The Aspire In New Brunswick Is Leasing Through Boraie Development

The 17 story luxury high rise, The Aspire offers 238 spacious studio, one and two bedroom apartments as well as a lounge area that includes a catering kitchen with a dining table for 12, an outdoor terrace with seating, many flat screen televisions and WiFi. On March 18 last year, announced that Boraie Development had started leasing and described the beautiful, state of the arts accommodations included in the monthly rent of $1,650 for a studio, $1,800 one bedroom and $2,700 for 2 bedroom.

Not only is it conveniently located within steps of the New Brunswick Train Station and across the street from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, it is also near I-287 and the New Jersey Turnpike. It offers a sophisticated lifestyle and outstanding services including on maintenance and management, 24 hour doorman and a garage elevator leading to the lobby.

The Aspire offers 9 to 10 foot high ceilings, private terraces and balconies in some and great views of downtown. Residents enjoy hardwood floors, wall to wall carpeting and oversized windows as features in some.

Other features included in the Manhattan style structure include gourmet kitchens with custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles around tubs and showers, designer fixture and Bosch washer and dryers in each unit.

The roof top deck is ideal for entertaining, equipped with outdoor electric barbecues and incredible views. There is even a fitness center with the newest cardio and cross training equipment at the tenants’ disposal 24 hours a day.

In an article published December 30, 2014 on NJBiz, Boraie Development, president and patriarch of Boraie Development shared and recounted his vision for New Jersey and told of others who worked to improve the city, its culture and opportunities. His son Wasseem, vice president of the company said that people thought his dad was nuts to build high rise condos in downtown New Brunswick but Spring Street made believers of them.

Omar felt that The Aspire would offer a place for professional such as doctors, professors, teachers, fireman, nurses and policemen to live, work and enjoy. These world class residences also offer a place for companies to house employees as well as the next generation a desirable place to remain rather than move to other communities, such as Hoboken and Jersey City – Aspire To Do Great: Shaq And Boraie Development’s Ideals.

New Brunswick now benefits from an over 40 year shared vision being realized. Boraie Development has help to improve other cities as well, including working with basketball great Shaquille O’Neal to renovate the CityPlex12 in Newark and helping to cities bring commercial and housing development into distressed areas around the state. Learn more:

Boraie has built more than a million square feet of commercial and residential property in New Jersey and most of it in New Brunswick. Visit for more information about availability of the luxury units ideally located and offering the best of high end living accommodations.

Charles Koch, Republican nominees should compete on making a better country

Charles Koch, a distinguished entrepreneur, and a philanthropist stated that he and his Brother David Koch are not interested in politics, and they would not attend GOP Convention in July. This is according to an interview with ABC News. Charles Koch reiterated that they were not going to support somebody because they are republican or be against them because they are Democrat. He added that if Democrat did a good job, they would avail their support.

Koch explained that he differs with positions held by some candidates regarding various matters, but we deserve a president who on balance demonstrates set of values and ideas that will lead to well-being, civility, and peace, rather than contempt, conflict, and division. He discussed the inappropriate conduct of Republican nominees that is being experienced in the campaign trails. He argued that they should compete on how to make United State a better country, but they are competing based on tearing down their opponents. Charles referred to the republican nominee as “terrible role models” he expressed his disappointment saying, “I don’t know how we could support them”. He added that Hillary Clinton would probably make a better president.

Koch told ABC News that they would like to get their money out of politics, and the best way to do that is to get all the benefit the government is giving to special interest out, and that is what they are trying to do. From the interview, we can deduce that when it comes to electing our next president, we should elect a republican or a democrat candidate that has shown commitment to principles of free society. Principles that does not infringe ability of others to live their life as they see fit, as long they do not infringe other people rights to do the same. These include free speech, equality before the law, free market, respect and tolerance, and treating people with dignity.

Charles Koch is renowned as a classical liberal who have opposed corporate welfare. His overall concept has been to maximize the role private economy, minimize the role of government thus increasing personal freedom. Often he has warned that decline of a free enterprise system is detrimental to our social and economic prosperity.

