In Stunning Interview, Thor Halvorssen May Have Announced New Target Of Human Rights Foundation: Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has all sorts of baggage. Much of the baggage revolves around security concerns and large campaign contributions which may create conflicts of interest if she were to become president. Her Democratic opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, often rails on about her Wall Street campaign contributions. The concern is that she will do little to regulate Wall Street because the campaign contributions effectively serve as a “get out of jail free card” for mischievous Wall Street executives. But the founder of the Human Rights Foundation may have divulged an all new set of concerns for the presumptive Democratic nominee in a recent interview with Fox News.

Thor Halvorssen is a man who has spent his entire life fighting against the crimes of authoritarian dictators. He has also served as a voice for the downtrodden and fights exhaustively for justice throughout the world. In a recent three-minute interview with Fox News, it is clear that the conservative news network was trying to use Thor Halvorssen to bash Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialism.

On national television, the human rights activist addressed his support of Bernie Sanders and condemned Hillary Clinton. The Human Rights Foundation has discovered that the Clinton campaign has taken large campaign contributions from human rights violators and dictators all over the planet.

Film maker Thor Halvorssen is known for his inexhaustible pursuit of taking down dictators and exposing their corruption. It does not matter which side of the political spectrum you are on or how famous you are, when Thor Halvorssen gets you in his sights, he will do everything he can to take you down. He recently burst onto the scene with an open letter about Nikki Minaj and her private concert for the criminal dictator of Angola. It seems that Thor Halvorssen has announced his new target. I wouldn’t be surprised to see information about Hillary Clinton and her campaign contributions being leaked by the Human Rights Foundation.

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  1. This obviously puts the Clinton campaign at odds with the world-famous human rights activist, which could spell trouble for the Clinton campaign in the future. But they got some startling information instead. It is going to be a bomb for to get everything needed which is for sure going to so difficult.

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