Copa Star: Why it is the Beacon of Beauty in Brazil Entirely

Copa star is a five-star class hospital located in Copacabana. It marvels most people as they walk along the passageways because of the high aesthetic value it possesses. Having been inaugurated in the second half of 2016, the hospital stands out both in appearance and delivery of cutting-edge services. They employ an exclusively unique model aimed at customizing their services according to their patient needs. Their primary goal is to serve their patients excellently.

Copa Star is an actual embodiment of well-refined structures. You begin encountering galleries of art the very moment you set your feet into the hospital. It is well decorated, with every room within it possessing a five-star hotel kind of design. The sumptuousness is irresistible. So seldom will you find a matching beauty elsewhere in the world?

Qualities that are Highly Selling Copa Star Hospital and its Model

The hospital in question is one where you will never experience awful smells. Out of this setting proceeds an alluring aroma that fills the atmosphere with the tranquility most needed by the patients. The hospital mainly targets people who access the Rio de Janeiro/ São Paulo Area Bridge, although they also welcome patients from elsewhere. Jorge Moll who is a cardiologist and founder of Rede D Or São Luiz cites Star Cup as an alternative for some two other hospitals.

High Technological Level as Demonstrated at Copa Star

Apart from raising an eye-catching structure, the hospital also endeavors in high-end technical treatment plans. They are aiming at becoming a reference for the entire country, especially regarding treating complex conditions. Talking of heart problems, they are on the verge of refining their cardiology and neurology equipment so as to begin handling complex surgeries.

Health Services Provided by Specialists at Copa Star

Being an attractive hospital, it offers a wide array of services to their ever-growing client base. Their patients range from children to adults. There are doctors with various specialties such as cardiologists, neurologists, pediatrics to mention but a few. Therefore most individuals get attended to for most of their ailments. With time the model should be bought by other health facilities across Brazil, and eventually the entire world.


Truly you can never get it wrong at Copa Star. With the rate at which the hospital is growing, soon it will be a global reference. Nurses are adequate, and so are the stretchers and modern day beds for the patients. Equally, transportation of patients is perfectly done, with enough customized autos and drivers. In a bid to avoid congestion, there is an elite wing for employees’ transit. Forget about the lobby which makes you forget that you are in a hospital setting.

Flavio Maluf Has Achieved a ‘Great Deal’ while Serving as the Eucatex Leader

About the Eucatex Group
The Eucatex Group of Companies was inaugurated in 1951. It is a highly regarded producer and dealer in eucalyptus wood fiber liners and insulation solutions on Eucatex Group also supplies finished lumber materials for the building construction and furniture companies. The company is separated into a couple of divisions that produce products from the eucalyptus wood using highly sophisticated technology. The furniture division deals in wood fiber plate necessary for the development of furniture. The construction division deals in home comfort and other construction solutions such as doors, floor partitions, paints, and laminate.

About Flavio Maluf
Flavio Maluf is the President and Chief Executive Officer of this well-known Brazilian company. He initiated his successful entrepreneurial career by serving as the trade administrator at Eucatex. He would operate in this position for almost ten years before attaining the company’s top spot. Maluf introduced widespread tactics to modernize the company and expand its operations to the international markets. Flavio Maluf marked off educational qualifications from the New York University as well as the Sao Paulo FAAP College. Flavio also worked for the New York Sistema, S.A, Corretora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários, and the Citibank N.A before joining Eucatex. Flavio Maluf has also led to the establishment of subsidiary company divisions in Brazil. The renowned expert has overseen the company’s success and achieved several international transactions. The year 2014 was the most rewarding year of the enterprise. It witnessed an overall performance increment of thirty percent.

