Chill With Kim Dao In Perth, Australia

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao has just returned to her hometown of Perth, Australia. In one new vlog entitled “I need to get used to this | Kim Dao,” Kim takes viewers all around Perth with her spunky Pomeranian Yuki. Learn more:


The video opens up with Yuki excitedly jumping around. At one point, Yuki actually bumps her head on Kim Dao’s camera.


Kim Dao then tells us about her plans for the day. She says she is going to meet with another YouTuber named Adam Tan who has both a vlog and percussion channel. Kim says she’s going to go eat some lunch with Adam and then tour his studio. Learn more:


Once Kim Dao meets Adam, they head out to a café called Tiisch. Adam says that the café’s menu is inspired by both Australian and Asian cuisine. Before they get to the restaurant, Kim Dao shows us the center of the Perth CBD area.


At first, Kim Dao is tempted to order a pasta dish. However, she later decides to get a gnocchi dish. In addition to the dumplings, this gnocchi dish has parmesan, fresh peas, chives, asparagus, baby courgette, and oyster mushrooms. For dessert, Kim and Adam share a slice of caramel cake. Learn more:


After lunch, Kim Dao takes a tour of Adam’s studio. Adam shows off his xylophone skills as Kim Dao tries to make off with a basket of Lindt chocolates. Adam also takes Kim to his editing room.


When Kim Dao gets home, Yuki almost falls of the couch when she sees Kim. At the end of the vlog, Kim Dao takes Yuki out to the park.

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