Sandy Chin’s Market Outlook

Sandy Chin is a businesswoman with a wealth of experience in the industry. She has worked for a variety of organizations over the years and knows French and Russian on a usable level. On the side, Sandy Chin takes pride in being an active reader of science fiction. At the same time, she remains a proactive figure in the community. Her claim to fame was founding Tidal Bore Capital. This company helps consumers capitalize on stocks that would normally overlook. She expands on her approach in a recent interview with Ideamensch.


The concept for Tidal Bore Capital was born during her academic days while studying law at places like Barnard College and Columbia University. She was able to experience both sides of the market during this period. Being involved in this industry requires an individual to be quick thinking and understand the trends quickly. Sandy Chin has developed a sense for quick data analysis that is further refined by her focused approach to the industry over the years.


A typical day for the life of an analyst involves a mix checking email, research, and communicating with clients. This gives her a holistic view of the market and how it relates to the companies in her circle. There is a lot of finer details in the earring reports and it takes a knowledgeable individual to make a correct judgment. Looking forward, she is excited for the potential cannabis legalization beings to the market. It brings a new wave of companies into the market, and thus growth potential goes up.


The market is a system that changes day-by-day, but Sandy Chin is an individual up to the challenge of navigating the system. She cites pattern recognition as the most important quality for a market analyst. A misstep could be disastrous for herself or clients, thus it is vital Sandy Chin remains up to date on the newest trends. Overall, she strongly encourages individuals to develop their own personal quarterly and annual models. It creates a more stable market to navigate.

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