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John Goullet’s Influence Before and After DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet was instrumental in recruiting the most skilled IT professionals even before joining with Diversant, Inc. He was always in tune with current marketing trends as he built up his Info Technologies company into a $30 million empire.

The company John Goullet founded before the 2010 merger with Diversant became eighth on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing United States firms. Even after Info Technology and Diversant, Inc. merged to become DIVERSANT LLC, Goullet used his expertise to deal with technology demands. Fortune 500 corporation were looking for the most skilled IT employees, and Goullet sent them the right people. He also did the same for mid-sized companies via his staffing agency and the newly-formed DIVERSANT LLC.

Goullet teamed up with Gene C. Waddy, the owner of DIVERSANT LLC to form what is now the largest African-American owned Information Technology staffing company in the U.S. Even during economic down times, this new corporation has helped skilled professionals find gainful employment.

Part of what has helped DIVERSANT sustain is its focus on diversity. All employees are trained to embrace the differences between themselves and their colleagues. Part of this diversity initiative is provided via the Unity program. This includes training and mentorship for both team leaders and employees of various racial backgrounds. This initiative along with the STAR and NOVA programs for veterans have helped many career persons achieve their professional goals.

Types of employment that IT personnel often pursue include positions as a Web Developer or Network Administrator. Other jobs filled by DIVERSANT include Systems Engineer, Project Coordinator or Salesforce Analyst.

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Keith Mann Offering Scholarship Opportunity to Low-Income Brooklyn School

Keith Mann, a businessman and director of Dynamics Search Partners, is ensuring the next generation of business professionals is prepared by offering a scholarship opportunity for graduating seniors with Uncommon Charter High School. The high is located in Brooklyn and is one of more than 40 schools managed by Uncommon Schools throughout New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey. The non-profit focuses on managing schools in low income urban areas with high risk students who are disadvantaged. Keith Mann has partnered with Uncommon Schools for a few years and is impressed with the work they do to ensure students are more prepared and motivated to graduate high school and pursue a college degree.

Mann’s scholarship, the Scholarship of Professional Achievement, will go to one graduating senior of Uncommon Charter High School who completes the application process and writes the best 1,000 word essay on what a college education would do to help them achieve their goals.

Mann has worked in the executive search industry for 15 years. He started with Dynamics Executive Search and moved quickly through the ranks of the company. He launched the Alternative Investment Practice within the company after seeing there was a great need for an executive search company within the sector. In 2009 Mann started Dynamics Search Partners. The company fills client mandates around the world for some of the top alternative investment companies. As a man who seeks out the best professionals in the business, it’s no wonder Mann is looking to educate the next generation of talented professionals. In the past year, Dynamics Search Partners and Mann have visited the school and met with seniors to discuss real world technical skills that will assist them in the future.

Check out Keith on CrunchBase.

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The Career of Highland Capital Management’s President and Co-Founder

Highland Capital Management is an American Investment Management firm, which is based in Dallas, Texas and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is among the world’s leading and well-experienced companies in alternative credit management and runs offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Highland and its associates manage assets that total up to approximately 18 billion dollars. The firm’s proficiency is in credit strategies such as collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), distressed and extraordinary circumstances equity, long-only funds and separate accounts, and credit hedge funds. Highland also offers alternative investment services, which include long or short equities, natural assets, and emerging markets.

Highland has sufficient and exceptional skills that are required to serve its extensive client base. Their customers include high-net-worth individuals, corporations, endowments, funds of funds, governments, and public pension policies. The investment management company’s primary focus is on building healthy and long-term relationships with its clientele by involving them as partners in the investment management process. The company also strives to ensure that they give their customers reliable results throughout the investment development process and make trustworthy client-manager relationships.

Highland Capital Management was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Mr. Dondero currently serves as the company’s president and is in charge of all business investment strategies. He has worked in investment management for thirty years and has managed to acquire excellent skills in the sector. James is acknowledged for being one of the first collateralized loan obligations experts and for establishing a pioneer non-bank CLO. He is also recognized for enabling different funds to earn honors and awards such as Floating Rate Opportunity’s Lipper Awards and the Morningstar’s five-star title for Global Allocation.

