Physical Fitness Gets a Fashionable Reward From Don Ressler


Society seems to show a lot of admiration to people that are fit. For one thing, they look the best in the clothes that are offered in the fashion industry. The right fit of clothes falls into a happy medium of showing off the body and yet allowing for some breathing room. Physically fit people are the ones who bring out the best look in style. However, when one looks at the athletic section of the fashion industry, they’d be inclined to wonder why there is so little to offer in style. Instead, there are a ton of generic, bland and uninspired clothing that could actually bring about boredom. Don Ressler has noticed this issue and has worked with Kate Hudson and others in order to bring forth Fabletics.


Don Ressler and Kate Hudson set up Fabletics to address the issue with athletic clothing. After all, physically fitness is an admirable goal. Therefore, it is only fitting that it is rewarded with some of the most creative styles in the industry. Therefore, Fabletics offers some new colors, fits, and even material. To make things even better, the clothes that are offered can actually transcend their purpose. For instance, the clothes that women wear for fitness could also be worn in corporate environments.


In the TechStyle family of brands, Fabletics is the star brand. It is the company that is making the most steps. The online subscription retailer has satisfied customers. The physical locations that have recently opened up are experiencing similar successes with customers. Women have the chance to try on any new product that they find in the store.  They have generated so much interest, and it’s largely due to Don Ressler’s fundraising expertise:
Former Intermix COO Raises $33M For Fashion Brand JustFabulous


The fashion industry has been designed to help people feel important. Athletic clothing is also fashion. Therefore, it is only right that the activewear area gets to experience the creativity and thoughtfulness being made towards this part of the industry.

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