Stream Energy Shows Its Big Heart Through The Valuable Work Of Stream Cares

With services offered in Illinois, Washington D.C., Maryland, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Pennsylvania, Stream Energy is one of the nation’s most unique energy providers. The company also excels in providing services such as protective services for the home and wireless. Stream Energy makes use of a multi-level marketing model in order to sell its services and this model has served the company well as set it out as something different in the energy industry. Though Stream Energy puts a lot of effort into providing the highest quality energy and home services possible, the company is also passionate about doing work in the area of philanthropy. So serious is the commitment at Stream Energy to support charity that they company founded Stream Cares for the express purpose of serving as the company’s arm of philanthropy. This valuable work done by Stream Cares was recently the feature of a Patch article.

The work that Stream Cares has been doing in the Dallas, Texas region is truly impressive. Of recent note has been the work in assisting those who were affected by the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey. At the same time, Stream Energy has been helping out the Dallas area homeless by partnering with a unique group called Hope Supply Company. A large part of the emphasis in these efforts has been geared toward helping children who are in great need of essentials such as clothing and school supplies. Habitat for Humanity is a philanthropic organization that is well known and highly regarded. Stream Cares has partnered up with Habitat in order to find ways to do things such as providing affordable mortgages.

The Salvation Army has been another organization that Stream has worked closely with over recent years. These organizations provided critical assistance to those who were affected by the tornados of northern Texas. It is just another way that the folks at Stream Energy show how much community service means to the company.

Sandy Chin’s Market Outlook

Sandy Chin is a businesswoman with a wealth of experience in the industry. She has worked for a variety of organizations over the years and knows French and Russian on a usable level. On the side, Sandy Chin takes pride in being an active reader of science fiction. At the same time, she remains a proactive figure in the community. Her claim to fame was founding Tidal Bore Capital. This company helps consumers capitalize on stocks that would normally overlook. She expands on her approach in a recent interview with Ideamensch.


The concept for Tidal Bore Capital was born during her academic days while studying law at places like Barnard College and Columbia University. She was able to experience both sides of the market during this period. Being involved in this industry requires an individual to be quick thinking and understand the trends quickly. Sandy Chin has developed a sense for quick data analysis that is further refined by her focused approach to the industry over the years.


A typical day for the life of an analyst involves a mix checking email, research, and communicating with clients. This gives her a holistic view of the market and how it relates to the companies in her circle. There is a lot of finer details in the earring reports and it takes a knowledgeable individual to make a correct judgment. Looking forward, she is excited for the potential cannabis legalization beings to the market. It brings a new wave of companies into the market, and thus growth potential goes up.


The market is a system that changes day-by-day, but Sandy Chin is an individual up to the challenge of navigating the system. She cites pattern recognition as the most important quality for a market analyst. A misstep could be disastrous for herself or clients, thus it is vital Sandy Chin remains up to date on the newest trends. Overall, she strongly encourages individuals to develop their own personal quarterly and annual models. It creates a more stable market to navigate.

Krishen Iyer Is An Entrepreneur To Listen To In Terms Of His Marketing Advice

Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneurial figure who has accomplished significant business success in several realms. His main focuses lay with his work in the world of lead generation and marketing as well as insurance. Krishen Iyer is the founder of several companies that have achieved significant levels of success. These businesses are Managed Benefits Services and MNP Insurance. Krishen has consistently been able to synthesize together different skills that he has learned over the years. His love of learning about anything that he can has been a major contributing factor in his life and he has fused with a complete commitment to the needs of his clients. This has made a huge difference with his companies and allowed them to attain some impressive successes. Just back in 2015, MNP Insurance was named to the prestigious Inc 5000 list and Managed Benefit Services is a business that Krishen Iyer was able to make successful at a much faster rate than he initially anticipated when he founded the firm.