Dondero graduated with the highest honor called Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi from the University of Virginia and also studies accounting and finance at the McIntire School of Commerce. Before the joining Highland Capital Management, he was an employee of the American Express, where he was made to be in charge of more than one billion dollars. He was also a Chief Investment Officer at GIC, a branch of Protective Life, where he grew the company’s worth to 2 billion dollars from a startup capital within a period of five years. Dondero chairs the boards of CCS Medical Corporation, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He serves as a member of MGM Studios and American Banknote’s Board of Directors.

Bob Reina Makes the Largest Donation in the History of the Tampa Bay Animal Clinic

Bob Reina, a highly successful entrepreneur involved in video communications, has made the largest donation in the history of the Tampa Bay Animal Clinic. Reina’s one million dollar donation has led to the undertaking and creation of a top notch animal care facility in Tampa Bay called the Talk Fusion Animal Clinic of Tampa Bay.

Reina’s company, Talk Fusion, is a video communications platform which has many applications for the consumer. Companies worldwide have profited from this product which allows users to communicate through video. Talk Fusion also allows users to create effective video marketing presentations and then share them in an increasingly efficient manner. Talk Fusion is at the top of it’s industry, and has received awards for it’s outstanding performance in business and marketing applications.

Not only is Reina a highly successful entrepreneur with a profitable product, but he is also a humanitarian. His donation of one million dollars shows his respect and love for his community through compassion for the animals that are a part of it. Reina wanted to give something back to his community, and he did it in a wonderful and generous way.

The people of Tampa Bay are highly appreciative of this donation. Many have voiced their praise for this outstanding contribution to the Tampa Bay community. The new facility will have enough resources and accommodations to provide for many of the underprivileged animals which find themselves helpless in this urban area. Reina has truly showed compassion for these animals, and he has also showed love to his community by giving back to a worthwhile cause.

QNET’s Ongoing Commitment To Philanthropy

QNET is one of Asia’s largest direct marketing companies, and it is dedicated to helping those in need of adequate education and basic sanitary needs. After a bit of research, I discovered that the corporation was going under the CSR banner of We Care, in Hyderabad, they have provided a safe, fresh water storage facility and drinking water to approximately eight hundred students. QNET has partnered with Lion’s Club to carry out it’s mission to provide clean water for schools. They plan to continue this philanthropy to help better society and improve conditions for citizens and students. This mission statement parallels the effort of the government called Swachh Vidyalaya. It was very apparent to me that QNET is a very caring and socially responsible company that is committed to leaving this planet a better place.

Celebrate #WorldHealthDay 2016 with #QNET:

Posted by QNET (Official) on Thursday, April 7, 2016

QNET is inspired by the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi in that they believe in serving society and selfless service to others. This philosophy is embraced by those that are truly striving to be part of a great humanitarian effort. NETS’ parent company QI is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network. QNET encourages it’s employees and business partners to actively participate in these charitable efforts. QNET also is active internationally in helping the homeless and the destitute. The world should expect to hear of more active humanitarian efforts from QNET, and it’s parent company. If more companies took responsibility for doing what they can to better the world, then there would be much less suffering and poverty world wide.

Creating A Business And Managing Equality: A Wikipedia Story

How does one create a more socially diverse platform for the wonderment of Wikipedia, the most popular encyclopedia on the internet that has been synonymous with having every form of online information at your fingertips? Whether it’s searching for all things pop culture-related, or everyday information pertaining to history and knowledge, there’s always something published on Wikipedia by some unknown individual in some little crevice of the world who serves as a cyber processor to this content-mill. And there is the technical side of Wikipedia business page creation that can serve as a vital tool for ones business if they had one; a simple form of marketing that could be the leading component in your journey to making sure your reputation as a business flourishes. A Wiki writing service such as Get Your Wiki is the go-to solution for hands-on Wiki editors for hire who can guide your business to its utmost potential.  Hiring Wiki experts ensures the proprietor that their page is properly edited, and that it’s safely overseen from those callous trolls who take it upon themselves to freely change information and update a Wiki page with said inaccurate information that could potentially do major harm to your reputation. 
While the business aspect of Wikipedia does have its benefits, the overall crux of its demographic is somewhat controversial and is a living reminder that even in instances like this, we as a society still continue to decline. She inspired many with her “WikiProject Women scientists” page she created to combat the gender inequality women face on sites like Wikipedia as well as the hatred and misogyny she endured from those in the Wiki community for being a female writer and editor. It was her own form of therapy to fight back against the intolerance women face in this kind of environment, and to also generate a voice for those forgotten females who’ve contributed to Science and who still continue to inspire the women of today to pursue their dreams. Every time she is the victim of malicious behavior and abuse, she will create a Wiki page about a female scientist or leader to combat the abuse with good deeds. Maybe doing away with this kind of sexism and actually bringing about gender balance to sites like this would be an exercise in continuing to build a society of unity instead of perpetuating division.

