Sujit Choudhry Offers Constitutional Insight To Troubled Countries

Sujit Choudhry is a law professor at University of California, and is also the dean. He was the Professor of Law at New York University before moving to California University. He was appointed the Chair at the University of Toronto. Sujit is an accomplished Law Professor, who has taught in various Universities across America. He is recognized internationally for his contribution in politics and constitutional law. He has traveled in more than twenty countries to give talks on law and politics.  Check for a relevant article.

Background Look

Sujit has wide experience in law and consulted in matters related to the field. Moreover, Sujit is a constitutional advisor in countries like Egypt, Libya, South Africa, and Nepal. His research tackles different matters in comparative constitutional politics and law, such as techniques to handle changes from violent disagreements to peaceful democratic politics, secession, and decentralization. He also counsels on bill of rights, rights of minority groups, constitutional design, and constitutional creation. Sujit also handle methodological questions regarding constitutional law. Moreover, Sujit has shared knowledge on Canadian Constitutional Law and helped in its creation. Professor Sujit has published over eighty articles, working papers, book changes, and reports. Example of books he has written includes The Migration of the constitutional ideas, The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, and Making of a Constitution.  Refer to for a related article.


Sujit Choudhry is also a member of the Executive Committee of the International Advisory Group, The scientific Advisory Board, and Constitutional Review Board. Sujit Choudhry is part of the Honorary Member of the Advisory Group. He has many accomplishments in law and is referred to by upcoming lawyers. More to read on

Due to his contributions in the field, Sujit is quoted in law books. He is the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which creates and gunner knowledge to support constitution building. This is done by gathering and building international networks with experts to generate evidence-based policies. Such policies are meant to help law makers when they are formulating constitutions. It makes the process easier through the provision of information for agenda-setting studies. It works with global networks, and multilateral corporations to accomplish their mission. Sujit Choudhry has been instrumental in building of constitutions, and training lawyers.  To keep up-to-date with his latest tweets, click this.

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How Ted Bauman’s Advice Helps Investors

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Lacey and Larkin-Standing in the Gap

The debate about illegal immigration has raged for many years but it has a renewed life with the election of Donald Trump as President. Recently, Trump proved that he rewards supporters, even if they have been convicted of felony crimes. Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio of all charges and Arpaio is once again a free man with no consequences. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Arpaio, who calls himself America’s Toughest Sheriff, has long been the ultimate law in Maricopa County, Arizona. He and his department are infamous for the profiling of Hispanics and Latinos to capture them for illegal immigration. Arpaio believes in doing anything necessary to send immigrants out of the country, not caring if he disrupts families and lives.

Even as far back as 2011, the sheriff was warned by Court Justice G. Murray Snow to stop the profiling and other illegal activities. Flouting his power, Joe Arpaio continued to focus on minorities.

This lead to a contempt charge in 2012 by Federal Judge Susan Bolton who raked Arpaio over the coals in open court for his policies and practices. She found that not only did Arpaio defy the court’s injunctions, but he also instructed his staff to do the same.

This ruling came after Arpaio lost his attempt at re-election as Sheriff. He had held the position for 24 years and many thought things were finally catching up to him. One organization that has long opposed Sheriff Arpaio is the Frontera Fund, created by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Larkin and Lacey have a long record of being activists and advocates of the Hispanic and Latino population. In fact, the Frontera Fund was founded because of illegal acts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin own a media group in Maricopa County called the Village Voice Media. The newspapers associated with their media group, like the Phoenix Sun were proud reporters of many of the actions of the Sheriff’s Department.

The publications did not shy away from controversy. When Lacey and Larkin found out that a grand jury had been set up to look into the editors, readers and supporters of the paper, they did not hesitate to print the story. Consequently, the two men were arrested at their homes on October 18th, 2007. They were taken to the jail and booked for unknown charges.

As soon as the editors’ supporters heard about the arrests, they created a movement that saw the men released after 24 hours. Lacey and Larkin fought back and ultimately won a $3.7 million dollar settlement with Maricopa County. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Jim Larkin |

Instead of pocketing this money, they used it to create the Frontera Fund, whose primary objective is to fight discrimination and speak for those minorities who can’t speak for themselves.

These men continue the fight against threats to the freedom of speech, civil and human rights.