The Salto, Sao Paulo Eucatex Division
Eucatex recently established a new industrial hub in the Salto state. This new agency produces both Thin High-Density Fiberboards as well as the Medium Density Fiberboards. This new Eucatex agency uses recycled plant materials to fashion the furniture supplies on LinkedIn. The company has the objective of reducing environmental pollution through reuse of the potential environmentally unfriendly wood landfill deposits. This ecological effort has been praised through various certifications. Eucatex was honored by the ISO 14001 Certification that honors the companies that conform to the environmental safety principles. The Certification also proves the company’s responsible management of its industrial waste products.


Roberto Santiago; A Visionary Paraiba Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is a visionary businessman and an entrepreneur. Born in João Pessoa, Roberto Santiago has become an icon in the state of Paraiba through his investments which have significantly benefited the region. Among his numerous investments, Manaira Shopping, the largest shopping center in Joao Pessoa, is seen as the most successful investment.

Established in 1989, in the capital of Paraiba, Manaira Shopping provides the city’s residents with numerous activities when it comes to leisure, entertainment, and fun. The center has undergone five expansions since its construction to enable it to cater to the needs of the expanding city. Built between the beaches of the north coast of the town of João Pessoa, the Manaira has 280 stores and a vast space of leasable area. What stands out most in Manaira Shopping, however, is its versatility. The center was planned by Roberto Santiago to ensure maximum customer satisfaction for the whole family.

Roberto Santiago didn’t stop his investment in Paraiba at Manaira Shopping. In 2014, he launched Mangabeira Shopping, one of the greatest promoters of the development of the district of Mangabeira and the entire south zone of the capital of Paraíba. Built in two and a half years with an investment of almost half a billion reais, the investment generated about 3000 jobs during its construction alone. Mangabeira Shopping was established to complement the development brought by Manaira Shopping to its neighborhood. Manaira brought in residents to the neighborhood of Manaira while Mangabeira was expected to bring valuation to the place.

Roberto Santiago was born on July 16, 1958, in João Pessoa, Paraiba. He graduated from the University Center of João Pessoa (UNIPÊ) with a degree in Business Administration. Professionally, Santiago began his career at Café Santa Rosa, before later investing in his company. Later on, he left for the allotment area, where he acquired experience in the field.

Securus Technologies In Dallas, TX

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, TX, and they are the leader in the pubic safety field. They want the people to see what they do, and they have extended an invitation to anyone that is interested to visit their headquarters for a presentation. The presentation will go over their latest technologies, and what they are used for. It will prove to be an interesting experience for many people that want to know more about this subject and field.


They also published a lot of the comments from their customers and clients. This is beneficial for others to read because they deal with Securus Technologies on a regular basis, and they write about what happens in various situations.


Securus Technologies is interested in making the world a safer place. They are in high demand all across the country, and they are respected and known for their excellence all across the world. During the year, they deal with over 1 million prisoners, and the government contracts them regularly to help at their correction facilities on a regular basis. Every week they develop new technologies that will make the world a safer place for everyone to live. The future looks great for this company, and when people visit them in Dallas, TX, they will be able to see why. It will be a fascinating experience for those that attend the presentation and get to know this company better.

Keep a Diversified Portfolio: Sam Tabar’s Salient Point

With this year’s appearance of a volatile, rising stock market, a lot of people are going to be considering investing in commodities, trying to diversify their portfolio with more exciting investments. That is, they want to go into commodity trading. Sam Tabar cautions that commodity trading is very risky, and can be far more volatile than traditional stocks and mutual funds. Such speculation certainly is not for a someone new to the market, or even a casual investor, Tabar warns.

Discover more about Tabar here: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

Tabar, a trained attorney and graduate from Columbia Law School, warns that speculation really has no place in a diversified portfolio. One needs a well-balanced, diversified portfolio to plan for retirement, not speculative issues such as commodities.

One avenue of new investments is new businesses, Tabar says. But, even that can become dangerous, if that is the main thing in your portfolio. Don’t get trapped into the idea of a stock rising in value and growing, and suddenly putting all of your money into it. You will regret it in the long run. If a new stock does well, and a lot of money is put into it, the danger of it losing its value overnight is staggering. He advises that novices stay away from such investments.

