Fabletics Takes on Amazon in Ecommerce

Kate Hudson isn’t content to just proceed as the charming star of many a romantic comedy. Even though Kate Hudson started her career with an impressive Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the Cameron Crowe film, “Almost Famous,” she still knew she wanted to make her mark as an entrepreneur as well. With Fabletics, the subscription-based workout gear line that’s designed to highlight a woman’s attractiveness even as she amps up her fitness, Hudson has scored again.


Taking on Amazon


In just three years in business, Hudson and her partners have grown the Fabletics workout clothing line into a $250 million business. This achievement is even more impressive when you consider that right now Amazon.com controls 20 percent of the online “active wear” online market. Fabletics is subscription based, and offers those “members” who sign up for the clothing brand a chance to review clothing choices from the comfort of home. Customers who sign up for the membership take an online survey that lets the company know their taste and preferences in workout gear, so the clothing choices sent to them will be a good fit all around.


Fabletics offers chic looks in its activewear clothing, and one aspect that sets the brand apart is the appealing, affordable price point. What the Fabletics team has learned, also, is that these days, the high competition that exists in the ecommerce clothing world means that just offering high quality products and great service isn’t enough. Customers today want something more, which includes a great customer experience, exclusive designs and last-mile service, along with brand recognition. Fabletics has managed to offer all of this, which is why customers are really responding to the brand. With fit and attractive Hudson as a spokesperson, the brand awareness of the Fabletics line gets an extra boost as well.


New Stores


Though Fabletics started as an ecommerce only brand, the line is now planning to open more physical stores, to add to the sixteen already in existence. Fabletics uses a “reverse show rooming” approach in its physical stores, as the stores appeal to those who are already members. Customers can browse in the real stores and then add their purchases to their online carts when they choose to buy. The model is win-win for customers and for the brand too, no doubt about it.

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