They have dedicated their careers and lives to this cause. Even though the 85-year-old Joe Arpaio has been pardoned, it is comforting to know that there are still men out there like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who care.

Meet Sujit Choudhry, the Constitutional Guru

An article published in the release fact titled “Sujit Choudhry’s discusses constitutional challenges” highlights the Sujit’s constitutional expertise. According to the article by Brian Harris, Sujit Choudhry was involved in a discussion on the current constitutional challenges facing Ukraine. Other high-ranking constitutional experts to discuss the challenges posed by Ukraine’s semi-presidential system joined Choudhry who is also the Director of the center for the constitutional transition. The discussion covered the current challenges facing the system and was hosted by the Electorate Assistance, International Institute for Democracy, Intergovernmental Organizations, and the Center Of Policy And Legal Reforms.  For a better insight into his works, visit his page.

According to the article, Sujit Choudhry admitted that discussing executive powers before the constitutional experts is a privilege and proceeded to state that the democracy in Ukraine was still unstable. Choudhry believes that the concentration and centralization of the legal power such as the legislative electoral system and concentrated power of the presidency are some of the factors that hinder the stability of the democracy in Ukraine. The constitutional experts included Thomas Sidelius of Dalama University, Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA. The article mentioned that the members of the public agreed that the knowledge of such topics is necessary hence, they should be involved in such discussions.  For more of his published work, check

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry holds a master’s degree from the Harvard University. His first degree was in biology but he later changed to do law after he developed an immense passion and interest in law. He joined the Oxford University for his bachelor in law before joining the Harvard University later for his masters. Sujit has an international reputation in politics and constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry engages in wide-ranging topics in research. He also advises many countries on the process of building constitution.  Refer to for further reading.

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Some of the nations that have benefited from Sujit Choudhry’ s expertise and knowledge include Yemen, Tunisia, South Africa, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Libya, Egypt, Nepal, and Jordan. He is also the Ira. Michael Hayman professor of Law at the University of California. He is the University’s first Indian-American dean. Sujit Choudhry well respected by both by the law students and legal experts for his great research studies in law and comparative constitutional law.  More to read on

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offers Good Results for Cancer Patients

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)have long been known to be one of the foremost centers for the treatment of cancer. With five locations in Phoenix, Tulsa, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, the CTCA have a unique approach to the quest of helping people with the dreaded disease, which has proven successful in many instances.

There is more to just treating the disease itself, although that is of prime importance. People who have cancer have other issues that come with the disease and these ancillary issues need to be addressed as well. For example 70 percent of cancer patients are malnourished and suffer from extreme fatigue. Many are also very depressed as they are entering into a new world of physical and mental difficulty.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are able to treat patients for all of their cancer-related issues under one roof. This saves them from having to run around to many different doctors and hospitals for their treatment.

CTCA treats each patient on an individual basis, as cancer strikes each person differently. A new patient receives a thorough physical exam with an extensive interview, and then he or she is assigned a team of doctors who specialize in the particular type of cancer that an individual has contracted.

CTCA uses what they call the Integrated Approach to treating their cancer patients. They use all of the normal treatments for cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and pain management. They also use some treatments that are not mainstream such as hormone therapy, naturopathic medicine, nutrition therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, spiritual support, and survivorship support.

The family and close relatives of the patient needs assistance too. They feel helpless as they see their loved one going through such difficulty. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has the answers for cancer patients and their families and will continue to be at the forefront of care for people who contract this dreadful disease.

Who is Matt Badiali?

Who is he? Well, besides being the editor of the Real Wealth Strategist, he’s also been a veteran of the Natural Resource Industry, as well as a mining and energy expert for 20-years. And, on Dec 22, an article published on gave his 2018 predictions for which metal that has been long forgotten will end up soaring in the coming year. So, what is it?

That forgotten metal is Platinum. Badiali explained that the past six years have been pretty brutal for the entire mining industry as a whole and followed up with an explanation of the formula that drives prices and how the demand has to exceed the supply. He went into further detail with his very concise chart for showing platinum’s journey over the last six years. It shows a steady decline during the years 2011 to 2016. Then, the price ended up falling by more than fifty percent with a short rebound in 2016. But, in early December, the platinum price totally tanked, reaching its lowest point in two years. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali.