Sam Tabar is well qualified to advise the novice investor. Following his graduation from Columbia, he was an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

He counseled clients on hedge fund formation, regulatory issues, and compliance. After moving on to Merill Lynch and Bank of America, where he counseled clients on financial issues and investment strategies Tabar left that organization in 2014.

Kim Dao: Japanese Lucky Bag Reveal

Kim Dao explains what Japanese lucky bags are here. These are bags that can be purchased every year in Japan on New Years. Kim Dao mentions that she has purchased two lucky bags, and that many times people don’t know what is inside of the lucky bags that they buy. With her first bag, Kim Dao explains that she already knows what one of the items will be because she got to pick it out herself. The rest of the items become revealed when Kim Dao opens the bag. The contents from the first bag includes a navy coat with a fur hood, a white summery dress, a light blue plaid trench coat, and a cozy blanket. The next bag that Kim Dao opens includes a light blue hoodie and a pale pink skirt, among other adorable items. At the end of the video Kim Dao mentions that although there were some items included that she wouldn’t wear, she’d give them to friends. Kim Dao then invites her friend Rachel to the video so that they can swap items from their lucky bags. A couple of the items that they have are the same because Rachel and Kim got their bags from the same place.

Learn more:

Kim Dao

Physical Fitness Gets a Fashionable Reward From Don Ressler


Society seems to show a lot of admiration to people that are fit. For one thing, they look the best in the clothes that are offered in the fashion industry. The right fit of clothes falls into a happy medium of showing off the body and yet allowing for some breathing room. Physically fit people are the ones who bring out the best look in style. However, when one looks at the athletic section of the fashion industry, they’d be inclined to wonder why there is so little to offer in style. Instead, there are a ton of generic, bland and uninspired clothing that could actually bring about boredom. Don Ressler has noticed this issue and has worked with Kate Hudson and others in order to bring forth Fabletics.


Don Ressler and Kate Hudson set up Fabletics to address the issue with athletic clothing. After all, physically fitness is an admirable goal. Therefore, it is only fitting that it is rewarded with some of the most creative styles in the industry. Therefore, Fabletics offers some new colors, fits, and even material. To make things even better, the clothes that are offered can actually transcend their purpose. For instance, the clothes that women wear for fitness could also be worn in corporate environments.


In the TechStyle family of brands, Fabletics is the star brand. It is the company that is making the most steps. The online subscription retailer has satisfied customers. The physical locations that have recently opened up are experiencing similar successes with customers. Women have the chance to try on any new product that they find in the store.  They have generated so much interest, and it’s largely due to Don Ressler’s fundraising expertise:
Former Intermix COO Raises $33M For Fashion Brand JustFabulous


The fashion industry has been designed to help people feel important. Athletic clothing is also fashion. Therefore, it is only right that the activewear area gets to experience the creativity and thoughtfulness being made towards this part of the industry.

Squaw Valley Visitors Kept Safe From Water Contamination Problems

Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, has been providing regular updates on the water quality issue that has affected a small portion of the water supply of the Placer County based destination. Kenney was able to reveal the testing procedures undertaken by the resort made it possible for the year round vacation destination to ensure no visitors were given the chance to drink any contaminated water, and even more importantly no health problems have so far been uncovered that have been traced back to water issues at Squaw Valley.


The issues revolving around the quality of well water at Squaw Valley cannot be blamed in any way on officials at Squaw Valley, but can instead be traced to a historic rain event that has caused many problems across the Californian region of Placer County; reports have stated a number of groundwater well supplies have been contaminated with E.Coli and Coliform after storm water flooded wells in the region close to Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain. The best possible efforts have been taken to make sure all visitors to Squaw Valley remain safe at all times, which have included the closure of all restaurants in the popular Gold Coast and High Camp locations, and the decision to provide complimentary bottled water for all visitors taking advantage of the Upper Mountain portion of the Squaw Valley slopes that remain open from top to bottom.


