American Institute Of Architects The Professional Body That Focuses On Architecture

Based in the United States of America, is an expert organization popularly known as the American Institute of Architects (AIA). With its headquarters within the Washington, it offers various services comprising of government advocacy, community development as well as numerous public outreach programs that would emancipate the masses on the importance of architecture as a profession while boosting its public image. The construction industry requires improvement, and the AIA takes that initiative by working closely with the design as well as construction members to improve the sector.

Thomas V. Vonier heads the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as AIA presidents as well as Robert Ivy as the Chief Executive Officer. In New York City at around 1857, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was formed by a group of thirteen architects. The primary reason for its formation was as a result of the need for a professional body that would appreciate architecture as a profession as well as enhance scientific and relevant theoretical perfections amongst the members. The absence of licensing laws and architecture schools before the formation of AIA would make it possible for anyone in the United States claim to be an architect.

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The government practices are checked to promote the architecture profession and enhancing the general way of life among the locals within the United States of America. It is possible due to the fact that the group members speak with one voice in pushing their agendas according to A Soft-spoken man Robert Ivy speaks courageously of the United States history of innovation and why it is vital for all architects to share ideas with software engineers. He has a firm belief that the architecture profession could positively affect the citizens of the United States in ways such as the provision of relief services in time of need, providing essential healthcare solutions just mention a few.

Unexpectedly, it was revealed recently by a survey conducted by the Monthly Architects Billing Index that AIA was getting more attention, not within the design industry but outside the design industry. Some believe it as one the most accurate general economic indicator for the United States to track the performance and promise of the building industry.

Various political, cultural and business leaders gathered in September during the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting. At the meeting, the AIA laid its ten-year commitment to promoting diverse programs in the public health as well as enhancing flexibility to natural disasters. Robert Ivy was a crucial player in planning for the event.


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