So, now the question is why Badiali thinks things will change for platinum in 2018. He says it’s really quite simple because the supply just cannot keep up with the demand for platinum. In fact, the World Platinum Investment Council warns that 2017 is going to end with a deficit of approximately 15,000 oz. That gap is also expected to expand in 2018 when it is anticipated that the demand will rise by two percent to eight million oz. On the other hand, the supply actually could fall by one percent to 7.75 million ounces, leaving a 250,000-ounce deficit! More info about Matt Badiali at

And, according to Matt Badiali, there’s another reason why platinum prices will rise in 2018 and that reason is sentiment. During 2017, copper prices rose due to the expected demand by electric vehicle manufacturers while platinum prices fell for the opposite reason, an expected lack of demand.

Matt Badiali predicts that platinum is going to continue to be in short supply due to the fact that existing platinum mines are old and deep plus they’re quickly running out of metal with no new mines slated for the near future. Put that together with a European economy that is quite strong, Europeans who prefer diesel vehicles, and low platinum prices and platinum’s plight could change drastically in 2018. In fact, Badiali wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it rose by a whopping 25 percent over the coming year.

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CEO Troy McQuagge’s Excellence in Leadership Earns Company Well-Earned Honors

As the most-prominent insurance company in the country, USHEALTH Group has led the industry in quality service and innovative products. For more than 50 years, the Texas-based company has served the community with superb performance and award-winning operations.

While creating valuable and affordable products, USHEALTH Group has made its way into the homes of families across the country through consistency and extraordinary effort. With over 15 million customers nationwide, there are many opportunities to showcase a winning strategy for servicing the needs of individuals who depend on health and life insurance.

Those strategies are led by CEO Troy McQuagge. Troy has been with the company since 2010 and has done a spectacular job at pivoting the company towards a new millennium. With strategies that have focused on advanced technology, creative and affordable products as well as high-quality customer service, Troy has positioned USHEALTH Group in a unique way for gaining momentum over the competition.

In 2017, Troy McQuagge was named the winner of the Gold Award for CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards; making it the second consecutive year that he has won the award. It is considered as one of the highest honors to be bestowed for a CEO. The One Planet Award honors business and professional excellence for those who go beyond the ordinary. Troy surpassed other CEO’s within the category because of his distinctive leadership for providing not only outstanding direction for USHEALTH Group, but also innovative and creative opportunities for consumers who seek a trusted company for their insurance needs. USHEALTH Group continues to earn the consumer’s trust evidenced by its most-recent 2017 Gold Stevie Award for sales and customer service.

Nominations for the One Planet Awards are submitted by worldwide public and private companies that are for-profit or non-profit, which includes startup companies. USHEALTH Group represents a company that has grown significantly through an uncertain time within the insurance industry, while maintaining its high standards in an exceedingly competitive environment. Troy’s leadership has captivated the employees of USHEALTH Group and helped the company continue the same level of commitment it has for five decades. During the award ceremony, Troy emphasized how the extraordinary efforts by the employees have contributed to the continued success of USHEALTH Group. He made it clear that it is their dedication that has been able to solve the health care needs of consumers.

USHEALTH Group has continued to provide excellence in health coverage for self-employed and small businesses as well as entrepreneurs. With an expansive vision for taking products to higher levels, Troy McQuagge has continued to lead a company with profitable insurance products and innovative benefits that are affordable, while maintaining superior service within customer operations.

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Stream Services And Its New Finance Officer Chief

Reading online articles about companies like Steam can often be exasperating. There’s a lot of them. The online world is too noisy! We might not even get to the core of the problem without first getting ourselves inundated with online noise. How to fix that? We stick to a concise article that talks about the essentials. View the company profile on

This is what we’re hoping to tackle in this article here. This is the type of attitude that we want to practice in the way we write the article: a focus on the essentials. We will talk about the latest news. We will talk only about info about Stream that we think matters most. Shall we move on?

The Latest News About Stream

One of the latest news you can read today about Stream is how it is right now one of the leading retail energy businesses today that can provide the best service to the people who need it. Stream also announced its new Chief Financial Officer and this new decision spells a lot of new changes, policies and behavior alterations on how the entire company will be run.

The new Chief Financial Officer today is Mr. David Faranetta, who is also the Executive Vice President of the company. The fact that David Faranetta is the head of its own financial planning and accounting work means that David has the energy and expertise to deliver the competence needed for the work.

