Adam Milstein – Doing Things His Own Way

Adam Milstein is recognized as a successful real estate broker and managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a million dollar private commununity real estate investment firm. He is also a passionate philanthropist and community leader who serves on the Board of Israel on Campus Coalition. Milstein also co-founded the Israeli-American Council.

In a recent interview, Adam Milstein let us in on some of his business success secrets. He believes in persistence and consistency to build any project. When he was getting his MBA at University of Southern California, he was overlooked by companies doing interviews for jobs. He felt discriminated against but instead of giving up or taking a job with less pay, he went out on his own as a real estate broker and in a few short years later, in 1983, he became an investor for his own company.

Adam Milstein credits his hard work and follow through for much of his success. He does things that other people won’t or can’t do. He doesn’t stop pushing an idea until it comes to life. You cannot let small things fall into the cracks-the details matter. Milstein says his error early in his business life was he was trying to do everything in a hurry. He wanted instant success but he learned that true quality takes time and consistency.

When asked who has influenced him the most, Adam names his partner, David Hager. He describes David as smart and a expert on using psychology to find resolutions. Adam Milstein points out that you can’t always begin a business with specific goals- he likes the opportunity to think outside the box. Milstein does not believe in listening to other people’s criticisms. You have to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

Adam Milstein is a man who has found success in business but he recognizes that his true satisfaction comes from helping others. Helping other people to succeed is what gives him the energy to try new thing. When asked what the best $100 he had spent lately- he quickly answered it was dinner with his children and wife. It is the simple things that matter.


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