Helane Morrison Flying High in The Corporate World

The worst crisis since the 1930s great depression exposed the very unethical activities that were going on in the entire financial sector. There was fraud, falsified audit claims and documents as a testament to the enormous amount of corruption that for a very long time had gone unchecked. Ms. Morrison was therefore tasked with protecting corporations and individuals against the rampant fraud. She was to ensure full disclosure of information and make sure high standards of fair transactions.

Helane Morrison took the opportunity to change and clean the trading and securities sector of the rampant corruption with the help of her skills in law and journalism. By representing her clients in legal, financial and also the business communities, she made sure that all transactions were fair and above board. Morison collaborated with the media and government agencies to achieve this.
After her job with SEC, Ms Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners LLC as the Managing Director, General Counsel, Principal, Chief compliance officer and as a Member of the Executive Committee. She is a member of the Regional Parks Foundation. Morrison is also a regular speaker on compliance and legal issues that affect investment advisers and the private funds.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Compliance Officer Helane Morrison studied for a B.S in Journalism at the Northwestern University, she also earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of California in 1984. Here, she practiced journalism by being the editor in chief of California law review. In 1987, Morrison got admitted to the state bar of California.
Helane’s career started out as a law clerk for the Richard Posner in 1984 and Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme courts in 1985. She later joined the law firm of Rice, Howard, Canady, and Falk & Rabkin, which is based in Francisco. In 1991, she was named a partner in the company due to her exemplary performance. Morrison had successfully supervised major investigations on corrupt dealings with enforcement of action on three of them being achieved.
Morrison’s greatest achievements were when she served as SECs head of the regional enforcement activities, the district administrator and the regional director of the San Francisco district office. Here she was one of the few female executives that SEC had. She joined SEC when people had lost their trust in the financial institutions they formerly trusted after the global economic crisis in 2007.

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