In order to find success in the ultra-competitive world of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to find success in both the areas of development of products and also the area of marketing. Lack of proper marketing can be the downfall of an otherwise good business model. Krishen Iyer suggests that new entrepreneurs should keep certain things in mind in terms of their marketing activity. These are also things that seasoned entrepreneurs can keep in mind as well. Steps such as making a map of a potential marketing campaign, making use of automated marketing software, marketing in easy to understand language and understanding which platforms are the real source of your increased profits and then prioritizing them are all ways that entrepreneurs can find a higher level of marketing success. Krishen has used these principles to attain a hight level of marketing success.

NewsWatch TV review from SteelSeries

Tori Pugliese had nothing but amazing things to say about NewsWatch TV when they worked with her on her campaign for SteelSeries. Tori is the Senior Director of Marketing for SteelSeries, which is an electronics company. She has said it was easy to work with NewsWatch, and also an excellent experience. Tori has said that NewsWatch understands her vision and it is very easy to visualize the ideas NewsWatch has. NewsWatch understands what audience they are delivering to, and sends a clear message to consumers. Tori has stated it was a seamless process to work with NewsWatch when promoting SteelSeries products, with easy collaboration in a timely and relevant manner. Tori has been able to take NewsWatch’s promotions of their products and relay them through SteelSeries’ social media to reach even more of their own customers.

NewsWatch is an american morning TV show, that keeps viewers up to date on the latest technology, business, entertainment, and apps to download on your phone. Started in 1990, viewers can watch NewsWatch weekly on the ION Network, and also airs on the AMC Network every other week. Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison are the Co-Hosts on the show, along with speciality reports Chris Vaughn, Eric Forrest, Amanda Forstrom, Susan Bridges, and Scott Steinberg. Many celebrities have been seen on the show to discuss their latest movies, and also personal involvements they are passionate about. NewsWatch delivers in person interviews with companies talking about products they are excited about, such as SteelSeries game controllers. NewsWatch TV has won multiple awards in 2016 and 2017. The television program won the Silver Telly Award, Gold and Platinum awards, as well as the national Videographer award.

Alex Hern: Understanding And Succeeding In XR Technology

Tsunami XR was founded by Dave ross and venture capitalist Alex Hern. They have been successful in bringing XR technology to the marketplace and sustaining a tremendous amount of its success. Hern works as the company’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer where he focuses on XR being a powerful impact regarding virtual reality. The company is known as an XR service provider where it has already created two main software suites giving businesses in a list of industries access to not only VR, but 3d modeling. Hern has spearheaded the development of Tsunami XR workspaces that provide virtual collaboration through any organization. This allows travel costs to literally disappear and be non-existent when using these kind of work environments. Members of any business, no matter where they’re located around the world, can come together seamlessly to work on a daily task from their own home offices. In addition to that, Tsunami XR has a second program call Tsunami XR studios. This is where they create simulations, 3d rendering, animation and visualized business tools bring 3d modeling right into the 21st century.

Alex Hern has a vision were XR will be the thing of the future. He should know since he has spent 25 years as an entrepreneur working with various startups within this field. It is noted that not too many people are qualified nor understand this kind of technology that is growing across the world at a rapid pace. Hern has had an in-depth career where has co-founded, been a board member and served as a director for various notable technology companies. To mention a few, these include Inktomi Goldman Sachs and Yesmail. In addition to those corporations, he is has helped guide the success of Arcsight (ARST); and Triton Network Systems (TNSI). One thing Hern believes is to stay on top of the market so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

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“Marc Beer: Working with Renovia to Treat Pelvic Floor Disorder “

As human beings, we all suffer from ailments from time to time. In fact, many of the elements that we suffer from often fall under a veil of silence. This is for a multitude of reasons. The ailment could be painful, devastating, or embarrassing. Pelvic floor disorder is one of those ailments that is considered to be a very embarrassing disorder for some of its sufferers. The reason for this is because one of the primary symptoms is incontinence. Renovia is a company that is dedicated to the left of the atmosphere shame that centered around pelvic floor disorder and works for a solution.


