of money at a specific venture. Cornelsen encourages investors to conduct extensive research on the companies they wish to invest in to ensure that they are stable and have a good record of accomplishment in management. That way, their investments would be secure.

Cornelsen has succeeded as an investor due to his ability to diversify his portfolio on Tumblr. Having worked in the Brazilian banking industry for years, he has seen the economy transform. Therefore, Cornelsen encourages people to invest in Brazil. He further encourages potential investors to liaise with locals who will assist them in making ideal investment choices. Cornelsen also advises entrepreneurs to select banks that can handle foreign exchange transactions at affordable rates at https://bs.linkedin.com/in/igor-cornelsen-86830840. According to Cornelsen, understanding a country’s government regulations is vital when dealing with foreign investments.