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About Stream

The main thing you should not forget about Stream Energy is that it’s a company that’s able to offer retail type of energy services to its people. This means that the company is able to get all the expertise and competent leadership that it deserves.

Another thing that you should know about Stream is that it’s a company that’s able to offer all the wonderful services at a multi-level marketing system. This means that the sales force or agents working for Stream will be able to earn extra income just by referring more people to acquire the services from Stream. That said, we should always try to follow the path of Stream in making sure that the customers always benefit in the services that we sell. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

Rick Smith: Providing Solutions With Skills Acquired Through Extensive Studies And Experience

Securus Technologies is known throughout North America as the leading technology and systems provider for correctional facilities. At the helm of Securus is their CEO, Rick Smith, also known as Rick Smith to his friends and co-workers. Securus Technologies, as the name implies is heavy invested in technologies and hi-tech equipment, so it was only logical for them to get a CEO that is highly educated in the industry of technology. And this is why many staff inside of Securus Technologies were elated when they learned that Rick Smith was going to be their CEO. Read more articles at

Rick Smith went to the Rochester Institute of Technology, and from there, he received an associate’s degree. He also has a bachelor’s degree that he got from the State University of New York where he took up engineering. After that, he sought more mastery in the field of engineering and got a master’s degree in engineering from the same University. Rick Smith also received an MBA that he got from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.

Apart from his solid academic background, Rick Smith Securus also has extensive experience working in the field of technology. In a span of around 30 years, Rick held several key positions in huge companies like Global North America Inc. where he worked in various roles such as being the chief of information officer and controller. Rick was also Midwest Telephone Operations’ vice president and director of business development. And he was the president of Frontier Information Technologies as well as its financial management’s vice president and the director of the company’s network plant operations. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Rick Smith then became the chief financial officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc. and also became this major company’s CEO and president. Through Rick’s leadership, Eschelon Telecom Inc. grew their company from $30 million to $350 million in revenues, and with Rick’s guidance, the company had a successful IPO in 2005.

Rick Smith became the president, chairman, and CEO of Securus Technologies in January 2009. During this time, Securus Technologies faced a challenging competition in Global Tel Link, but Securus’ had the upper hand with their own call centers that were able to promptly reply to their customers.

As Securus Technology progressed and the group began evolving in the way they were developing their technology and their communication services, Rich Smith proposed the idea of the company updating their software or developing new functionalities every week to create a differential for their brand. That philosophy of constant update and a software that is always modern and fully functional ended up being one of the biggest strengths of the corporation, as communication providers usually end up lacking the quality of products and have connection issues.

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Success with Chris Burch

Nihiwatu was born In 2015 as a five-star resort that was bought and upgraded by two people. Chris Butch and James McBride spent $30 million upgrading and a rough amount of time into this beach side hostel located on the coast of Sumba. There are many different activities offered at Nihiwatau such as surfing, spa treatments, yoga. Prices range from $750 a night to $14,000 during the high season. Nihiwatu is equipped with 27 private villas, and quickly became the largest local employer on the island.  Learn more about this awesome resort, check

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and owner of Nihiwatu. He attended Ithaca college from 1972 until 1976 earning a degree in business. Chris has nearly 40 years invested in a career as an investor and entrepreneur and has actively helped in the rise of more than 50 companies.

The creative Capital brand that Chris is the CEO for mingle with other brands such as cocoon9, Poppin, just to name a few. Chris’s success began in 1976 with his brother he invested $2,000 to start Eagle Eye Apparently this business rose to $165 million dollars and then sold off. In 2012 Chris was submitted a spot in Forbes magazine as the annual The World’s Billionaires.

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Chris was raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania part of the middle-class population in 1982 Chris married Susan Cole they had three kids together which divorce followed some time after. Kids after then in 1996 he married Tory Robinson they too had three children together and they then divorced in 2007.

Chris claimed to being a bad student, always getting in trouble couldn’t pay attention. Then by the time Chris landed in junior high his father had a job set up for him in a construction setting. Chris was on the small side, a scrawny kid and he spent the majority of his work day hauling heavy materials which revolutionised him to create and think of a better way to earn money and succeed. Hop over to for an additional article.

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