Bernardo Chua’s Successful Company

Bernardo Chua is known as a leader within the direct sales industry who has created an empire of coffee products that not only taste delicious, but also include many health benefits that make the mind and body more focused while also saving thousands of dollars of annual medical bills. As the head of his company, Mr. Chua has designed the company to help individuals around the world and to provide not only a job opportunity to individuals, but also a healthy product that is inexpensive. As a result, Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 which has since then become an international success and has been incorporated into almost 40 countries all over the world. The most recent country that Organo Gold has created a pact with is the country of Turkey. This newly opened branch has been considered to be a milestone for Organo Gold as it provides a direct path to Asia, Europe, as well as to Africa.

As a direct sales leader, Bernardo Chua loves this method of selling as it is no only beneficial for the producer and for the distributor, but is also beneficial for the consumer of the product. Consumers who are sold Organo Gold can trust the quality of the product as it is now a product that is soled by family members, neighbors, as well as friends. The only requirement to become a distributor of the Organo Gold product is to love the product just as much as Bernardo Chua and the other members of the Organo Gold team does.

What makes this product so special is not only the high quality customer service or the new rewards program set into place, but also the many health benefits that are now associated with Organo Gold. These health benefits have even been backed by scientific experiments. Scientists have found that some of the health benefits that Organo Gold products have include weight loss, the relaxation of the body, as well as the improvement of the overall sleep cycle. These many improvements, though minor, can save lives and make the annual trip to the doctor cheaper.

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