The thing about pelvic floor disorder is that it has the potential to affect people that you know very intimately. Unfortunately, because the disorder is sometimes accompanied by a sense of shame people do not feel empowered to talk about it. This is a big problem. More than 200 million women all over the world have suffered through some degree of pelvic floor disorder. “Renovia Completes $42.3 Million Series B Financing” is an article that discusses the financing that is been secured for the next steps in the treatment of this disorder. Renovia has been a driving force behind the development of this technology and this additional funding will help them produce their digital therapeutic model that will specifically target pelvic floor muscles.


The main founders for Renovia are Yolanda Lorie, Ramon Iglesias, and Marc Beer. They have been instrumental to the success of Renovia since it was founded in 2016. Marc Beer was a major contributor to their formation. He was responsible for securing the initial $42 million that would have been necessary to form the company. It has been a tense few years as they find their place in the market but the company has done exceptional work for the female medical community. The research that they have done into pelvic floor disorders is life-changing. Their device is poised to help millions.


Marc Beer is a very interesting character in the development of Renovia. As previously mentioned he secured the initial financing required to form the company. He also acts as a chairman and leading CEO of the company. These roles were designated from him because of his outstanding resume showing is leadership capabilities. The Boston, Massachusetts headquartered company has experienced growth with him at the helm. He has worked a variety of other roles throughout the years, but none have been as precious to him as his time at the head of Renovia. He has a special connection to the treatment of women’s health disorders. He understands that more needs to be done to combat pelvic floor disorders and he will work with Renovia to make that a reality. Learn more:


Flavio Maluf Talks About The High Business Tax Burden Of Brazil

Flavio Maluf is a businessman in Brazil. He heads Eucatex as the chief executive officer. His company is headquartered in Sao Paulo and also has offices in Belo Horizonte and Bento Goncalves. AdditionallyEucatex has an office in the United States and one in Germany.

Eucatex is a company that grows eucalyptus plants and use them to manufacturer items such as flooring. Their products can be found throughout the world. It was founded in 1951 and Flavio Maluf has headed it since 1997. He is a graduate of Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation and holds a mechanical engineering degree. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

He says that starting and running a business in Brazil is difficult. One of the biggest issues is that business taxes are very high in that country. He says there are ways to mitigate the tax burden but any business owner will still be paying a lot in taxes to the government.

Flavio Maluf says that the Brazilian federal government does allow business owners to direct some of the money they pay to projects that improve society, though. This can be anything from scientific research, social, health, cultural, or otherwise helps people. The goal of this is to develop this country’s economy and the lives of the people of Brazil.

He says there are also tax breaks if you place your business in certain regions of Brazil. One example of this is the Manau Free Zone which was established in 1957. The goal of this tax break is to develop the economy of the Western Amazon.

Business taxes in Brazil are paid to the city, state, and federal governments. Each of these offers some tax breaks for businesses of varying degrees. Tax is paid on the real profit of a company. Flavio Maluf says that any company using the Simples Nacional to collect taxes cannot use tax incentives, though.

Flavio Maluf started his professional career in 1987. Eucatex has always been owned and managed by members of his family. He took over running this company in 1997 when his uncle retired. Everyone agreed he would be a good fit for managing Eucatex and he has been doing so successfully since that time.

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Organo Gold: Coffee And Tea Production Giant

Coffee is one of the most heavily consumed beverages in the world. In fact, the only liquid that is consumed more than coffee is water. Drinking coffee isn’t merely a way to relieve thirst or get caffeine rush: it is a form of social engagement. People meet with each other at coffee shops, not only for the coffee, but for the experience.

Organo Gold is an up-and-coming brand of luxury coffee. It was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. Organo Gold has a Scientific Advisory Board, which is constantly trying to move the entire industry forward. Irma Prado, a doctor, serves as the Scientific Advisory Board’s chief medical consultant. Organo Gold has facilities in China, Canada, and the United States.

Organo Gold brings a Chinese flavor to coffee. The company blends their beans with ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom. It has been suggested that this mushroom can help fight high cholesterol. Organo Gold believes this makes their coffee stand up from the competition.

