Academy of Art University Alumni Becomes Reality TV Star 

Academy of Art University is a prestigious art university located in San Francisco, California. The university is known for breeding some of the most intellectual minds that have created successful art careers for themselves. They have crafted artists, singers, writers, illustrators, designers and filmmakers. One of their alumni by the name of Kendall Long is a successful reality television star starring on Bachelor in Paradise.

Fans of this competitive romantic drama love to tune it to just see the steamy connection between Kendal Long and “Grocery Store Joe.” She won the hear of Joe due to her creative talent. She was well prepared for a role on television due to her multimedia communication degree. The California earned her degree from the Academy of Art University. While attending the school, she was apart of the track athletic program. Before becoming a reality television star, she work in the entertainment industry. Her career as a creative director led to her being casted onto the Bachelor in Paradise.

The Academy of Art University has a long list of alumni that are doing amazing things in the world. They have educated minds that have worked for NASA and created footwear for Nike. Their alumni has designed a workspace for Facebook headquarters. They send fashion students to New York Fashion Week twice a year. Most importantly, they allow students to explore their creativity and live a good life developing art for the world.

The university has always instilled their mission into their students. Cultivating a dynamic environment of professional people who are able to inspire creative students is what the Academy of Art University has implemented into their education programs. The school upholds a standard of art ethics they employ in their academics. They have been a leading digital provider of art education. They began their own online education in 2002. The school has had three generations of family leadership. They all share the common love and commitment to the arts and developing the mind of young creatives. The Academy of Art University is a school that plans to continue birth the world’s next greatest creatives.

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