The Success of On-Demand Startup Handy

Handy is a company based out of New York City that offers cleaning and handyman services to customers. It works by connecting customers to the right professionals in a pool of contractors that work through Handy. At the moment, the service is only for cleaning and home repairs. In the future, Handy aspires to provide all kinds of home services.

Handy was founded by CEO Oisin Hanrahan and a friend when they were in college. The company was first called Handybook, and its founders lived in Boston. They moved to New York to officially start the business because it was a densely populated area, and they could see the business faring well there. They were right.

They began with $50,000 in seed money to start the business. Recently, they have raised $50 million in funding. The company itself is worth $500 million it is estimated at this point. They have also recently hired former executives of Amazon, Tumblr and Birchbox. They currently have 160 employees and more than 10,000 contractors who work for them.

Handy has few competitors in this business that are operating at the scale that they are. However, the company doesn’t focus on its competitors but on how to continually improve their business. They plan to expand into delivery and assembly of furniture as well as other home services. Eighty percent of their business currently is from people hiring cleaners through their service.

It is also a great side job for college students or busy parents to make extra money in their spare time. From the customers’ perspective of using Handy, it is easier to get someone to come to their home to take care of the small jobs other professionals won’t usually tackle.

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