Organo Gold offers a variety of different flavors. They have Hot Cocoa, Cafe Mocha, Black Coffee, and Black Ice, among others. Their King of Coffee flavor is a medium dark arabica coffee with ganoderma mushrooms mixed in. Organo Gold claims they blend these mushrooms with their coffee to promote a healthy immune system. Each cup of Organo Gold coffee is packed with antioxidants.

Visit Patch to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold also offers a variety of teas. Black Ice is one of their flavors of tea. In addition to tea leaves, this brand of tea contains ganoderma lucidum and Amazonian Guarana.

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The Roles Gulherme Paulus Plays in the Growth of CVC

Guilherme Paulus Co-founded CVC in 1972, a leading travel and tour company. Since the company’s conception, he has played a huge role in the growth of the company to become the largest travel and tour company in Latin America. He has a strong background in the tourism sector, a fact that has contributed to the company’s success. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

Born in 1949 in Sao Paulo, Guilherme Paulus is a holder of a Business Administration bachelor’s degree. He has over 50 years of experience in the tourism sector, the background that saw him acquire the best managerial skills as well as relevant expertise in the sector.

CVC has grown tremendously to claim a leading position in the Brazil tourism industry. The new and innovative travel and tour packages that Guilherme came up with gave the company a cutting edge in the market and as a result, it had a head-start. The company’s excellence in service delivery made it earn worldwide recognition.

In 2009, Guilherme Paulus sought funding in a global investment fund in a move to fund its expansion endeavors. The funding saw it expand to new markets and in 2013, CVC started trading in stock exchange as a publicly-held company. Under the leadership of Paulus, the company now hits an annual profit of $5 billion. Moreover, it has continued to pursue its expansion goals and as such, it is planning to open 100 stores per year. Visit Wikipedia to know more about GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Currently, the company has laid down a plan to expand its services to less populated areas across Latin America. In addition, it is looking for ways to integrate online vendors with travel agencies through Omni Channel Concept.

Apart from managing CVC and conducting other businesses, Guilherme Paulus also contributes to philanthropic activities. He gives back to the community through CVC. The tour and travel company supports PIET project which is based in Foz do Iguacu. PIET is a charity foundation that builds the future of the youth through training to equip them with skills to be the best future tourism professionals. Additionally, it supports the Alfasol-Solidarity Literacy through funding. It took the leadership of Guilherme Paulus among others to build a reputable company which is currently looking to expand to new markets across the world.


Gareth Henry, Jamaican Activist

Gareth Henry is both a Jamaican national and gay rights activist from the small Caribbean island nation that still outlaws consensual same-sex partnerships. Now living in Toronto, Canada, Henry fled Jamaica after he spoke out against homophobia in country and subsequently was targeted by the police.

In Jamaica it is not uncommon for anti-LGBTQ hate to lead to violence, something Gareth Henry has both experienced personally and through his connections in the community. He has seen 13 of his friends killed due to anti-gay hate in Jamaica. For Henry Canada was a chance to escape persecution, he arrived after applying for refugee status and now helps others do the same. He works for AIDS foundation and volunteers for the Rainbow Railroad which helps relocate LGBTQ members living in countries that persecute them for their sexual orientation.

In speaking of his work Gareth Henry says, “It’s not a solution, but it is what we do in the interim to save people from being murdered. It’s giving people a second chance at life.” Gareth Henry is hoping for a day when real equality exists in Jamaica but says politicians need to do more than just talk about it. “Don’t just go on a platform and say it because it is a politically right thing to say.” He says.

In order for the colonial legacy of homophobia and anti-LGBTQ legistlations to be abolished leaders need to stand up for the right thing and challenge the status quo in the hopes of changing society. While small steps have been made in recent years, such as Kingston having a semi-regular Pride Parade, more needs to be done to both guarantee the rights of and protect LGBTQ population in Jamaica. Gareth Henry knows nothing will change over night but the work he does in his community and for Jamaicans, even from afar, goes to show that he believes that change can happen.

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