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The Amazing Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is a health care provider that specializes in the art of in physical therapy and sports medicine. Alongside working in these fields, he also excels at chiropractic arts. Torchin helps treat people with sports-related injuries, headaches, and injuries from auto accidents.

Brian Torchin also helps patients with neck, shoulder, and back pain. Brian Torchin is known to be very proud of his work. He had studied at the University of Delaware and is originally from Plainview, New York. His goal in both health care and as a business owner is to provide total quality work, which greatly reflects his character.

Brian Torchin currently resides and conducts his practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been practicing in the field of healthcare for over 30 years. Torchin is currently a successful CEO and president of a company called Health Care Recuitment Counselors LLC (abbreviated to HCRC). This company recruits medical Doctors-all specialties, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists and assistants, dentists, and representatives of office management, billing, and receptionists.

If you were to visit Torchin in his chiropractic office, he would begin by asking you questions such as whether you’ve had previous injuries. For example, a construction worker may have joint pains over time but will not notice immediately. Next, he will ask you about your lifestyle and health. Alot of the time, the pressures from everyday stresses could put a physical strain on your muscle.  Brian has also written about modern medicine through Topix.

The Kyle Bass Story By The Numbers

Kyle Bass created Hayman Advisers in 2006,which is a hedge fund located in Dallas, Texas. He achieved recognition after his wagers contra the below normal market values,as a result he attained wealth and made international front page news by forecasting the 2008 subprime mortgage catastrophe.

He is compared to M. Night Shayamalan in 2001,surfacing out of oblivion designated for his script and directorial debut in The Sixth Sense.Observers immediately assumed that Kyle Bass was a mastermind who was infallible.
He has made a succession of bad judgment calls and erroneous decisions,just as Shayamalan has done films that ultimately became total flops.

And as the record shows that Kyle Bass has accomplished these tasks openly and vividly in front of the market spectators,and he never declines an opportunity to go on live television to sermonize propounding his so called reasoning that serves his own interests.

The plurality in the realm of hedge funds claim and agree that he is economically ignorant.
Argentinian tyrant Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner,is the worst nightmare that has occurred in her country’s economy and Kyle Bass can not stop applauding her and singing her accolades of praises.
He also agreed and supported her country’s defaulting on its national deficit and he justified it.
To make a profit on his investment in General Motors he attempted to transfer the condemnation of deaths attributed to non deploying airbags and defective power steering in GM vehicles on the passengers who were perhaps inebriated or did not utilize the use of seat belts.

About a year ago he constructed a scheme so despicable and incomprehensible that both houses of Congress are frantically working on a bilateral platform to undue the damage that was caused by Kyle Bass in collusion with Erich Spangenberg who is branded as the “world’s most infamous patent troll “who seeks out pharmaceutical firms and sells their stock,then engages in a contest one or more of their patents through a company called Coalition for Affordable Drugs that he personally constructed for this conniving reason.

The eventual outcome is that stocks decline and Kyle Bass collects a few quick millions and pharmaceutical prices skyrocket while their intention to fund medical research declines which result in apparent disservice to mullions of individuals who rely on these medications to alleviate their agony and ease their symptoms,even extend their lives.

In his perplexed and obscure universe it is all about the Almighty dollar and nothing else matters.