The path to keeping the visitors to Squaw Valley Ski Resort safe at all times was one officials at the location took without pausing or questioning their own actions. The first step taken when a routine water test in Upper Mountain revealed E.Coli and Coliform were present in four wells providing water to a small portion of this part of the resort was to turn off the contaminated water supply; following this step Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley District officials were contacted and invited to work on rectifying the problem. For the owners of Squaw Valley the safety of guests always remains paramount and has been seen in the decision to employ independent water quality experts to make sure every possible option is explored to return the water to its high quality levels in the shortest possible time frame.

Reviewing The Achievements Of AZ Entrepreneur And Technologist Jason Hope

Making the world a better place takes the support from successful professionals like Jason Hope. He is an entrepreneur cum technologist who has been in the world of business for over 10 years offering new technologies and solutions to problems facing humans. In this period, Jason Hope has helped many entities and businesses to find solutions to their problems by delivering high quality solutions through technology and creativity. He has helped to built web applications, mobile and desktop apps that have worked for businesses and entities across the world.

The many ideas Jason Hope has offered to the world have gone to larger extents to eliminate the challenges the world battles each day. Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur for the fact that he has narrowed his focus to offering solutions and confronting issues that seem too difficult among others. His spirit and motivation in entrepreneurship has also inspired other young entrepreneurs, who also seek to become successful individuals as he is. Getting support from other professionals has allowed him to reach more young individuals who have superb ideas that can transform the world.

Jason Hope runs a program where those with great ideas can submit their proposals for review and projects that are selected are handed over to investors, who in turn come up with solutions to the problems presented to help the entrepreneurs venture into their respective fields more easily. Additionally, Jason Hope offers guidance and advice to upcoming entrepreneurs to ensure they make only those decisions that are able to shape their future in the right manner. He believes in building a successful future and this can only be accomplished with support from other professionals and bodies.

Apart from technology and entrepreneurship
Being an entrepreneur has been a great plus to Jason Hope and he has managed to reach many people across the world. However, this has more been like a key to solving problems of many and his philanthropic actions have touched many lives. Jason Hope is a member of several philanthropic foundations Like SENS Foundation and he is always on the forefront offering advice and solutions to the challenges many face across the world.

Flavio Maluf | The Best of Eucatex Leaders

Mention Eucatex anywhere and the name Flavio Maluf is likely to come up. This is one individual who has been instrumental in the growth of Eucatex. Under his excellent leadership, the company is now able to export their products to over 37 countries.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a renowned business man and family man. He has one wife and three children who have a promise of following in the footsteps of his greatness. Maluf was born and raised in Brazil. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. He then moved abroad to study administration at the New York University.

Maluf came back to his home country and started working at Eucatex, a family-owned business, in the year 1986. He started out as a regular employee in the trade segment of this company. With effort, persistence and patience he raised the ranks and was posted in the industry segment of the company. This was about 10 years since his joining the company. The next year saw him endorsed as the president of the company, succeeding his exiting uncle. The endorsement followed a family discussion which found him to be best equipped for the role, based on his education background, experience and leadership skills.

About Eucatex

Eucatex is a family-owned business based in Brazil. This year the company celebrated their 65th anniversary. The company started out with only one core business, the production of ceiling lining and insulation materials with the use eucalyptus. Their products then were mostly low-density fiber. Three years later, they opened their first factory in Salto.

Through the years, the company has grown to be of huge impact in the growth of Brazil’s economy. They currently boast of 16% of Brazil’s market share for Tamburano and MDP. They are also the world’s second largest manufacturer of the same.

The company has diversified to two lines of business, including furniture and construction. Under the leadership of Maluf, the company now has a new plant in Salto, dealing in the manufacture of Thin- High Density Fiber and Medium Density Fiber.